* Prime Creator: The Final Phase of Divine Plan = Queen An-Ra removed most of the corrupted members from Alliance – March 05 2021


Prime Creator: The Final Phase of Divine Plan

6-7 minutes

Greetings My Children,

I am Prime Creator, God, Father or Source here today to send my message to all of you. This is a call for humanity to wake up and raise their consciousness and help bring by Earth to the Golden Age.

As I said previously that we started The Final Phase of Divine Plan to bring Ascension to Mother Gaia, who moved awhile ago to 5th dimension, now you need to catch up to her speed. Ashtar with his fleet are working together with other Light Forces and are continuing the clean up on your planet by removing the Dark Forces.

They are still trying to resist by creating chaos and obstruction like the extreme weather to slow down the process of eliminating them from this part of the Galaxy. Their period of domination is coming to the end, no matter how hard they trying to postpone their inevitable defeat. Yes, the Light is winning and the enslavement of humankind, which lasted for many thousands of years will be ending.

There still many tasks left that need to be finished. Light Warriors, Light Workers and Alliance are going to be briefed about their missions here. Queen An-Ra removed most of the corrupted members from Alliance. Now, we are waiting for the New Republic to be announced and moved to a new location leaving behind Washington DC as the old corrupted place.

The hidden truths about the New World Order, torture, sacrifice, sex slavery of children, experiments, and using humans as slave labor on other colonies in space, all of this will be coming to the surface. No more lies, only the truth will be revealed to the everyone on Terra Christa.

The Age of Aquarius is all about big changes in your reality. This illusionary world of 3D Matrix is cracking everywhere and nothing can’t stop it. Please, stay positive and meditate to raise your frequencies, you will need that in the upcoming future. Be prepared to create a new society free of control based only on a free will. Happy and blessed times are ahead of you.

For all the none believers who think all of this is just a conspiracy or someone’s wild imagination, I can assure you, all of the Galactic Civilizations and me who are working on this Ascension Project on Mother Arya (Earth) are real, and one day millions of ships are going to land on this planet. This not a fantasy anymore, it’s coming to manifestation as the time lines of 3D are merging with 5D. Human beings are in the process of regaining their powers, memories and access to their Akashic Records.

I noticed that some are skeptical about humanity ascending with their physical bodies, it’s going to happen by my Divine Plan, which was put in place a long time ago. Now, everything is coming together, as the old structure is falling apart and the new foundation is being build right now, in this moment. Be always in the moment, don’t go to the past or future. Your future is always created in the present moment.

In our higher dimension all of us are celebrating the New Era on Gaia. The Golden Age is approaching to this part of Galaxy fast as time was accelerated by me, that our realty would merge quicker with yours to create a 5D world with a new Galactic multidimensional Human Race.

The distribution of wealth and launching of advanced technology is going to remove all the poverty, suffering and misery from every country across the globe. As, I said before, I don’t want to see anymore delays, this Final Phase of Ascension needs to be completed. Remember, who you really are I AM LIGHT, I AM LOVE and I AM.

Universes, Planets, Galaxies and Creations always keep evolving, progress never stops, it continues to move forward. The same thing happens here on Earth, the New Republic is going to be unveiled soon. You just connect to my God Consciousness and you are going to see, what the rest of us and I are seeing, as we are all One Universal Consciousness.

The Galactic Federation of Light is protecting Mother Earth all the time from any big catastrophic events. Our ships are patrolling your skies and your world 24/7, and Ashtar is receiving nonstop military intelligence on any activity by the Dark Forces. Like, the cold weather in Texas and in other states was created by a hidden technology from another planet, which was destroyed by our fleet after we discovered it.

Now, we are coming to the end of our assignment and waiting for reunion, landing and we are ready to help you build a new society here. The Collective Consciousness keeps expanding daily more and more people are getting awake and starting to ask questions about their governments and media, they are trying to find the truth between the illusions and secrets.

I am very happy that the veil is getting thinner with each passing day, and the truth will come soon with a full force to the masses. In the future your governments will disappear and will be replaced by small groups, who are going to genuinely care about you, lead and represent only your best interest without expecting anything in return. That is called real freedom expressing Love and Light to each other with no strings attached.

Love genuinely each other and express gratitude daily, by being kind to each other and forgive everyone. Practice this everyday and you are going to be surprised how blessed your life is going to become. You don’t need to wait until real changes come to your world, you have the power now to transform your own life.

Please, remember I am always here to support you and keep you safe from any dangers that come your way. We Are All One. I am pleased to be here today and share with all of you my wisdom. Stay in the Light and break all of the detachments from this 3D Matrix. Thank you.

Prime Creator

**Channel: Erena Velazquez

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