RV/Intelligence Alert: “Dream” – June 28, 2018 & Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 28, 2018

RV/Intelligence Alert: “Dream” — June 28, 2018

Operation Disclosure


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

As of yesterday, the remainder of Tier 3 are being called in to redeem and are expected to finish tonight.

All Tier 4 currency holders will be contacted via phone or email once the 800#’s are released.

Anyone who hasn’t been contacted may make an appointment by calling the 800#’s.

According to rumors, significant changes are occurring prior to the 4th of July.

A plan is in motion for this 4th of July to be a celebration to remember.

JFK had a dream, that dream will become reality.

Gold standard
Debt elimination






Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 28, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 28 2018 Compiled 28 June 12:18 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Re…

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 28 2018

Compiled 28 June 12:18 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” Byington’s Before It’s News articles on an international Vatican-Cabal Child Exploitation Ring: http://beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/243/590/stories.html

Source: Dinar Chronicles


1. We should be exchanging within the next couple of days and before June 30, the end of the 2nd Quarter.

2. Tony: We were hearing the RV window was Sat. June 30 to Mon. July 2.

3. Public exchanges should be by July 3-5.

4. NESARA/GESARA announcement expected July 4. From July 4 to election day Nov. 11 (and Trump’s parade) is 122 days.

5. Yosef: The Plan was for most ZIM holders to be redeemed by Aug. 1, then USA Gold Standard to be announced, then 800# released. ZIM giftees can then call for appt or take to bank.

6. The Iraqi Dinar has been trading on back screens for some time.

7. Yosef claimed that no 800#s would be released for Zim holders. They would be notified by phone or email, fill out an online questionnaire and obtain their appointment from there.

A. June 27 2018 1:11 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for June 27, 2018 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. According to latest rumors, several groups “late to the party” are being called in to exchange/redeem.

2. This may or may not be affecting release of the RV. Sources have gone silent once again which was usually the case when exchanges/redemptions were taking place.

3. These groups were expected to finish exchanging/redeeming very shortly.

4. Tier 4 exchanges/redemptions would begin immediately after.

B. June 27 2018 Yosef’s Call Notes: Yosef’s Last Minute Call Notes by M 6-25-18 Call: https://www.humanangelservices.com/ (206) 402-0103 Replay ID: 108-708-357#

1. On Sat. June 23 just before the gold standard was to be announced for Zimbabwe, there was an explosive assassination attempt (using grenades) on the President of Zimbabwe. (Mirrored in Ethiopia.) This resulted in several deaths and injuries. He was unharmed, though this stopped the RV release, which was set for Sat. June 23.

2. Wells Fargo has been completely shut out of the RV. Many of their Redemption Centers were intended to channel funds away from redeemers. Avoid WF!! HSBC is taking over.

3. Abbot Downing is a separate entity, and may be allowed to participate, but HSBC is also expanding their wealth management services.

4. Yosef claimed that now the plan was there would be no 800# for Zim holders. Lists have been compiled of most ZIM buyers. Zim holders would to be contacted directly by email and/or phone, they would fill out an online questionnaire, and then from there they would receive their own call number.

5. The Plan is for most Zim holders was to be redeemed by Aug. 1, then USA Gold Standard to be announced, then 800# released. Zim giftees can then call for appt, or take their Zim to the bank to redeem. (Rates unclear, may float).

6. In order to help entrap the Cabal, sources have been misleading Bruce on the Big Call (and Tony on TNT) about ZIM 800# notification.

7. Africa would launch the Gold Standard for the world – 70% of ALL gold mined has been from Zimbabwe and the country was rich beyond imagination. Yosef wanted to make one thing very clear: there is NO LIMIT on what you could ask for in your initial ZIM redemption. It’s a BOND (to be used for humanitarian purposes), backed by the mineral-richest country in the world.

C. June 27 2018 TNT Call Ray, Tony: https://twitter.com/the_tnt_team tobtr.com/s/10854085 

1. US bankers were excited this morning June 27 because this was supposed to come out sometime this week.

2. Hopefully, we will see the release today/tomorrow. We were hearing the window was Sat. June 30 to Mon. July 2.

3. The GCR should happen within the next couple of days and before Sat. June 30.

4. A person with military orders going to Iraq was being told not to take US dollars because by the time he gets there they will have revalued their money. He was going next week.

5. For three days in a row now the bank screens in the US said, “we’re going to do it today”. So they are obviously looking at the screens and the rates, although some are greyed out.

6. The dinar is now about $3, down from $4+, because there have been changes on Forex.

7. A group of my contacts were called in by the bank on Monday. They were all put in the same room, and were told that they were called in because they bought foreign currency within the last year, and the bank person wanted to explain how this process will work. The bank person mentioned the five currencies we know about, and the people were told ‘dos and don’ts’: don’t make yourself a target through buying lots of cars and houses, etc., don’t talk about the details of the exchange, try to live off the interest rather than the capital. He said the interest will be so great that you should be able to live comfortably off the interest alone!

8. The banker did give them a window of time to come back and complete the exchange process. Their window was within our window. We are still in our window, up to July 1, although I think it will happen before then.

9. Our guy with the card over here says he was informed there will be a rate change today, but he hasn’t heard details yet.

D. June 27 2018 Zap:

1.I have heard many reports of the proximity of funds for the RV and Historic Bonds, but nothing like the flood that was expected.

2. Some have been paid, but it seems it is a trickle here and there.

3. It is clear that things will start very soon.

4. Our schedule is firm for funds in our accounts.

5. Our work will begin next week.

E. June 27 2018 10:41 pm EST Exchange Rates: “Zorra Exchange Call and TNT Call Notes” by Kyre – 6.27.18 RV Exchange rates 2018.xlsx

International Contract

Dinar $3.71 $28.00

Dong $ . 47 $24.00 (said not available)

Zim $ .16 (6 zeros off) $ .16 (no zeros off)

Rupiah $1.08 $15.00

Afghani$2.39 $10.30

Rials $3.22 $25.05

F. June 26 2018 2:11 pm EST QAnon, Michelle: “QAnon: A Message to Patriots World Wide” by Michelle – 6.26.18 BE VIGILANT: QAnon Update June 27 | Disclosure News Italia https://DisclosureNews.it/en/qanon-update-june-27

1. Video: https://youtu.be/fSV-MUWZHCk

2. According to the person I know who is well connected in this GCR process to the Elders, top bank people, US treasury people, White House and Reno people, the GCR was well under way and Tier4 is very soon.

3. This is real and it’s happening. Funds are moving and projects are getting started.

4. Robert David Steele was told that 15000 people had huge funds (1 billion each I think he said) to start projects and getting good things going.

5. Leo Wanta was meeting with Trump about giving his trillions to the US to build that high speed rail system.

6. Trump apparently is putting 1 Trillion into the economy. He is well on track to getting the Trillions back that were stolen.

7. The Jeremy Hanson radio show is excellent. LibertyoneTV. This show is excellent covers the steps that have been taken for the reset. https://youtu.be/oZ77qHjfoy4

June 27 2018 QAnon Post https://qanon.pub/
If you continue to proceed down this dangerous path only know that we are prepared.
The game is over when the public knows…
You will FAIL.
You lost CONTROL.
We will shine LIGHT
No amount of money, influence or power can stop this…
We stand at the ready (my italics)

G. June 27 6:22 am QAnon, Sierra: “New Q Anon Posts” by Sierra (NZ) – 6.27.18

1. Q Anon post #1589: https://qanon.pub/
(message to Cabal)

‘No possibility of compromise.
Do not underestimate our resolve.
We stand at the ready.’ Q

2. Q Anon post #1595:

‘Panic is good.
Panic is right.
July 2018 – the month the world discovered the TRUTH.
Conspiracy no more.
Time to FEED.’ Q
(Time to FEED means that it is time for the public to know the FULL TRUTH about the Cabal. It will not be known as a conspiracy any longer. The Cabal is in a total state of panic. As Q Anon says, panic is good, panic is right. It means they know it is finished.)

3. QAnon post #1591

An Anon asks: ‘SR (Seth Rich) & JA (Julian Assange) in JUNE. Anything?’
QAnon responds:
‘JA (Julian Assange) in news?
Think JC (James Comey)
Server unlocks SR (Seth Rich)
ETA (estimated)
It has begun.’ Q
(Julian Assange has been in the news because it has been reported that James Comey PREVENTED Assange from presenting the information he had about Seth Rich’s murder. Why would he do that unless he was guilty in some way?)

4. QAnon post #101, a tweet from an Anon:
‘POTUS signed my hat last night. He saw the WWG1WGA, gave me a smirk, a fist pump and said Thank You.’

The heat was well and truly on the Cabal. Their destruction coincides with the release of the Global Currency Reset. Everything would appear to happen all at once.

H. June 27 2018 11:58 pm EST NESARA, Ross: WWG1WGA: NESARA is Finally Coming! https://Facebook.com/Ross.Sugar2015 https://facebook.com/TellingerTN/posts/408055309711998

Anon ID:e47b7d(2)

Gold Standard

Debt Elimination

14% flat tax on new goods only

Elimination of all income tax

Elimination of government subsidized drug pushers

GESARA = Global Economic Security Reformation Act
NESARA = National Economic Security Reformation Act
#TrueStoryOfNESARA #AnnounceNESARAnow

I. June 27 2018 1:40 pm EST Intel (video), Steele: (Video) Intel: ITNJ, Robert David Steele

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