Prime Creator via Erena Velazquez, May 27th, 2021 – Sananda

Prime Creator via Erena Velazquez, May 27th, 2021 – Sananda

Per Staffan 4 minutes

Greetings My Beloved Children,

I am Father, Prime Creator and I am here today to make some clarifications about the upcoming events in the near future.

A lot of different information is floating around from different sources. It can become very confusing, the Negative entities are trying to stop the truth from reaching most the human population. They are doing this from their bases outside Earth, and also here directly on the planet.

The Dark Ones don’t want for Disclosure to happen about the existence of Space Program run by the government and their interactions with intergalactic civilizations, and the existence of millions of civilizations. For the Awaken Ones, this is old news now, and for the rest of the humanity is still not unveiled yet.

The Darkness is trying to stop the process of letting the truth come out to the surface. Their latest thing in the plans is to send robotic crafts with AI to control humans who have implanted chips in them. I want to reinforce that nothing can stop my Divine Plan, which was created a long time ago.

The Anunaki, Orions, Greys and other Negative nations have been creating intergalactic obstructions for eons. The low vibrations can’t win against the Light. These entities come to conquer and enslave civilizations, anywhere they can’t get away with it.

I am Father, Prime Creator giving my last warning to these entities to step away peacefully from Earth.

They can’t win and their control of this planet is coming to the end. As humankind like to use this phrase justice is being served. Yes, their dominance on Gaia is coming to the final end, and they can’t stop this inevitable reality from coming true.

Regarding the upgrades or downloads, you are constantly receiving them non stop as they are necessary for the Ascension Process. All of you belong to the Light Family, and many Galactic beings are working closely with me on this very important process, which this planet is undergoing. I am not going to allow for anyone to stop the Final Phase of Ascension.

Humanity has been bombarded by different types of Artificial Intelligence technologies like implants, chips and etc., the Dark Side is trying to mind control everyone. They are implanted everywhere in TV advertising, shows and etc., please be aware of it.

In the past, the Greys were abducting humans and experimenting on them, who are now forbidden and not allowed to come to Earth anymore.

The Light teams are continuing their tasks on helping and protecting Mother Gaia from destruction and constant attacks that are coming from space by the Corrupted Souls.

The upcoming upgrades are going to delivery to you new information and knowledge for the ones, who are open to receive it. Please, understand and don’t be offended that not all of you are going to move to 5D at the same time. I explained about the Phases of the Ascension in one of my messages.

The whole process Mother Earth is undergoing right now, it’s a learning process for many of you, who volunteered to come here to help free this world from enslavement. Everything is progressing as it was preplanned by me a very long time ago. Please, Trust and have Faith that the Light is going to win this battle.

I am Father, Prime Creator, and I am sending my Love and Support to My Beloved Children. Thank you

Be Love and Light
We Are All One
Prime Creator

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