Wikileaks Full Site Open: Database Spills its Guts Thursday, April 23, 2020

Wikileaks Full Site Open: Database Spills its Guts


Wikileaks Full Site Open: Database Spills its Guts

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture April 23, 2020 Researchers will have a field day with this juicy intelligence. Thanks, J. I lo…

(Reader Post) The Disclosures are here!
Mass Awakening in the Face of New Threats and Plots by the Controlling Elite
Trump’s Space Force and Full Disclosure

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

April 23, 2020

Researchers will have a field day with this juicy intelligence. Thanks, J.

I love the way they do this so quietly. Then the drip becomes a flood.

Update: Apparently these files are not new, and some hazy details obfuscated that—but nonetheless, some fascinating details emerge when one digs into these files. ~ BP

April 22, 2020

Updated — Link to Wikileaks Database Discovered — Clinton Emails, The Finders, Weapons Patents, and more

(Will Justice) Wikileaks, the infamous portal for the anonymous releases of government secrets, classified material, and communications between corrupt people and organizations, just opened their archives to the world. At least, this is what seems to have happened. Wikileaks has not issued any official statement as of yet. But internet researchers are pouring through the massive archive of files, which contains a trove of Hillary Clinton emails, DARPA documents, weapon patents, and much more.

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by Will Justice, April 22nd, 2020

Update — 12:14pm (April 23rd, 2020): TX GoodmotherIII, who was one of the first people to post about this on twitter, went through the files and found the following new item.

Let me clarify the WikiLeaks dumps- first mass release 2008/2016

The “new” release is unorganized, cryptic and pics are bloçked-

There are also files with additional information & things we haven’t seen.

— TX GodmotherIII (@TxGodmotherIII) April 22, 2020

Update — 6:42pm: After having spoken with experts well versed in Wikileaks, for the most part it appears that the files in this link are not new (with a few exceptions researchers are finding as they go through the files). As such we are posting this clarifying update to ensure any impression that this story is groundbreaking doesn’t spread unfounded rumors. When this article was penned, we knew that we lacked a complete picture of the situation, and spoke to the facts as best as we were able. The philosophy of this site is to share information, as honestly as possible, knowing that at times we’ll either make an error or leave some of the story out due to not being all-knowing. This is not how most news-outlets operate. Most media outlets act as if they have all the facts in hand. But, of course, that isn’t true. Our style, which is being used more and more by the alt-media, provides opportunities for greater minds with better knowledge to come forward and improve the work by sharing their knowledge with us, which many readers do and this improves the work for all involved. The data below is still of great importance and there is much that you can gain from exploring it. FYI, several outlets (Free Republic and Blacklisted News) are reporting that this was Wikileaks posting all their files online. According to the sources we were in contact with, this is not true. You can use the waybackmachine to check this for yourself.

Update — 1:14pm: A commenter below cross checked the Wikileaks url with, and found that most of the files were added to the site back in 2014. Some updates did take place.

Wikileaks normally issues official releases of archived data. No statements have been posted on the official website of Wikileaks as of yet.

In this instance, there appears to have been an unofficial opening of archives, according to twitter users.

Whoops! Wikileaks ha subido todos sus archivos en línea. Todo, desde los correos electrónicos de H Clinton, Podesta, Afganistán, Siria, Irán, Bilderberg, documento de preparación de pandemias de la OMS (desde 2009), Steve Jobs – ¡MUCHOS datos! #QArmy

— Fachistóteles Ps. Rob García #QAnon #WWG1WGA (@FPatriarcal) April 22, 2020

Wiki leaks is completely unlocked right now! TONS of data!

— 💥🇺🇸WWG1WGA🇺🇸💥 (@WWG1WGAIndiana) April 22, 2020


Wikileaks seemed to have dumped all their files online.

It would be a shame if you shared this with someone!

Sharing is Caring Y’all
You know this Texan loves sharing-
So go on bayyybuhhh …

— TX GodmotherIII (@TxGodmotherIII) April 22, 2020

The files can be accessed at this address:

The files are not searchable, which this writer takes to mean the material was not yet prepared for release.

In the past, Wikileaks releases were more organized, allowing those who want to look through the data a portal to search for key terms. For instance, the John Podesta emails, that were released in 2016, were searchable using an interface.

Book Dead Doctors Don’t Lie

Was this data archive not meant to be accessible? Or is this part of a controlled release of some sort?

One person found documents discussing tunnels under Washington DC, related to the Finders child sex ring.

@TxGodmotherIII@PennywiseDaWise @KewNadian @SmmmoTe @Michael_Rae @tweeterniss @qjeneice @ed_kua @not_asteinbart @HerpesMichael @Skylar13764875 @YoursTr05411794

We have more than we know 😉

You ready?

— TX GodmotherIII (@TxGodmotherIII) April 22, 2020

There are so many files in this database researchers will be pouring through them for days and weeks to come.

Book Project Stargate and Remote Viewing Technology: The CIA’s Files on Psychic Spying

Here’s some of the file names that stand out.

bilderberg-history-1956.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 30988 bilderberg-meeting-report-1957.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 115783 bilderberg-meeting-report-1958.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 737103 bilderberg-meeting-report-1962.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1971462 bilderberg-meetings-report-1955.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 105245 bilderberg-meetings-report-1960.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 105093 bilderberg-meetings-report-1963.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 135878

bilderberg-meetings-report-1980.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4048562

bohemian-grove-guest-list-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4904113

burning-man-paul-addis-message-2008.txt 01-Jan-1984 01:01 5601 01-Jan-1984 01:01 458184 censored-dla-piper-story.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 618055 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2140652

craig-murray-censored-chapter-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 39088

clinton-emails/ 08-Oct-2018 20:08 –

podesta-emails/ 01-Jan-1984 00:01 –

vault7/ 30-Aug-2017 23:00 –

dyncorp-iraq-civpol-media-relations-and-confide..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 96121 dyncorp-use-of-force-iraq-2007.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 44238

everything-secret-degenerates-2004.doc 01-Jan-1984 01:01 734208 everything-secret-degenerates-chronology-2004.doc 01-Jan-1984 01:01 841728

exploitation-of-chinese-internet-2007.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 7818739

fbi-ecoterrorism-tactics-2004.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 182305

gitmo-prosecution-emails.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 9692687 gitmo-sop-2003-2004.html 01-Jan-1984 01:01 3650501 gitmo-sop-2004.doc 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4443136 gitmo-sop-2004.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1622217 gitmo-sop.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4414916 01-Jan-1984 01:01 906665 gitmo_site.7z 01-Jan-1984 01:01 791853888

human-terrain-handbook-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1505701 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1354778 01-Jan-1984 01:01 755664 maharishi-legal-threat.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 30829 01-Jan-1984 01:01 487827

mccain-schmidt-clinton-astroturfing-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 34765

morgan-dexrex-complaints-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 5867430 mormon-general-handbook-of-instructions-1968.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1134710 mormon-handbook-of-instructions-1999.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 970236 mormon-handbook-of-instructions-2006-small.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 10173300 mormon-handbook-of-instructions-2006.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 34013678 01-Jan-1984 01:01 382612 pandemic-vaccine-options-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2762814

rules_of_engagement.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 820955 rules_of_engagement_appendix1.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 130662 rules_of_engagement_appendix7.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 699570 rules_of_engagement_flowchart_2007.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 221219 rules_of_engagement_match_2007.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 152978

scientology-administrative-dictionary.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 5203951 scientology-agreements.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1064490 scientology-assists-handbook.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 615614 01-Jan-1984 01:01 48075697 scientology-canada-cchr-2-csw.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 51766 scientology-case-remedies.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 164023 scientology-case-supervisor-class-viii-secrets-..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2385957 scientology-case-supervisor-series.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2755883 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4640404 scientology-class-v-org-contract.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2841661 scientology-clear-expansion-committee-documents..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 18833990 01-Jan-1984 01:01 382038 01-Jan-1984 01:01 7424089 scientology-cult-childrens-security-check.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 15896 scientology-cult-waivers-policy.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 258574 scientology-dissemination-technology.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 31688408 scientology-ethics-checklist.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 20257549 scientology-ethics-orders-misc-people.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 5219422 01-Jan-1984 01:01 65735814 01-Jan-1984 01:01 65837469 01-Jan-1984 01:01 267827204 scientology-febc-tapes.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 950724 scientology-flag-issues-servicing-and-caring.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1410306 scientology-flag-world-tour-2004-video.m4v 01-Jan-1984 01:01 238811868 scientology-fprd.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 437300 scientology-frank-oliver-osa.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 6588259 scientology-goals-problems-mass.mp3 01-Jan-1984 01:01 12450979 01-Jan-1984 01:01 21263505 scientology-hubbard-class-viii-xenu-tape-hifi.mp3 01-Jan-1984 01:01 84611200 scientology-hubbard-class-viii-xenu-tape.mp3 01-Jan-1984 01:01 21152832 scientology-hubbard-class-viii-xenu-transcripts..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1307624 scientology-hymn-of-asia.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 64556 01-Jan-1984 01:01 258615 scientology-intl-management-briefing-1987.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 20302062 scientology-intl-management-bulletin.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 23132642 01-Jan-1984 01:01 18856448 scientology-medical-claims.rtf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 369334 scientology-misc-flag-orders.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4832136 01-Jan-1984 01:01 299822 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2790429 01-Jan-1984 01:01 314278 scientology-operationalinstructionstostaffatall..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 55252942 scientology-organization-executive-course.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 925078 01-Jan-1984 01:01 65030896 scientology-ot-levels.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 17788660 scientology-policy-letter-on-minors-in-sea-org-..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2866327 scientology-post-irs-agreement.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 6480951 scientology-power-and-solo.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 1350362 scientology-pricing-2007.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 14978310 01-Jan-1984 01:01 37740149 01-Jan-1984 01:01 183161 scientology-pts-sp-routing.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 299341 scientology-pts.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 57016584 01-Jan-1984 01:01 25712875 01-Jan-1984 01:01 29361856 scientology-rons-journal-28-forming-orgs-transc..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 406478 scientology-rons-journal-28-forming.orgs.mp3 01-Jan-1984 01:01 12628096 scientology-rons-journal-wall-of-fire-transcrip..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 847873 scientology-rons-journal-wall-of-fire.mp3 01-Jan-1984 01:01 30359964 scientology-rpf-order.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 447941 scientology-sea-org-folo-eu-1982.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 19289859 scientology-seniormgmtdirectives.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 25184278 scientology-shbc-620425-144.mp3 01-Jan-1984 01:01 88734407 01-Jan-1984 01:01 39441311 scientology-staff-contract.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4747281 scientology-staffstatusiicoursepack.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 16909522 01-Jan-1984 01:01 3210963 scientology-super-tech-1963.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 996805 scientology-tape-6711c18-so.mp3 01-Jan-1984 01:01 27580257 scientology-tax-advantage-advertisement-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 117691 scientology-top-secret-actions-against.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 26403287 scientology-trs-reference-pack.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 383889 scientology-uk-annual-returns-2005.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 228288 scientology-uk-annual-returns-2006.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 204470 scientology-uk-annual-returns-2007.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 239049 scientology-uk-annual-returns-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 238354 scientology-un-drug-infiltration-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4476716 scientology-vs-henson-transcript-day4-1988.txt 01-Jan-1984 01:01 169074 scientology-whole-track-sec-check.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 35871 scientology-wise-members-2006.txt 01-Jan-1984 01:01 811278 scientology-wso-pack-1990.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 12477054

secret-prisons-report-germany.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 4700375 secret-ritual-of-alpha-epsilon-pi-fraternity.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 494694 secret-ritual-of-sigma-phi-epsilon.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 22238042

spirituality46.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 646559

suppressed-french-documentary-on-landmark-forum..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 60243

us-cia-congress-torture-briefings-2009.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 367036 us-cia-congress-torture-briefings-hoekstra-2009..> 01-Jan-1984 01:01 100520 us-cia-osc-google-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 57679 us-cia-rape-warrant-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 100454 us-cia-redcell-exporter-of-terrorism-2010.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 209957 us-classified-materials-handling-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 3646606 us-cloned-vehicles-2008.pdf 01-Jan-1984 01:01 2240015

wikileaks-leaks-donors.txt 01-Jan-1984 01:01 7551

We’ll cover this story as detials emerge.

 – Will Justic

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Updated — Link to Wikileaks Database Discovered — Clinton Emails, The Finders, Weapons Patents, and more


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