(Reader Post) Trudeau Subject – 9/20/2019

(Reader Post) Trudeau Subject

Reader Post | Marc

Trudeau while being just another cabalGLOBALIST” will succumb to “BIGGER ISSUES” and will most likely resign before the election date in October with the awaiting “Q” storm “PERIOD” as @EYETHESPY TWITTER has pointed out TRUDEAU is on a leash with timing to be determined! But the one sure thing we know is that TRUDEAU made payments to the CLINTON FOUNDATION of amounts to $30 million and he was also involved with the “URANIUM 1 SCANDAL ” selling uranium to the SOVIETS! THAT IS TREASON And we have photos of TRUDEAU with all the known pedophiles JOHN PODESTA, HILLARY CLINTON, BILL CLINTON, and child sacrifice people like UNITED NATIONS , PETER DALGLISH AND TRUDEAU”S ROOMATES who were involved in raping kids! ~—- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgL_sok64g4


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