Operation Disclosure Intel Alert (10-27-19): “Statement”


Latest DJT-Related News 10-27-19 : News? Distraction?

Latest General Flynn-Related News 10-27-19 : An Obummer Disgrace…

Trump Spec. Ops raid on ISIS Head/Gen.Flynn to be Exonerated

Oct 27, 2019

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Get The World Famous Q Coin! Click Here! https://www.greatawakeningcoin.com Get $5 of when you buy two or more coins using promo code “spaceshot76” 💥 PLEASE SUB TO BACKUP CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/c/WorldPatrio… 💥 We have some huge news tonite, President Trump authorizes a Joint Operation late raid on an IS IS leader, using Seal tm 6 and delta force, huge development, also news Gen Flynn will be exonerated no doubt in my mind, the lengths they went to slander and try to ruin this mans life is appalling, and Sydney Powell his lawyer is no joke and on her game, and has dealt with these corruption filled prosecution teams before and won in a case that she compared to this Gen Flynn case and said the Flynn case was much more egregious, so with the same judge who despises this behavior one could only be correct in thinking the Judge will drop all charges against the innocent Lt Gen Flynn.


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