POWER-TRIPPING TURDEAU = Corbella: Trudeau’s attempted power grab an alarming breach of trust – March 28 2020

The Government does NOT raise MONEY, THEY steal IT and spends our tax-dollars  ie 595 million dollars to LIE to CANADIANS to make TRUDEAU look like a SUPERHERO & TRASH MR. TRUMP

Corbella: Trudeau’s attempted power grab an alarming breach of trust

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“Any needless concentration of power is a menace to freedom, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower

Something happened in Canada on Tuesday, March 24 that has never happened before and hopefully will never happen again.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his minority government tried to sneak a power grab never before seen in our history into its emergency spending bill that would have, in essence, ripped up the Canadian Constitution, trampled the Magna Carta, damaged the very raison d’etre of Parliament and the role of the opposition and spit on the war graves of those who have fought and died for Canada’s democratic way of life.

And yet, how many Canadians even know that this has happened as most of the country’s focus is on COVID-19 and its rapid spread around the world? The National broadcast on CBC barely mentioned this troubling attempt at an unprecedented power grab on Wednesday.

Yet, this is precisely how democracies die — when worried citizens don’t stand on guard for their democratic institutions during a time of crisis.

On Tuesday, a smattering of MPs returned to the House of Commons, which had been recessed from March 13 until at least April 20, to vote on an $82-billion emergency spending bill to rapidly get money into the hands of struggling Canadians who are unable to work as a result of measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.Every opposition party had made it clear to the ruling Liberal government that they would fully co-operate and quickly pass Bill C-13 in one day. The Conservatives, the NDP and the Bloc showed good faith in the government, but the government did not return that good faith. When the opposition parties saw a copy of the draft of the COVID-19 bill, there was a clause in it that would have granted the finance minister the right to spend money, tax Canadians, and purchase or hold a company’s shares without the approval of Parliament until Dec. 31, 2021, or until the first day of 2022 — a span of 21 months.

“We recognize that this pandemic is moving extremely quickly and it is an exceptional situation that requires extreme flexibility and rapidity,” Trudeau said when questioned by reporters outside of Rideau Cottage, where he is self-isolating.In essence, the PM was taking advantage of this pandemic to seize power and strengthen his minority government — which is not unlike what those hoarders do who buy up flats of disinfectant wipes to profiteer during this crisis — only on a much grander and vile scale.

When it became obvious that the passage of the bill was stalled because of his government’s underhanded attempt to usurp the power of Parliament, Trudeau then sent out a tweet saying: “The legislation will be tabled without Clause 2.”

But Clause 2 wasn’t the only spot in the legislation that would have granted his minority government unprecedented powers. It was peppered throughout the bill in 20 other spots.Canadian historian David Bercuson says the issue of whether a finance minister was ever given such powers that would allow him to create a budget without the consent of Parliament has never happened in Canadian history.

“Were Parliament to grant the government that power to tax and spend money without parliamentary oversight, they would have fundamentally changed the Canadian Constitution in a way that would be extremely deleterious to the operation of government in this country,” said Bercuson, who teaches history at the University of Calgary, and is an author and co-author of more than 30 books.

“That’s essentially what Parliament does, it raises money,” explained Bercuson. “You’ve got to have a budget. You can have times between budgets where you can govern by administrative fiat, called Governor General’s Special Warrants, or Royal Warrants, for a matter of time. But you’ve always got to go back to Parliament to approve a budget and to tax and to spend the money.”The whole struggle for so-called responsible government in Canada, he says, was to fight for the lower house, the House of Commons, to be able to pass budgets and to tax. It was also the reason for the American Revolution — no taxation without representation.

“The idea that you could govern for 21 months without getting Parliament’s approval is just not on. It never was,” said Bercuson, “and it never should be — ever.”After pushback from the opposition, the Trudeau government will still have six months of special spending powers until Sept. 30, with Parliamentary committee oversight.

During the First World War, 60,661 Canadian soldiers died at a time when the entire population of Canada was barely eight million people. Almost 43,000 Canadians perished in the Second World War in a country of 11.5 million. That staggering number of deaths meant no Canadian family was untouched. Farms could barely function without their young men, and yet the government of the day never attempted this kind of a power grab.

“War Measures Acts were used during both world wars but still Canada’s Parliament passed budgets,” explained Bercuson.“So what has happened here,” he added, “is very troubling, that’s for sure.”

Duff Conacher, the founder of Democracy Watch, a national non-profit, non-partisan organization, that advocates for democratic reform and government accountability, states things more forcefully than Bercuson.

“It’s not just troubling, it’s alarming,” said Conacher.

“It was a big mistake not only because it was undemocratic, but also because it shatters the trust that they were building with opposition parties in the hope that they could all co-operate to make decisions quickly together during this crisis,” he said on Wednesday.

“So, while it’s alarming, it’s actually not very surprising for this government,” he added.Conacher points to the SNC-Lavalin scandal that saw Trudeau and the Prime Minister’s Office illegally try to interfere with the justice system to benefit the Quebec-based engineering firm.

Conacher rattles off an enormous list of broken Liberal “open government” promises and ethical breaches too numerous to list here, but they include:

• The secret trips to the Aga Khan’s private island in the Bahamas;

• Finance Minister Bill Morneau secretly owning $30 million in shares in his family’s company Morneau Shepell Inc. even as he worked to change regulations that would have benefited his family’s business;

Ignoring recommendations to strengthen whistleblower protection made in a unanimous House committee report;• Ignoring recommendations to stop secret, fake online election ads in a unanimous House committee report, and weakening a key, honest-election rule.

In fact, Democracy Watch is suing the government in 26 separate cases.

Were it not for Ontario Conservative MP Scott Reid, it appears that Canada might have become the kind of  “basic dictatorship” for the next two years that Trudeau says he so admires about China.

Michelle Rempel Garner, the Conservative MP for Calgary Nose Hill, observed in a telephone interview: “This is their modus operandi. They don’t believe that they need Parliament and that the rules — there to protect democracy — don’t apply to them.

“The NDP were saying this too. It’s not partisan to say that we mustn’t erode democratic institutions,” she added. “Supporting democratic institutions, due process and accountable government is not a partisan issue. It’s Canada.”

Were it not for the vigilance of Reid, a lone opposition MP who was vilified on social media for holding up the bill, a simple scratch of a pen would have eroded Canada — our freedoms, our constitution and our democracy. That’s much more frightening than this pandemic.

Licia Corbella is a Postmedia columnist in Calgary. lcorbella@postmedia.com

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The lieberal party is the REAL virus.



I’m glad the Dictatorship government didn’t get their way.



Good column. Now what about Shandro? His actions also display a breach of trust.



No real surprise here, after all it’s Justin Trudeau. Giving us pep talks every day and trying to slide thru something behind our backs. Once again Justin – Canadians are not stupid.



uhhhh Jimmy ? NOT about Alberta. NOT about the UCP. NOT about Kenney. Your whatabouitism and desperate deflection is asinine and childish…



Oh man, they are SO stupid: he’s still PM. Toronto and all those that elected this clown should be sent to China to make medical supplies.



The government understood that the opposition parties would need something to object to, in order to make it look like they were doing their job. They also knew that a deadline for reviewing the government’s spending would have to be negotiated. So they put a late deadline into the draft to give the opposition something to complain about, and then negotiated a reasonable timetable that everyone could agree to. It was all settled in one day, and Canadians will now receive the help that they need, and the opposition can howl all they want, as Ms. Corbella has done in this opinion piece.



it was NOT “given” to the opposition. STOP lying. This MASSIVE omnibus bill had hundreds of pages, with measures to (supposedly) help CANADIANS. But BURIED within it’s massive text were three clauses that would have bestowed undemocratic, illegal and unconstitutional powers upon PM black face himself. NOT canadians. The draft was LEAKED by a whistle blower. Please stop with your Gerald Butts lies and talking-points…. you are sounding more terrified and desperate….



I am pleased by the legislation that was approved with the support of all parties, as are most Canadians.



It looks like Ms. Corbella and all the commenters need a dose of

“LIGHTEN UP”! Find something to laugh about. The sky is not falling!



I think the following phrase is apt here: “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”



Right on Mike. The Communists promised “Sunny Ways”, “everyone will be equal” in Czechoslovakia in 1948. Then once elected, they suspended the constitution & confiscated private property. Only very recently compensation has been paid to those who had property confiscated. Lives were ruined and injustice prevailed. Government must have oversight!!!



Why doesn’t Corbella write a story about how poorly the UCP are handling the virus here? I would like Trudeau to take over because kenney endangers health workers by allowing non essential construction to continue!

David… You appear to believe that if our Federal Government had unfettered powers to do whatever they want that things would be better. There is no place on our tiny globe where that is the case.



Sorry David but the UCP has been handling this crisis as good or better than most provinces, whether your hatred of the Conservatives makes you say otherwise or not! If you think boy blunder deserves more input than this province, I feel sorry for you. As a drama teacher he made a good assistant!



What a surprise !! JT caught in the act again!!



The government dialled it back when the opposition challenged it which is what is supposed to happen in a democracy with a minority government.

Sadly, majority governments of all parties, provincially and federally, use omnibus legislation to push through laws and regulations that line up with their particular ideology or party leanings. Even our beloved UCP government pushed through legislation affecting Alberta physicians during the covid-19 situation.

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