Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn, and The Quantum Shift – Dec 16 2020

RED LIGHT THERAPY WORKS, I will tell you how it helped me cure MY BONE SPURS. I moved up north and was in extreme pain as I did A LOT of work and worked 6 days a week to save for a home and to move etc. ANYWAY I had to go on unemployed for well over a year until I found this RED LIGHT THERAPY centre. BONE SPURS are very PAINFUL and are caused from an over-worked and over strained body from labor.

Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn, and The Quantum Shift

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19.5K subscribers New updates: Energy Medicine is coming alive! It was started many years ago and then suppressed. Once again we are seeing the re-emergence. The healing benefits from having a high vibration can be scientifically proven.

Many case studies have been done throughout the ages, to prove we are energy beings and we need returning for a higher or re-establishment of a homeostasis. Dr. Ginger Bowler has a great book called “Listening and Communicating with Energy”.

You can find on Ebay and Amazon. Prices will vary. There are two good Light Therapy Schools that I am aware of and they are LETS and Quantum Academies. Looking for a new career or to just polish up on some new skills, these schools are affordable and fun.

The Red Light Therapy device that I use is call Tendlite. It is considered a Red Light Torch. Link Here: https://www.amazon.com/TENDLITE%C2%AE… After using for several days, I have already started to notice results with the healing of Morgellons and Memory. Its also very good at elimination of the white spots you get from the Morgellons infection. This I have used and found to be my truth.

Please, always do your own research and decide for yourself. Learning these two old techniques of Light Therapy/Sound Therapy and Biofeedback provides an opportunity for us to heal ourselves in the comfort of our own home. Healing occurs in a non-stressful environment. Be happy and thinking positive can change your reality. Most importantly, do what you want and when you want. No scars, No office visits, and no toxic treatments; its a safer way to look at healing yourself. There are a lot of videos on YouTubbers so you want to check them out before you dive in. Have fun and create the body you want for your 5D paradigm.

Project Veritas — Recording of Call Between Wikileaks Julian Assange and Lawyer in Clinton’s State Dept

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Veritas Obtains Recording Of Call Between Wikileaks Julian Assange & Lawyer In Clinton’s State Dept Project Veritas Dec 16, 2020 ht… RedPill78 — Wikileaks Dumps 137 Docs on Kamala, Anon in Congress, Durham Indictments by Labor Day!Huge Mainstream Media Name Drop: All Fake News Liars are Going to JailSpaceShot76 — 5/8/20 7th Floor/Shadow Presidency Scot-FreeVeritas Obtains Recording Of Call Between Wikileaks Julian Assange & Lawyer In Clinton’s State Dept

Project Veritas
Dec 16, 2020

[OpDis Editor Note: The truth comes out about Julian Assange.]


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