(Rinus Verhagen) Brexit Election: December 12, 2019

(Rinus Verhagen) Brexit Election: December 12, 2019

Brexit Election: December 12, 2019

December 11, 2019

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

I would just like to remind you that tomorrow is the election in the UK, where the Globalists Agenda will change for their country by the British election.

Which I hope will turn a lot of staying votes into leaving the NWO Nazi EU.

These elections have a very great influence on whether we live under a World Dictatorship, or whether we vote for sovereign independence for all the peoples of Europe.

The successor of drunken Juncker (Ursula von der Leyen) wants to invest billions of EU funds in Africa, in order to finance Africans to come to Europe and exchange the population there.


The tax payer paid through the tax repression under the heading of climate change his own demise.


For they want to bring up to 200 million Africans to Europe to destroy Europe and to release the Kalergi genocide on us.

Through the Marrakesh Pact, the EU has established a separate status for Africans, granting them rights that are denied to their own people.


The problems with migrants in France near Calais and Sweden are going to get worse by a factor of 1,000, to provoke a coveted civil war in Europe.

According to Nazi Timmermans, Europe’s response to the migration crisis is the “biggest threat to the EU ever”. The Commissioner underlines the need for countries to cooperate better on border controls. “Migration is part of life, but we need to manage those movements together,” said Timmermans. On Twitter, however, there is a rather poor response to the rather big words.


The unelected political Cabal from the EU and European governments want to keep their old system alive against all sacrifice, and are afraid of losing their power through the RV/GCR.

The whole of Europe is in a state of war because of the betrayal by their own governments, which appear to be front men for the bankers of the FED and the ECB.

The collapse of the current Fiat Money System deprives the political elite and grassroots traitors of their power.

No treaty from 5 May 1940 is legally valid all over the world if the Netherlands co-signed it on behalf of the Hitler Cabinet, which was introduced by the German occupier on 18 May 1940, and after the war by a Coup of Burger Wilhelmina together with the corrupt Nazi political parties still maintains the form of government of the German occupier to this day.

This is why fake Queen Maxima says the Dutchman does not exist.


If the Dutchman does not exist, why should we have to pay 89% tax on every Euro to a non-existent country?

A Brexit means that the Corrupt EU no longer receives income from England, so that the other European taxpayer has to contribute to finance his own demise.

The Brexit will also make England GESARA complain, so that the City of London will no longer have power over the financial world.

Let us wish the British much wisdom, to regain their sovereignty, and to put their own country first in order to eradicate poverty.

Brexit will herald the end of the EU, and the EU cannot regard it as a country, as the Sovereign Countries have transferred their Sovereign status to an unelected Nazi Bilderberg Mafia by the traitors in politics without denying the consent of the peoples’ sovereignty.

We now see in the US, an example of what is also happening here in Europe, Bill Barr Indicts 8 Including Mueller Top Witness for Funneling Millions in Foreign Donations to Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton and Top Senate Democrats



Huber and his team are here now:

134,570 SEALED
313,793 NON-SEALED

Total 463 320 cases that we can expect to change all over the world.

The arrests of the Globalists around the world will be preceded by revelations about their crimes against humanity, 9/11, 3/11, MH370 / MH17, which will reveal much information about corruption and involvement of Cabal politicians…

This will give us the opportunity to take back our sovereignty, to close and guard borders, and to only be able to enter with Visa if one has no economic connection with the country.

Then there will be a return travel obligation for people who are here for Ecomonic reasons, because war refugees can no longer be here with GESARA.

Everyone who has a Basic Income in their country of origin will lose the incentive to flee to a country where they do not meet the admission requirements.

By expropriating the self-proclaimed Elite, and excluding them via the QFS, Politics and Bankers will no longer have any power.

To create a new and beautiful world for everyone, we will have to share knowledge and talent, instead of plundering continents for the Multinationals of the Elite.

This requires mutual respect and recognition, to learn from the unfortunate Cabal history we have had to endure as a human being for many centuries.


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