HOW to PROTECT yourself from “ENERGY HARVESTING” – use your 12D shields……, Ivo via Sharon Stewart, April 28th, 2021 – Sananda

THANK-YOU – IVO of VEGA and SHARON Stewart ! SHARING is CARING! passing it on. I added some meditation techniques from youtube so we understand it better.

Ivo via Sharon Stewart, April 28th, 2021 – Sananda

Per Staffan 5-6 minutes

April 28, 2021

Overlaid Programs at Night time

Me: Ivo, as someone who doesn’t wake up feeling rested after twelve hours’ sleep, I’m sensing something is going on at night and I want to get some clarification to see if there’s anything I can do about it.

Ivo: Indeed, you are further brainwashed at night time. Many nightmares have their roots in this nocturnal programming. In the same way that themes are chosen and adhered to for a lifetime, these themes can be morphed into nightmarish realities at night time.

Me: I thought we were on ships, working with you guys, doing our light work.

Ivo: Yes, but the lower mind is still under attack at night.

Me: Oh I see. And we’re not doing anything about it?

Ivo: You are doing something about it, you are utilizing the higher mind to stop the frequencies, reducing the frequencies and at times physically taking out installations from where programs are run upon you. And yes, this is a quantum war as well. That opens up an entirely new playing field.

Me: Howso? Not a battle of physical versus physical. Quantum is holographic or something?

Ivo: It relates to energy, my love. So perhaps saying this is an energetic battle is appropriate.

Me: Where are these energies being sent from?

Ivo: To ask that question relates to a physical location. Quantum is not about the physical. It is about the non-physical, energetic levels of life.

Me: Who’s doing it then?
Ivo: Yes, there are dark energy beings directing this dark quantum energy at you.

Me: I’m hoping that I can cure my health problems this way because if I can sleep restfully night after night, my body will repair itself.

Ivo: Yes.

Me: How do I stop these quantum attacks, then?

Ivo: You can protect yourself. By doing the 12D shield before you go to bed would be an appropriate way to protect yourself because this covers you at all levels of the quantum arena.

Me: I had a dream last night that I could walk under water and was walking through the ocean with winter coat and boots on, still breathing, and then when I was done I was talking to Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night, asking him to sing a song for me that was actually sung by Corey, not him.

Ivo: LOL So you see what you were telling Chuck then?
Me: I liked Corey’s songs better than his. I liked some that he sang but I do like Corey’s voice better of the three of them.

Ivo: LOL In fact you are directing this opinion at him during the night time and simply because you are of that opinion always.

Me: He’s a good singer too.

Ivo: As for walking under water, you have been watching many video’s concerning the ocean lately, and as for breathing in the ocean you are simply acknowledging your higher human skills to yourself and your willingness to use them. You believe yourself to be super human and you are.

Me: Okay. But I know there are nights I end up waking up in the morning feeling like a truck hit me. Not so much now as earlier in the last decade, just waking up with tons of body pain and feeling absolutely miserable, trying to feel better any way I can think of.

Ivo: Much of the regenerative work on the body is done at night time, so when the entity is absent, it is the best time for the cowards to attack the lower mind. They will do anything possible to keep you down and hitting you with energies that keep you out of proper balance is one way to do this. At times you are fighting back at night time, but now that energies are rising, you wake up feeling better in the morning.

In the winter time, you are chemtrailed often, and with the lack of sun, you feel it.

In effect, this is an energy war. Energy is used to alter consciousness because consciousness is energy. However, they will retain physical vehicles for obtaining physical results as well. You are being hit on all levels.

Me: Thank you Ivo. I’ll start doing the 12D meditation before I go to sleep and will make a point of meditating and connecting with Athena and Sigrid before I go to bed. A stronger connection is probably better at night time than a weaker one.

Ivo: Yes, but then there is more to harvest as well.

Me: So these quantum energies they hit us with, are they all over the world or specific to areas or certain people?

Ivo: They can be all of the above.

Me: Great. Makes that even easier.

Ivo: Work with and allow the energies to come into your life. Allow them to enrich you. Release stored negative energies as you do your shadow work. It is about keeping your light body clear of negativity and shielding yourself from anything incoming to deplete or to manipulate you.

Me: Thanks, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, it is a lot to be on earth at this time, but we sent our best fighters. Your people have sussed out more than adequate information to arm the entire team; it is simply whether the team believes it and takes appropriate measures. Were they all to do so, then this war would be over for the dark ones.

When you do not take appropriate measures it is because you do not believe and then you are falling in line with the manipulation – that this does not exist and all is fine. Because that is another manipulation foisted upon you that so many with to believe.

YouTube: SharonandIvoofVega

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