June 19, 2021 – Launching the Long, Hot Summer of ’21 [videos]


June 19, Launching the Long, Hot Summer of ’21 [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture 7-8 minutes

That extra-long fuse the Earth Alliance lit is sizzling and we’re watching in rapt attention as it slowly makes its way toward the MOAB. In the mean time, they’re lobbing grenades into various enemy camps and causing as much panic as possible while we watch the rats scatter; unable to hide in the shadows any longer. They’re too busy doing damage control to be subtle.

The metaphors are a dime a dozen as we witness this slapstick theatrical production. A massive coverup continues in Arizona as the New World Order’s minions lie some more about the processes and equipment in this circus and sham they passed off as an election. The system produced a train wreck and they act like it’s a cake baked to perfection according to a time-tested recipe that couldn’t possibly go wrong.

You just can’t make this up. They really didn’t think we’d investigate.

Former Arizona Secretary of State and current senate liaison for the Maricopa County audit, Ken Bennett, has said that they need to investigate anomalies such as 52 ballots that came from a single two-bedroom home.

Like Q said, “These people are stupid.” Electronic voting is easy to hack, but it’s also easy to capture and restore. 11 min.

More at this link.

And we have new “dog comms”.

Bidens’ ‘Cherished’ First Dog Champ Dies

This is the latest update from Q The Storm Rider. Isn’t America a pleasant place to be?

Cables U S. Prisons;:
1,183 State Prisons
110 Federal Prisons
2,300,000.000 Prisoners

When the Sh*t hits the fan/
Prison Riots will 💥 POP OFF

THE GREAT AWAKENING is reaching ears of Shot Callers
& Opposition threats who believe in the V[X & C_ov.id scheme.

_Summer on 🔥

— (Q)The Storm Rider (@Littleb29872980) June 19, 2021

What happened on Friday in the UK Parliament? Check out the video at the link on Telegram.

[For some reason I associated that with the Canadian parliament but the crew corrected me. Wishful thinking, perhaps. ~ BP]

Politicians can’t get out the back door without a confrontation… that’s a shame isn’t it?



Go Canada!!! When do citizen arrests begin?

Comment on Gab:

I have watched earthquakes for decades.
There appear to be many tunnels being blown up

You know about the underground tunnels and DUMBs, but do you know about the North American SUBMARINE tunnels? Yes, right through the nations, not on the coasts. Can we see why this operation has been so massive and has taken so long? Infiltration takes on a whole new meaning, doesn’t it? Chinese submarines have been able to enter our countries virtually unchecked. Q did say, “Watch the water.”

Learn more at this Telegram channel  OR here on Twitter

You can also get updates here at Disclosure News. Lots of tips on Riding the Storm.

For example…

We have been warned about localized power outages. Don’t believe everything you read.

In Georgia, the fuse has been lit and this baby is about to blow, along with Arizona. The deep state is doing everything in their power to keep the truth hidden.

More details in this article and video. If Georgia is your state, I hope you’re paying attention. And I hope every state is undergoing similar scrutiny.

PANIC IN THE PEACH STATE: Fulton County Georgia Defense Attorneys File Motion to Prevent Scheduled Testimony of Dirtbag Richard Barron on Monday

Michigan’s on it, too.

Hundreds of Michigan Citizens Deliver Over 7,000 Affidavits Claiming “Election Fraud” to State Officials

If there’s any doubt we are trapped in an asylum, take a listen to Tucker Carlson’s monologue about Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. She’s looney toons. Truly unhinged—and her emails prove it. How does she remain in her position of power? Chicago has entered the gates of hell, apparently—and this passes for “news commentary”; the kind we never expected to float on the airwaves.

In what kind of civilization does this pass for “normal”? Do we have to magnify it this much for people to see it? Are they so brainwashed by the party system that as long as their Demonrats are in office they are appeased? The battle between good and evil is in our faces.

Tucker obtains ‘demented’ emails from Lori Lightfoot

They’re all in on it, my friends. The Medical Industrial Complex hates us, and loves our money. We get sicker, with their help, and they get richer, with our help. A beautiful, symbiotic relationship that’s currently on the rocks.

Ditch the corrupt allopathic medical community and find a naturopath or holistic doctor that can actually get to the cause of an issue rather than covering it up or exacerbating it with drugs and vaccines as Band-aids with even worse side effects.

Like Canada, travellers are almost abducted and locked up, all under the guise of dealing with a “health crisis”. There is no such thing as a 15 month emergency, folks. This entire scamdemic is lies built upon lies told upon more lies until the truth is almost undiscernible—and that was the plan. Hide the truth in disinformation. Confusion = fear.

UK: Heathrow Airport Is Now a Quarantine Prison

Patriots are taking action against the psychopaths. If you can participate, the instructions are below. Link to Telegram.


AFLDS needs Plaintiffs!

AFLDS is looking for PATIENTS REFUSED HCQ or IVERMECTION from the pharmacy after their Dr. wrote the script. Especially in states where the boards and government didn’t put out restrictions.

Also.. any PHARMACISTS that have witnessed, lost their jobs, left their jobs because of this, and DOCTORS who ran into this problem with the pharmacies.

Go to AFLDS.org and fill out our intake form under legal (https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/forms/mask-vaccine-attorney-intake-form/)

Please refer those you know may qualify.

We know this is happening and we know it’s wrong. The only way to stop it, is to do something and Dr. Gold and the AFLDS team are going to bat for the American people!!

Spread the word and reach out if you have any questions…thank you!!

America’s Frontline Doctors (https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/forms/mask-vaccine-attorney-intake-form/)
Mask/Vaccine Attorney Intake Form – America’s Frontline Doctors

Is it any wonder society is a mess? Good grief.

When we tell you the technology is far beyond anything you believed possible, we mean it. It’s hard to tell this isn’t real. the movement is right on.

There are two new Jetson White chapters to watch, if you’re into that. Here’s Chapter 2.

How I Found Thoth’s Spaceship – CH2

I’m outta juice, it’s 2:22 and 111 degrees and I’m going to wrap this up. We wish all the guys out there a Happy Father’s Day, in case we don’t connect tomorrow.

We honour all the Fathers, including the Founding Fathers. Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see what the solstice brings tomorrow.  ~ BP

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