THE ROLE OF FREE ENERGY IN THE ADVENT OF NOVA EARTH – PARTS 1/7, 2/7, 3/7, 4/7, 5/7 – December 22, 2019


The Role of Free Energy in the Advent of Nova Earth – Parts 1/7, 2/7, 3/7, 4/7, 5/7

The best way to envision what we might do by way of building Nova Earth, I think, is to consider what the nature and shape of society will be after our lightwork has borne fruit.

We know where we and the Company of Heaven are headed; we have a good general idea.

Goldenlight’s description of it is fairly typical:

“Natural well-being and good health is enjoyed by everyone… Hospitals per se don’t exist but there are healing centers of light for all types of physical healing and rejuvenation.

Aging is … a thing of the past .. With higher dimensional bodies, 12 chakras and 12 strands of DNA activated on everyone as well as bodies that have transitioned to a crystalline base instead of a carbon base, there is no aging or disease.

Teleportation is developed and taught in special learning centers. Otherwise there are free-energy transports to take travelers whatever they wish to go on a silent smooth ride.

“‘Work’ has a whole new meaning as people begin to practice their god-given talents in Service and Love to All, rather than the former paradigm of service-to-self. Art, music, and all creative endeavors are encouraged and begin to flourish in an atmosphere of acceptance love and spiritual nourishment.” (1)

I think that about sums it up. There are details that could be filled in, endlessly.  But Goldenlight captures the flavor of our future, the future that we’re building for.

The area I’d like to look at here is the arrival of free energy as a functioning technology.

Free energy will affect many areas of our life – wherever electricity and the combustion engine operate.

We’ll discover that an elite few plus the military already use it.

We’ll look at how the new technologies will liberate the people of Earth from dependence on polluting and harmful energy sources like petroleum, nuclear, and coal power, free Gaia from the burden of wires and towers, and end reliance on the combustion engine for transportation.

My particular hope is that this information finds its way into the hands of young readers who have proven, through their taking up of the climate-change call, that they hold the key  to Earth’s future.

We are building the building. But you’ll be occupying the offices.

Here’s the information. Your peaceful collective action could clear the way for free-energy technology, already in place, to be released sooner rather than later.

(Continued in Part 2, below.)


(1) Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael via Goldenlight: 5th Dimensional Frequencies and the Cities of Light, April 24, 2013, at….

PART 2/7

(Continued from Part 1, above.)

Nova Earth will have a New Kind of Energy – Free Energy

Goldenlight’s informants tell us that Nova Earth will have a new energy source, generally known as “free energy.” Other names for it are scalar energy and energy from the Void.

“This New Earth has FREE ENERGY, wherein the multitudes are no longer slaves to the energy corporations or the oil corporations for their heat, electricity, fuel, telecommunications, and basic utility costs. …

“This FREE ENERGY also runs the modes of delivery and transportation; not only are these transportation methods free but they do not generate any pollution at all.” (1)

Free energy isn’t new. It was used in Atlantis and Lemuria, SanJAsKa reminds us.

“Free-energy-based technology … was widely utilized by many of your ancient civilizations [such as] Atlantis and Lemuria. [When it is] disclosed and given to all, the pollution that’s been fed will truly cease to be and widespread prosperity, abundance and ease of Living will rapidly begin making their way to all of your civilizations.” (2)

Its advent will end all forms of domination by companies connected with the old-energy paradigms.

“The [four] basic methods that the world corporations and government were once using to dominate and control the people are removed: oil company domination, utility company domination, corporate monopolies of control, and mass media brainwashing. Oil extraction and production no longer exists as there is no longer a need for it. …

“There will be a new form of energy developed to run things that are now run by electricity, a new energy that is similar to electricity but not created using any fossil fuels or running electrical poles with wires all over the earth, which also harms Mother Earth’s own energetic field.” (3)

Their energy needs no wires or towers, but travels through the ethers, Ker-On of Venus explains. There’s no such thing as private ownership of it.

“Our energy use is through distribution from central points, and requires no means of transportation as it is sent out through the ethers. Free energy covers all of our needs, and personal transportation such as it is. There is no necessity for ‘ownership’ as all facilities belong to everyone alike. These may make Venus sound like Utopia, but in the near future you will also take your place on your ascended Earth and enjoy the same.” (4)

It’ll involve the use of crystals for distribution, such as were used in Atlantis (and whose misuse caused its destruction).

“The use of these electrical lines has suffocated [Gaia] and will eventually be removed and replaced with a clean form of energy that does not use wires. All we can say now is that it does involve the use of extremely large crystals, crystals similar to those used in Atlantis which generate massive amounts of energy and that will be regrown to create a similar type of energy that was once used in Atlantis. Your new Cities of Light, which have been visited and ‘seen’ by many upon your Earth, will be the centers for much of this type of energy. …

“Just try to envision and imagine this!” (5)

Let’s imagine it! Imagination is creative on the higher dimensions. May it speed the advent of free energy.

But what is free energy?

(Continued in Part 3, tomorrow.)


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PART 3/7

In 2001, John Christie and Lou Brits announced they had developed a free-energy power supply.

(Continued from Part 2, yesterday.)

What free energy is and does

What exactly is free energy? Goldenlight’s sources help us here as well, to understand the nature and uses of free energy.

“Free energy utilizes and harnesses the inherent co-creative energy of the Creator Source which is energy that permeates everything and All That Is.

“It is the Creative Energy of Universes, Multiverses, Galaxies, Planets, Beings, the energy that propels, creates, gives life to, and animates everything.

“This energy allows your Planet, Mother Earth Gaia to be suspended in space… allows the Sun to beam forth its tremendous power and energy. … It gives life to your being and your lower-dimensional body on Earth as well as your Higher-Dimensional, Multidimensional Being which lives in the higher dimensions.

“We of the Pleiadian civilizations have learned over eons of time how to harness this power of the Source Creator of All That Is.” (1)

That’s a pretty important description: Creator Source energy that supports and gives life to everything.

The Pleiadians use it to propel their ships and have been using it for a long time.

“This Free Energy propels our ships and allows us to travel to your atmosphere to be near your civilization, in tune with you and your energy harmonics. As this channel is not versed in scientific formulas or physics, we will not attempt to have her translate the complex mathematical and physics-based algorithms used to harness free energy and propel our ships, but suffice it to say that we figured out the formulas long ago.” (2)

Wes Annac’s sources include cleansing our planet of pollution among its many uses:

“The clean, free-energy technology we’ll offer will be used for various different important and leisurely purposes, and devices will be and have already been Created that orient specifically toward using free energy to mitigate and cleanse the widespread pollution that remains in your current moment.” (3)

Grener of Ashira, President of the Intergalactic Council, tells us that ideas for the development of free energy have already been seeded into the minds of inventors on our planet:

“So often you say, ‘I want my replicator. I want my healing chamber. I want free energy.’ … We have already seeded so many of those ideas [into] your planet.” (4)

Free energy, Mike Quinsey’s sources tell us, is already available “and many projects have resulted in the design of equipment and appliances that will change your way of life.” (5)

Wanderer of the Skies tells us that the galactics will supply us with their free-energy technology after Disclosure:

“In large measure, it will change because even the least of you will have access to free energy and other technological marvels as you can only now dream about but which exist on your world at this time.” (6)

These inventions will make for increased independence, Diane of Sirius tells us:

“Most of our technologies are simple and easily installed, and allow for much more independence than you have now. We shall set high standards where your daily needs are concerned, and bring you all into systems that are self-supporting. This is essential in locations where people are away from the main areas, and tend to be isolated.

“It is a matter of equipping you in such a way, that your standard of life is immediately improved. A clean supply of water and an ample supply of free energy will overcome many health problems, whilst at the same time giving you heating and lighting where conditions warrant it.” (7)

If the technology is already available, then what’s the problem?

(To be continued in Part 4, tomorrow.)


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Part 4/7

(Continued from Part 3, yesterday.)

Free-energy devices have been around since Tesla’s day. So what’s the problem?

The problem is that the military and elites have sequestered them for their own use and advantage. Most of the public have never heard of free energy.

These devices, the Pleiadian High Council tells us, “have been around since, at the very most recent, your 1930s and in many cultures [such as Atlantis] before your current society.” (1) They tell us what has transpired:

“The revolutionary inventions of many inventors were again suppressed for ‘national security’ reasons and in many cases funneled into the various military industrial complex projects as well as used and enjoyed by the elites of your world and only the elites of your world.

“The very existence of such things has been kept secret while being used by the top elite classes for their own gain, and you have been kept on ancient ways to produce your own commodities and needs that such elite souls can make money off of while themselves using the better alternatives.” (2)

We’ve been exploited and kept in the dark. “The dark Ones,” SaLuSa informs us, “have [had] no intention of sharing them with you.” (3)

“The Human Race has been exploited and used for the benefit of the few, and they have deliberately denied you the progress that would have avoided the calamity and chaos you are experiencing now.

“But for the Illuminati and their minions you would not be at the mercy of the Oil Industries and free energy in its many forms would have seen exceptional progress. The hidden discoveries would have brought you into the 21st Century some time ago and avoided the collapse of your society that you are now experiencing.” (4)

On another occasion, he informed us that:

“Through deliberate policy [free-energy devices] have been held back by the Illuminati, to protect their own investment in oil and the utilities. …

“You should have been able to advance your standard of living much more than it is now. Every civilization is entitled to benefit from new discoveries, that are not given simply to be enjoyed by the privileged few, or your armed forces. The ideas for such devices that already exist were intended for the good of all, and made available to you for your independence and self-sufficiency.” (5)

According to the Pleiadians and Arcturians, the cabal relied on national security as a pretext for sequestering them.

“But the truth is that they’ve worked actively to keep your populace held back from space travel and understanding that even close to your Earth, there are star systems with planets boasting brimming advanced societies who are actively fixated on the evolution your Earth is experiencing.” (6)

Disclosure will end this hiding of technology, the Pleiadian High Council says.

“When the beginning disclosures and revelations begin to come to the fore as they truly are to so very soon, you will hear about the inventions in depth and you will be shown these inventions and how they pair with your consciousness to produce that which you need.” (7)

The Pleiadians and Arcturians inform us that “your cabal is finding themselves less able … to stop individuals in your collective from introducing free-energy-based technology to your world formally.” (8)

“The lost years will be made up to you in next to no time,” SaLuSa adds. “The Light is bringing back balance, and once the power and influence of the dark forces is overcome you shall see great changes come in quick succession.” (9)

In the end, “their actions will serve no purpose,” he explains, “as no one group of individuals is allowed to evolve at the expense of another.” (10)

How have those who try to develop free-energy technology reacted to the threats made against them?

(Continued in Part 5, tomorrow.)


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(Continued from Part 4, yesterday.)

Free-energy people are still underground

What’s happening to bring about the sharing of this new and beneficial technology? Wes Annac’s sources tell us:

“Myriad individuals and organizations on your planet are coming to understand free energy and are working diligently to bring its technology to the world, and the first free-energy device you see, whether … small or big, will be the tip of the iceberg in regards to complete disclosure of this technology.

“Patents and production will swiftly follow, and we can potentially predict free energy technology being widely understood by the time we make open contact with your planet.” (1)

Free-energy devices will not come from only one source, SaLuSa says. They “will come from us and also many sources on Earth where they have already been developed.” (2)

However many among the inventors have kept their inventions hidden.

“Many such devices already exist but, like much that has been kept from you, have not been released and instead deliberately hidden.”  (3)

Michael states that many inventors choose to remain underground:

Archangel Michael: A great [many] of the free-energy people are still slightly, can we say, underground, under cover.

Steve Beckow Aren’t [the cabal members] in containment, Lord?

AAM Not everybody who is wealthy from these enterprises is in containment. And do not even forget that not even a middle-level manager – we are not talking about brutality or murder, but we are talking about sabotage and the ability to throw a spanner in the works.

So there is some residual fear on the part of those that are working on free energy to completely go public. But they will be there shortly. (4)

Nevertheless, SaLuSa says, the truth must eventually come out.

“Do you see, Dear Ones, how eventually the truth must come out? … There are already calls for an alternative source of power, and our allies will be pushing for free-energy devices that are already available.” (5)

Matthew Ward sees the self-serving interests of those who’ve sequestered free-energy technology being exposed, freeing the technology to manifest.

“The ever-intensifying light … is exposing the self-serving interests that have long-suppressed your developments in free-energy sources and other technologies. Soon those will ‘come to light,’ and along with your space family’s advanced technologies, they will be used to cleanse and purify soil, water and air; and transform your methods of transportation, medical care, food production, construction, manufacturing and communication.”  (6)

The galactics have the demise of the old technologies planned for. SaLuSa discusses that plan:

“What you are beginning to become aware of [are] the vast opportunities presented by the use of free energy. Naturally the Oil Industry fights against their introduction, but it is the way forward and progress cannot be stopped.

“In time none of the old polluting fuels will be used, and everyone will benefit from clean and efficient methods, that most importantly will include new means of transportation.

“For those presently employed in those industries we must tell you that your future will be secure. By that time everyone will have benefited from the new financial systems, and the re-distribution of wealth will ensure that the loss of jobs will not affect your position.” (7)

That’s the plan. All we need now is a Reval.

Unlike SaLuSa, Matthew Ward finds it difficult to give an estimate of when free-energy technology will be released.

“It is completely understandable that you would like to have ‘forecasts’ [of] when suppression of free-energy sources … will end. Those are some of the primary questions in your thoughts, which we see as clearly as we see your light that sparkles as brilliantly as a field of diamonds in the sunlight.

“If we could give estimated times for those and other developments of interest to many, we would do so joyfully. Earth’s energy field of potential is in such commotion, with the dark ones fighting bitterly in desperate last stands, that it would be folly to offer even ‘best guesses.’ So we tell you what we DO know with absolute certainty – your patience and steadfastness in the light will be rewarded beyond your grandest imagining.” (8)

In summary, inventing and developing free-energy technology has proven risky in the past. Consequently, many people with workable devices have kept them hidden. However, self-serving interests are being exposed, hastening the day when the truth of free energy can become known. After the introduction of free energy,i t’s anticipated that abundance programs will ensure the prosperity of workers laid off as a result.

Moreover, the new technology will restore Mother Earth in a way that we might not suspect.

(Continued in Part 6, tomorrow.)


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