Thousands of Children Rescued from Torture by Global Elite Pedophiles 10/31/2019

Thousands of Children Rescued from Torture by Global Elite Pedophiles

Thousands of Children Rescued From Torture by Global Elite Pedophiles

Byington as reported in Before It’s News:

Apparently a Pentagon Pedophile Task Force was working with the military, local police and legal entities across the globe to arrest pedophiles and Save the Children. On Fri. 11 Oct. 10,000 Marines were activated for a Civil War against the Deep State.

By Wed. 16 Oct. those Marines had combined with Navy Seals to rescue 2,100 caged children found in underground tunnels beneath China Lake Naval facility in southern California. The children and teens were said to be part of a CIA Mind Control Program and had been sexually abused and tortured, with some killed to collect their adrenaline – that became the super elite’s drug Adrenochrome.

One day Al Gore was caught by Airport Security authorities carrying suitcases filled with bottles of Adrenochrome. Many elites appeared to be addicted to the substance. They were known to participate in what was called ‘Spirit Cooking’ and had pedophile parties culminating in human sacrifice, preferably of a child or baby, where they would eat bodies of their victims and drink the blood in a worship of dark entities.

The global elite including those in Hollywood, believed that the blood of a traumatized child contained Adrenochrome and drinking it allowed a person to retain their youth. Users reported experiencing a unique feeling of euphoria. The drug was said to remove the life energy of the victim while moving that energy to the consumer of the blood. The drug was also known to cause mental disorders and even death of users.

The users were said to be Global Elites. Recent rescues of children and arrests of their perpetrators were said tied into international Child Sex Trafficking, Gun and Drug running rings enforced by various mafias, while funded and organized through the CIA Mind Control Program, US Inc, Queen’s Bank of London, Vatican Bank and Central Banks across the globe.

On Thurs. 17 Oct. in a second sting operation, dozens of minor victims were rescued who were being actively abused by Website users of “Welcome to Video.” The arrests led to 23 victims being rescued in the US, UK and Spain. Law enforcement from the UK, US, Germany and South Korea arrested 338 people from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech, Finland, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden and the UAE. They were said to have sold 250,000 child sexual abuse and rape videos, mostly via Bitcoin.

Seven days later on Thurs. 24 Oct. children were said to have been evacuated from more underground tunnels connected to a military base in northern California. These tunnels filled with naked children, were reminiscent of those found on Epstein’s Pedophile Island beneath a Satanic Temple (according to confiscated videos from the island) – that was frequented by bankers, global and political elites including the Clintons and the UK’s Prince Andrew.

Evidently the White Hats have been busy. According to a Pentagon source, over 500 Federal Reserve employees have been arrested since Oct. 16. Prominent political elites such as Presidents Bush, Obama and Clinton, HR Clinton, Kerry, plus more recently, Pelosi, Schiff and Brennan have gone missing from public appearances since being accused of perpetrating treasonous acts.

Last January 2019 the 9/11 Tribunal began at GITMO and has since appeared to have confirmed evidence of those treasonous acts. Apparently the recent raid on ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi also produced interesting evidence – evidently the ISIS leader regularly communicated with the Obama-Clinton US State Department. More mass arrests of Global Elites were expected shortly.

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