“Yosef on RTC Tonight!” by BB136 – 6.30.17

“Yosef on RTC Tonight!” by BB136 – 6.30.17

Entry Submitted by BB136 at 4:25 AM EDT on June 30, 2017 FYI: Real Truth Call tonight Thursday 6-29-2017: 1(712)770-4178 . Code: 143153#. Pr…

“Yosef on RTC Tonight!” by BB136 – 6.30.17

Entry Submitted by BB136 at 4:25 AM EDT on June 30, 2017


Real Truth Call tonight Thursday 6-29-2017:
1(712)770-4178. Code: 143153#. Press 6 to fast forward 1 minute.

Yosef popped in at about 2 hours 7 minutes into call. Spoke about an hour.

A few highlights:

-received call from Asian sources, told to be ready, it’s a minute to minute situation
– HSBC is only bank handling ZIM bond, has set up special separate system/procedures, 800#s and redemption centers (did not trust American banks/process)
-cyber attack was attempt to control emails and other dissemination methods of GCR info, it failed, no more hurdles
– Dr WC will get 800 numbers and can tweet them
– many bad folks still being obliterated/killed in dark of night by spec-ops, and cabal are done, just carcasses
-benevolent BO pushed button in Indonesia, DT is still toast, PR will be in.

My comments:

I can’t stay up tonight but if I could I would! Crap it’s 3:00 am already.

Worth a listen for you positive, discerning Chosen DC-ers. The NWG (New World Gurus) who IMHO are poorly filing the void on DC, (you know the dangerous ones with a little brain), please don’t waste your time listening, Yosef will only “force” you to express your irrelevant truth, again IMHO, so keep worshipping the billionaire, skewing the facts and please sell your ZIM now. I’ll even buy it from you at $40 per 100T bond note.

To Yosef: Brother, you are not just a transitional “Bridge”, that is not your “Apex” of life; if what you’ve said comes close to fruition you will have been the One and Lonely Most High, the Beacon of Benevolence, the Superstar of Surrender, the Champion of the Chosen, and the ZenMaster of ZIM; and you know your True Covenant has yet to be fulfilled. It may only be to be the best husband and father ever, but I’m pretty sure it’s more than that.

You will always have a spot on the board of directors of my think-tank consulting firm: NoBS LLC (New Order Benevolent Surrender LLC) and as a Life and Spiritual Consultant. You are so needed to enlighten, counsel, and motivate my millennials!




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