Married & Karmic Twin Flames during Quarantine!! – Apr 3, 2020

Married & Karmic Twin Flames during Quarantine!!

Apr 3, 2020

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#distancehealing #marriedtwinflame #separation #quarantine #relationships #childrenathome #domesticviolence #Karmic #karmicmarriage #fatigue #heartstress #tension #lockdown #divinemasculine #twinflame #fullmoon #soulmate #love #chakras #healing #divinemarriage #divinefeminine FULL MOON TO FULL MOON – INCLUDES ATTUNEMENT/ACTIVATION IN WEEK 3!! DISTANCE HEALING!! Please join me for a special 30 day intensive workshop to help you with your Love Life, your Relationship, your Family and friends relationships.… 5D Heart Shield, Integration, in week 3 Attunement for New Relationships COST: $144 per Angel-person Its time to enjoy your relationships because you will RE-ENTER THE WORLD!! Learn NEW ways to get along, so that you feel safe, and not anxious, all using your body, and new methods, that BYPASS traditional psychology The outline will be a chapter a day, from my Relationships book, plus you working in the DAILY JOURNAL to get DEEP! Transformation in 30 days! As a SPECIAL BONUS: I will talk about your WORK LIFE, and how to improve this, for greater success and helping you get along while at! Includes my 27 chapter ebook, which we will follow This webinar will start on April 7, 2020 from 12pm CT. to 1:30PM CT. Live but will be recorded This webinar is EVERY SINGLE DAY during the month of April Til May 7th. It will be only 1 hour per day and will help you with all the things that you and your love must “relate” to! and all things relationship! Book a session with me! Do you need to talk about what’s happening with someone who understands? Spirit Subtle Body Session- To integrate the 5D -addictions; menstrual; anxiety, breathing… Psyche Body Session- For deep grief, health issues, phobias, attacks, traumas, suicidal thoughts… Wing Work- For the 5D Shield and Heart… Yes! I do One on One sessions, Twin Flame Coaching with Guidance, and Classes. Hi! Visit my website: Hi! visit my other website: Email me: Follow me on Instagram:… Warm Regards, Patricia McNeilly Twin Flame Body, Master Healer, Teacher Hi Join me for a special Twin Flame Relationships Workshop or have a session to help your Subtle Bodies so that you can begin to break this stagnation, for when things move forward! I have Sessions Webinars to help people with Personal Empowerment, Kundalini Awakenings and Spirit Guides for Real Living.

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Corona Virus update

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Divine Masculine Twin Flame Chakras

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Twin Flame Happy Valentine’s Day

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When was the last time you…….

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Twin Flame Sleeping NO DISRUPTIONS!!!!!

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Twin Flame how to Collapsing Timelines

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What is your Mission?

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Abundance and Your Mission!

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