CIA, Vatican, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Soros, Royals Child Sex Trafficking – 7/16/2018 – PRINT this CNN = CROOKED NEGATIVE NEWS, I DARE YOU !!!


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CIA, Vatican, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Soros, Royals Child Sex Trafficking

CIA, Vatican, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Soros, Royals Child Sex Trafficking

By Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. Author, “Twenty Two Faces”

Children crossing the US border in the thousands have been kidnapped, or sold into child sex trafficking to fulfill pedo-sex requests of high ranking US officials, including members of the US Congress and state legislators, according to Intelligence sources. A significant number of those high ranking elites have been under surveillance for quite some time, with some caught making calls for children they “orderedfor sex.

Over the last year there have been multi thousands of sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the US – that were now set to arrest mainly sex perpetrators. It would remain to be seen if those indictments covered members of the CIA, Catholic Church, Obama, Bushes, Clinton, Soros and other elites for their reported international child sex trafficking ring.

“There are over 800,000 missing immigrant children, with no FBI investigation open to find out why” claimed ex-CIA investigator Robert David Steele.Rogue elements in the CIA have been facilitating child sex trafficking across our borders. There is no question that many illegal immigrant children have been taken from human traffickers – not from their parents – and then recycled to undergo even worse human trafficking.

Steel also claimed that an informant from the graphics department of the State Department said that they were not allowed to portray anything regarding child trafficking within the US. He felt that there were too many Obama holdovers in government who were working for the Deep State against Trump and his war on child sex trafficking. Steel also claimed that when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State she wouldn’t appoint an Inspector General, so no investigations of missing immigrant children happened then either.

CIA sponsorship of child sex trafficking has been well known by victims since the agency’s inception after World War II, though their claims were kept away from the Mainstream Media. Back in June 1987 Jozeph Verbeeck, the head of the Belgian office of UNICEF, was arrested for involvement in a large pedophile and child pornography ring. USAID granted UNICEF funds to reintegrate into their Congo communities, boys and girls forced into sexual trafficking. The area was plagued by Ugandan and Rwandan troops backed by U.S. CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency agents, who were said to be the main perpetrators in the child trafficking according to Washington based investigative journalist Wayne Madsen.

“The CIA admitted their vested interest in child trafficking in their 2008 disclosure that since the Vietnam War they have operated child prostitution entrapment rings to snare their congressional opponents. A lucrative empire of drugs and human trafficking has been politically reinforced by the continual use of child prostitution by domestic spy agencies to blackmail and control politicians and leaders.” (Washington D.C. Rock Creek Free Press, Dec. 2008 vol.2 no.12).

In 2013 alone the Obama Administration separated 72,410 children from their illegal immigrant parents, who were deported. The Huffington Post reported: “Immigration and Customs Enforcement last year carried out more than 72,000 deportations of parents who said they had U.S.-born children, according to reports to Congress obtained by The Huffington Post.”

Barack Obama’s administration literally placed immigrant children in the hands of human traffickers just a few years ago according to New York Magazine. In 2015 there was a criminal case and in 2016 a Senate report, about a Marion, Ohio human trafficking ring that used migrant children for forced labor on an egg farm. “The left-leaning media stayed strangely silent when the detention of migrant children went on for years before Trump took office. The US government placed an unknown number of Central American migrant children into the custody of human traffickers after neglecting to run the most basic checks on these so-called ‘caregivers.”

A US Attorney General’s report stated that the Bush administration lined the pockets of a number of “faith-basedorganizations and private contractors in its “antitrafficking program.” Recipients of this money include organizations that have reported connections with perpetrators, including the CIA.

The CIA has also reportedly worked with the Catholic Church to make billions each year from child trafficking. In Spain alone, 300,000 children were trafficked by the church between 1940 and 1980, reaping over $20 billion. (ICLCJ Court testimony of Antonio Barrero The present under-indictment Pope Francis himself organized such a marketing of children of more than 30,000 Argentine political prisoners during his stint as front man for the military junta there in the 1970’s and ’80’s. (ICLCJ Court testimony of Witness No. 32

The Vatican was well known to utilize the mafia in child sex trafficking. According to ICLCJ Court eyewitness “Josephine,” her ex-husband mafia boss and other mob members provided ten children and adolescents who were hunted down and killed, and then mutilated, by wealthy men in forests near Oudergem, Belgium, in the spring of 2000 and 2004.

“I was there, I saw the whole thing. I was told they were kids from the juvenile detention centres in Brussels. They were let loose naked in the forest and hunted down and shot. The killers included Prince Friso of Holland and his wife’s friend, the billionaire George Soros, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and Prince Albert of Belgium. After they shot down the young ones they cut off the boys’ penises and held them up like trophies, cheering and applauding.”

“The syndicate obtained its child fodder through its deep involvement with the childsnatching Roman Catholic Church and top Vatican officials” according to Matteo Macceo, a Radical Party member of the Italian Parliament. “The modern Mafia were the same people running the Catholic Church and Italian government. They’re all in the same club, indistinguishable. Their main concern is their assets, which come from organized crime: drugs, and arms dealing, and human trafficking.” (Macceo, Rome, April 2010

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