My friends, let us now study, carefully, the Second Dantesque Circle. I want to refer, emphatically, to the negative (or better said, submerged) aspect of the planet Mercury.

We are now going to talk about the Mercury Sky. I repeat: It is essential that we investigate a bit strictly related to the antithesis of that bright Heaven…

When we penetrate into the interior of the Earth with the Astral Body, we can perfectly verify, by themselves, and directly, what MERCURY HELL is.

As we penetrate this submerged region, we feel in the depths of our Soul, the perpetual swarmed of those NEGATIVE PASSION FORCES, that flow and re-flow incessantly in that subterranean zone.

It does not hurt to say, that there we feel the hurricane wind of Mercury, a certain fatal air element. It is such an underground zone where the FORNICATORS live, those who enjoy extracting from their organism the Sacred Sperm.

Those unfortunate creatures of the Underground World, sunk in vice, desperately come and go here, there and yonder. One is amazed to see those lost cohabiting incessantly between the Atomic Infernos of Nature.

Such “Egosblaspheme incessantly and hate to death everything that tastes of Chastity.

There we find the Empress Semiramis, a terrible fornicator who established laws in her country that favored animal passions.

In that Abode of Pluto we also find Queen Dido, who killed herself for passion, after having sworn allegiance to the ashes of Ciqueo. There Paris, who kidnapped the Beautiful Helen of the Ancient Troy, and Achilles, the impetuous warrior destroyer of citadels…

Tartarus of misfortunes, Abyss of iniquity, horror, fright!

With deep pain we can find in the Second Dantesque Circle the FALLEN BODHISATTVAS, those who murdered the God Mercury, unhappy Souls who “changed their rights of progeny for a plate of lentils”.

What a pain we feel at the bottom of our Consciousness, to discover in those Mercurian Abysses the Fallen Angels, cited by the ancient religious theogonies!

They come and go, through those black airs of the submerged region, those who “exchanged the Scepter of Power for the spindle of Honfalia”.

Region where human understanding does not work; world of brutal instincts where lasciviousness mingles with the impetus of violence.

Behold the Mysteries of Minos or Minna. Frightful depths where the Black Tantrics live who developed the “Abominable Kundartiguador Organ“, cause of so many evils. Oh, if the glorious Archangel Sakaki with his sacred entourage had foreseen with mathematical exactitude the fatal results of that “Satanic Tail“, of that “Organ of the Abominationsthat humanity was once allowed to develop with definite planetary purposes! How different the future of poor suffering humanity would have been!

It is ostensible that each human being is a creature that captures the different Cosmic Forces, to transform them and transmit them to the inner layers of the Earth.

Since in the Lemur Continent, about 18 million years ago, the Earth trembled incessantly throwing its volcanoes fire and lava, certain Sacred Individuals, headed by the Archangel Sakaki, they allowed the development of the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ: Luciferian Fire terribly negative, projecting from the coccyx to the atomic infernos of man.

It does not hurt to remember that said Negative Fohat was covered with the physical tail, as we see it in the apes. Then the inhabitants of the Earth carried in their presence such an appendix or projection of their Spine.

The forces that through that time passed through the human organisms underwent categorical modifications that allowed the stability of the earth’s crust.

Much later in the history of the centuries, other Sacred Individuals, considering already unnecessary the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ (Tail of Satan), eliminated from the human bodies such an appendix.

Unfortunately, the terrible results of the “Organ of the coven“, remained in the five Cylinders of the Organic Machine, known as: Intellect, Emotion, Movement, Instinct, S**.

Deepening in this topic, we can discover for themselves that such tenebrous results are perfectly defined as Psychic Attaches or quarrelsome and shouting egos, personifying errors and constituting the Ego.

In the Submerged Sphere of Mercury live millions of human creatures with the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ fully developed.

I do not want to say that the physical tail of the apes is currently developed in the anatomy of the “three-brained or three-centered bipeds“. Certainly, there is a bone residue, the abominable tail, very incipient in human anatomy. However, the psychic aspect of such “organ” is found in the metaphysical presence of millions of Rational Humanoids.

This we see clearly, when dressed in our Astral Body, we penetrate the submerged domains of mercurial type, under the epidermis of planet Earth.

Q- Dear Master, I want to know if the persons and facts that appear in your exhibition of the Second Dantesque Circle, are simply mythological or real, because although Dante mentions them, we understand that his work is simply a literary piece of great merit. ..

A- Noble gentleman, distinguished ladies, let me be solemnly affirmed that Dante’s “Divine Comedyis an initiatory, esoteric text that very few human beings have understood.

The mythological characters quoted in that text, or dwellers of the Mercury Submerged Sphere, represent symbolically the living animal passions of that region.

The impetuous Achilles with his terrible sexual debauchery, the adulterous Helen, Paris, the libidinous of always, clearly personify the inhabitants of the tenebrous Mercury Zone.

In particular I want to say that one of these characters: That Helen kidnapped by Paris, and cause of so many evils in ancient times, has other positive, more beautiful symbolisms, about which I do not want to talk at this time. Let’s look only at its abysmal aspect, the antithesis of the resplendent, the tenebrous mercurial phase.

Ladies and gentlemen, remember that each symbol can be translated into seven different forms; tonight we are only studying this very particular abyss, of the mercurial type, under the epidermis of the planet in which we live.

Q- Master, could you tell me if this Mercurial Circle is of a denser scale and of greater suffering than the first?

A- Friend asking the question: Remember what we said in past talks, when we study the “Ray of Creation “.

It is evident that the greater the number of laws, the greater the number of mechanics and pain. The Submerged Sphere of the Moon is governed exclusively by 96 Laws; nevertheless, the tenebrous aspect of Mercury, within the planetary mass in which we live, is constituted by 192 Laws. Therefore, the mechanical is even greater, and therefore, the sufferings are much more intensive. In addition, the atoms of this Tenebrous Mercurial Sphere are much heavier; each of these contains 192 atoms of the Absolute inside.

This means that the Mercurial Tenebrous Region is still denser than the Lunar.

Q- Master, from this Mercury Submerged Zone, do not they have the possibilities of returning the Souls that enter there?

A- Distinguished lady, honorable gentlemen, that you do not forget next Justice is always Mercy.

In these gloomy abysmal regions dwell some Masters of the Great White Lodge, Great Initiates, Divine Beings who renounced all happiness to help the lost.

When some Soul repents in the Abode of Pluto, undoubtedly it is always assisted by these saints.

Unquestionably, these beings instruct, admonish and show the Way of Light to all those who truly repent of their perversities.

From time to time, although very rarely, the Divine Beings succeed in extracting from the abyss of destruction a repentant soul.

When this happens, those who were condemned to perdition return, reenter, rejoin a new organism.

Q- Why, Master, do you emphasize that the First Lunar Submerged Region is that of the dead and does not say so as regards the Second Submerged Zone of Mercury?

A- Well, sir, listen to me. Carefully review Dante’s “The Divine Comedy,” investigate for yourself, learn to move consciously and positively in the Astral Body, experience, see.

Obviously the “Orc” of the Classics, the “Limbus” of the Christians, is only the lobby of Hell, although it corresponds to the First Dantesque Circle.

Every initiate knows that in such a region we live, after death, millions of human beings.

The encounter with Minos, the demon that will mark with the turns of its tail the Circle where the deceased must go, we only find it in the Mercury Submerged Sphere . It is not, then, a caprice of mine. I repeat: Whoever wants to investigate by himself, in direct form, and will corroborate my affirmations.

Q- Master, I do not understand what you just said. Why in the Underground World of Mercury dwell the fornicators egos  and the same happens in the First Dantesque Circle?

A- Well, sir, undoubtedly, almost all the three-brained or three-centered bipeds, mistakenly called men, are in the background more or less fornicators. However, the Great Law, as I said in past talks, assigns to all Soul 108 existences in each Cycle of Cosmic Manifestation.

It is evident, clear and manifest, that no one can be thrown into the Abyss of Perdition without having completed his cycle of existences.

Normally, the deceased live in Limbo, the latter represented by all the caverns of the Earth. Only those fornicators who have already exhausted their cycle of human existences, definitely enter the Submerged Negative Mercury Region.

But I beg you, please, understand me. There are on Earth, sometimes, true Humanoid monsters that no longer offer any possibility of redemptionthey are definitely lost cases, and although they have not exhausted the entire cycle of the 108 existences, they unquestionably enter the infernal worlds.

Q- Master, we know that the Mercury Sphere are fornicators. Does this mean that the egos are divided into the different Dantesque Circles according to the different Psychic Attaches?

A- Young man asking the question: It is clear that the Ego is a sum of diverse Psychic Attachments that personify errors. Some of these correspond specifically to a Dantesque Circle, and others are intimately linked with other more submerged Circles, however, the totality, the sum of Negative Values, as a whole, is precipitated into involution within the Mineral Kingdom, towards the center of gravity planetary.

The Conscience of the condemned must experience, in each descending Circle, in each Infra-dimension of Nature, under the Three – dimensional Region of Euclid, their corresponding Psychological Defects.

Tonight we are talking exclusively about the Second Circle; Later, after having reviewed the Nine Dantesque Circles, we will study carefully the Law of Perpetual Movement. Then all of you, ladies and gentlemen, will be able to delve a little deeper into the subject that corresponds to the question that the young man here present has asked.

Q- Master, do you mean that in this Circle that corresponds to lust, fornication has become terribly mechanical and therefore painful and disgusting?

A- Well, my friend, listen to me: Between that black and fatal air, lust tends to mix with violence and then everything becomes instinctive and brutal. It is understood?

Q- What greatly disconcerts, Venerable Master, is that despite the tortures that in that Circle suffer, those who dwell there believe that they are doing very well. I would like you to explain this question to us?

A- Noble sir, the people of the Abyss think of themselves always the best. They firmly believe that they are on the path of righteousness and love, and consider that those of us who walk along the “Path of the Revolution of Consciousness” march, as they say, “towards our own destruction“.

I want you to know that the tenebrous ones, motivated by good intentions, tempt us incessantly with the “supposed” purpose of “saving us”. In these Abysmal Regions we see many anchorites, penitents, fakirs, mystics, monks, etc., etc., etc., admonishing various human groups and totally convinced that they are doing very well.

Q- Master, these Souls who are so convinced that they are doing very well, do not they know that they are in Hell?

A- Noble lady who asks the question: The word “Hell” comes from the Latin “Infernus”, which means “Lower Region“. Within the interior of the Earth we find the World of the Natural Elements, and it is unquestionable that the lost would never consider such Elements, or the Submerged Regions as a place of perdition.

Normal people, ordinary people, have the Consciousness asleep, but those who enter the Abysmal Regions awaken in evil and for evil. Such people have a very special psychological idiosyncrasy, a fatal logic of a different kind.

Do not be surprised, do not be surprised that for the abysmal lost, white is black and vice versa. Naming Jesus, the Great Kabir, or the Divine Mother Kundalini, in these Submerged Regions, is for such condemned a blasphemy, something unforgivable, and consequently, that would be tantamount to provoking their anger. Then, we would see them furious attacking us.

The lost do not ignore the concrete fact that they must pass through the Second Death, but they do not fear it: They implore it, they ask for it. They know that this is the escape door to return to the surface of the Earth and restart a new evolutionary ascent that will march from the stone to man. It is understood?

Q- Master, a person like me, who followed an absolute sexual abstention, would I be free to enter the Second Dantesque Circle?

A- Friends, brothers, it is indispensable, it is urgent to know that lust is processed in the 49 Regions of the Subconscious.

Many saints who came to Supreme Chastity on the merely Intellective Level failed when they were tested in the deeper regions of the Subconscious.

Someone could, for example, have achieved Chastity in 48 Subconscious Regions and fail in the 49.

Many virtuous men and women who called themselves “chaste” and “innocent” are now inhabitants of the Second Dantesque Circle.

Thousands of religious, priests of all faiths who believed they had achieved the most absolute Chastity, now live in the Mercury Hell.

Nobody, then, calls himself “chaste“. “Who feels safe to look back and not fall.”

Q- Master, you are mentioning 49 Regions of the Subconscious and, frankly, I can say that it is the first time I hear such a number, because in all the treatises of Psychology, Parapsychology and Psychoanalysis, where the processes of Consciousness are mentioned and studied. , Sub-conscience and Infra-conscience, etc., those 49 Divisions or Regions that you cite are not mentioned. Why is this?

A- Distinguished gentlemen, ladies who listen to me, we should remember the septenary constitution of the Authentic Man.

Since the “three-cerebrated or three-centered biped”, mistakenly called man, has not yet awakened Consciousness, has not created the Existential Bodies of the Being, he only possesses in reality Subconscious, Subjective states.

Multiply the sevenfold aspect by itself, and you will have the 49 Subconscious Regions of all humanoid.

Obviously, by awakening Consciousness, these 49 states become conscious, and only then would we have Integral Consciousness Objective.

We need to transform the Subconscious into the Conscious, and this is only possible by disintegrating the Psychic Attaches that constitute the Ego.

Recall that Consciousness is bottled in such Aggregates. Disintegrating the latter, she becomes awake.

Lust, the fornication of the Submerged Circle of Mercury, under the earth’s crust, is certainly the foundation, the basis, of the existential Ego.

Q- Some of your books, Master, explain that to Awaken Consciousness, you have to dissect with the intellect the I, or Psychological Defect that you want to eliminate, and that this is done in the 49 Departments of the Subconscious; but if we still do not have the Awakened Consciousness, how can we penetrate with the intellect in those 49 Regions? Would you like to explain this to us?

A- Friends, it would not be possible to radically disintegrate the Ego, instantaneously and simultaneously, in all 49 Subconscious Regions.

I invite you to reflect, to investigate this matter in a clear and perfect way.

When we want to annihilate any Psychological Defect (lust, for example, or any other), we must first understand it.

However, the integral Comprehension of the Defect in question, could not be an immediate fact in the 49 Subconscious Regions; this means a progressive advance in the path of understanding.

In a graduated form we will go understanding and eliminating the aggregates of the Defect in question, in each of the Subconscious Regions. This would mark a development of methodical, deep and orderly development of the Consciousness.

As Consciousness awakensUnderstanding becomes clearer and clearer until it reaches the final level. Then, the Defect would be radically annihilated.



Fornication is generally consensual sexual intercourse between two people not married to each other.[1][2] When one of the partners to consensual sexual intercourse is a married person, it may be described as adultery.

For many people, the term carries an overtone of moral or religious disapproval, but the significance of sexual acts to which the term is applied varies between religions, societies and cultures. In modern usage, the term is often replaced with a more judgment-neutral term like extramarital sex.


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