(OpDis) In the Name of the Dutch Cabal King – Rinus Verhagen 1/29/2020

(OpDis) In the Name of the Dutch Cabal King — Rinus Verhagen


Paying tax is protection money to the Bilderberg Mafia in The Hague.

A chain is as strong as its weakest link in the game of the globalists.

January 28, 2020

Operation Disclosure | Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

Thus begins a possible claim to convert a court order into seizure of property to take you hostage in the name of a crook who is not King.

The bumblebees who want to collect this claim have taken an oath to a non-existent or crowned King.

The Sober Observation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYsedWeZC-I

From 1:30 the carnival ceremony is a play that should be a coronation, but there is none.

A crown belongs to a coronation, and our water prince never received it via Beatrix at the kingship transfer to his thick sphere, or the reason was that it did not fit because of the lack of the primeval solid German dimensions?

Willy his second cousin Maxima, was made queen of a kingdom that doesn’t exist.


The biscuit with the coffee will be a biscuit of your own deception.

Anyone who perpetrates this deception is complicit in fraud, abuse of power, and systematically supporting a reign of terror by maintaining the Royal House and its Hitler Cabinet.

The rule of law in the Netherlands ceased to exist on 13 May 1940, the new legislation was introduced by Adolf Hitler on 18 May 1940, this government has never been changed until today.


From a historical past, kings have been appointed and chosen to lead their tribe, people.

This phenomenon cannot be observed in Willy’s simple mind, the opposite is true, for which king would give his country away to a fascist dictatorship that is the EU in reality?

Willy represents a country then no longer exists from 13 May 1940, where the then valid constitution lapsed certainly until Gemany occupied the Netherlands and installed the Hitler cabinet on 18 May 1940.

On May 5, 1945 a silent coup took place by filling the power vacuum by Burger Wilhelmina and the NSB Nazi politics.

From that day on there is a parliamentary Democracy that has to keep up the appearance that we are not a Dictatorship under the yoke of an illegitimate royal house.

Today also the political cartel board, because whichever madman you choose, if he does not belong to the club it will be murdered.


By perpetuating the lie of an alleged rule of law, the oligarchs have been able to sustain Amsberg family to this day.

Where necessary they were murdered in order to maintain their greed and lust for power.

The monarchy imagines itself inviolable for all crimes in their mission to serve their own interests.

The revelations about the criminal acts of the Bilderberg Cabal about the MH17, which in reality was the MH370, an exchange truck thanks to the CIA and Mossad.


Because the MH370’s passenger list matches the bodies found at the crash site.


The self-proclaimed crime family of Amsberg Fake King, and their entanglements in the world Pedon Network, Drug Network, make that they will be prosecuted for their deeds and Genocide against own and world population.

The EU Constitution, which we have rejected en masse, has been forced upon us through the Lisbon Treaty, but it has no legal international value to have these treaties signed by a state that no longer exists since May 13, 1940.

The Dutch without a legitimate state have been the testing ground for the NWO and Bilderberg Satanists who pursue a world dictatorship using the CO2 Lie as a tool to force people into poverty and make them dependent on the corrupt NWO fascist Dictatorship.

The forced EURO was the tool to force countries by deception to accept the Fascist EU as a fait accompli a Federal Nazi state like Adolf Hitler had in mind.

The destruction of one’s own culture was necessary, hence the implementation of the Kalergi plan to secretly implement the overpopulation and Genocide of one’s own population as a tool of the globalists.

The desired import of low-educated Islam followers with a particularly low IQ should shape the desired agenda, the statement of alcoholic Juncker, no matter how much terror this process will bring about.

Frans Timmermans the thoroughbred PVDA communist, and EU Nazi, shed crocodile tears at the UN to condemn Russia for the disaster that was committed on behalf of the Globalists.

The same Frans Timmermans has now been given the climate agenda as he has proven himself a loyal Nazi and globalist if not by blackmailing crimes we should not know about in order to roll out the EU fascist NWO agenda.

In 2016 things changed as the globalists had planned and hoped, outsider Donald J Trump won the presidential election.

The Americans had made a healthy Mind choice to stop Globalism and let America First be led by Trump.

Despite all the media propaganda, Donald J Trump became POTUS 45 to lead and transform America and restore it to its former glory with his employment program and new trade agreements.

From 1971 onwards, when leaving the Gold Standard, the U.S. globalists stipulated that oil should be traded with dollars from now on.

The FED, which is not part of the U.S. government, but a private institution of bankers, is not federal and certainly without reserve as they create money out of nothing.

From that time on they printed a lot of petrodollar out of nowhere, those countries had to make an income by handing in value from their own economy.

So the FED got from all over the world about 800 Billion dollars of goods of which the American dreamer was paid, but this same American population was allowed to pay the interest of the money that was created from nothing.

So the FED owners were able to maintain their agenda in a misleading way, start wars, and misuse Americans to wage these wars at the expense of the world population, I myself compare it with modern piracy.

This modern piracy is now clearly visible in the proceedings against Donald J Trump as President of the US.

For the world’s population it is now really visible which crimes the corrupt politicians who have supported this Cabal agenda are now all exposed for their role out of self-interest and greed if not by blackmail through Jeffrey Epstein’s paedophile crime network or Pizza Gate.

This makes it special that we are now witnesses to all the revelations, including the collapse of the fake Fiat money system.

The plan that seems to have been prepared for decades is almost complete, the fall of the Cabal is a fact, and unstoppable.

Washington DC, was the military power, City of London the financial power, and the Vatican the spiritual power.

In fact, they have been completely exposed and removed from power by the alliance of patriots from all over the world with possible extra-terrestrials help.

The battle had already been won by the Alliance before the Cabal realised the battle existed.

The implementation of GESARA and the downfall of the Dollar as a world currency means that the RV/GCR can begin at any time to release the QFS supported new gold backed debt-free money system.

The QFS which follows the AIIB, with the CIPS system working instead of the Cabal Swift system, has been running parallel to the old money system for several years.

In this way, the transition to the new money system can happen quietly, without causing chaos.

However, the parallel controlled system has also made it clearly visible how the large money flows have gone in the past.

This means that it is now clear who has received which funds through corruption or through straw like the DNC in the US is now painfully visible.

Driven by fear that their own crimes would become known, the deposition procedure was started, which now explodes in their own face by all the revelations took their crimes and interests into entanglement.

Is it a coincidence, that about 80% of the politicians are proven corrupt, and these have dual nationality.

Then one may ask the question who is loyal, the own American people to the nation that is their second nationality.

It is an indirect influence of a foreign power in US politics that has now become visible.

The Russians would have influenced the elections, which was a lie.

The Deep State in US politics wanted to influence the elections themselves through Ukraine to prevent their own corruption from becoming visible.

Caught all the lies, the Deep State completely blew up the DNC because now all credibility is gone.

What’s next?

With the trial the Senate will declare the deposition procedure of POTUS 45 unfounded, but the exposure of the corrupt democrats is very visible.

The American and world population have earned a fair future from decades of Cabal deception.

Donald J Trump has already announced that the Dollar will be covered by Gold again.

The imminent bankruptcy of the US Inc. will also be the signal that Trump cannot and does not want to be president of a bankrupt business anymore.

I can well imagine that he will be acquitted immediately after the trial in the Senate, but he will also resign as president to declare GESARA.

In this case, all politicians will be dismissed, and power temporarily transferred to the US Army, to ensure that the elections will be fair in 120 days’ time.

Donald J Trump has previously stated that he will be re-elected, because fraud will not succeed with an ID controlled election, in which only American citizens can participate, who are alive, and not thousands of fraud-induced deceased Americans.

Since politicians are no longer employed by the US in these 120 days, the alliance has all the time it needs to arrest the corrupt Deep State Puppets for high treason, and try them according to the military tribunal.

All the crimes of the World Elite are known, no one can hide, the globalist plague will stop, the corrupt Nazi EU no longer has a right to exist by shutting down funds to carry out their fascist plan.

Other member European countries are free, and not financially dependent on an unelected corrupt EU.

I really hope that this will be my last post before the transition, we have a lot of good work to do to get humanity out of its oppressed existence.

Many plans and projects are ready to be implemented, don’t expect miracles that this will be visible within 3 months, but within a year the first big changes and new products will be available on a small scale.

By sharing knowledge and talent the quality of our lives for the future multiplies in happiness and true freedom apart from the Matrix that had captured us for thousands of years.

The whole Cabal is linked to George Soros as the straw man of the Rothschild and the Deep state traitors.


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