September 15, 2021: Making Earth History [videos] – CANADA – What will happen in Canada on September 20th in an election that is unlawful, treasonous, and some are saying the People should refrain from casting a vote at all?

Tommorrow is the 16th TOWER CARD, someone/evil cabal people is going down…, and so it is


September 15, 2021: Making Earth History [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture September 15, 2021

You know it’s going to be a good day when you arrive on the bridge and see 17 [seventeen] comments awaiting moderation. We are going to learn that a lot of things we assumed were true are not, and vice-versa, so it’s best to keep an open mind. If you take the attitude that anything is possible in this topsy-turvy, upside-down and backwards world, you won’t be disappointed.

This development below, however, will disappoint a lot of people. Yesterday was the California election. I thought we knew what would happen. Gavin Newsom should have been thrown out. The People of California are wide awake now, on the streets protesting, and calling out the crooked politicians, law enforcement, etc.

But what’s this??? Could it be? Another stolen election—or have the People taken leave of their senses? I suspect it’s a stolen election because what we have been hearing from some voters is that when they arrived at the polling stations they were told they had already voted! This is unbelievable. This has to be a precipice.

BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Will Remain Governor in Golden State as Californians Opt for Decline

BREAKING REPORT: Up to 70% Republican Voters in CA Being Told They Already Voted

Good grief. CAlifornia or CAnada? Or is it both? One down… one to go.

What will happen in Canada on September 20th in an election that is unlawful, treasonous, and some are saying the People should refrain from casting a vote at all?

Canada’s Trudeau sought an election he risks losing with only a week to go

I get the feeling we’re about to get our socks knocked off, folks. Big time. I don’t believe many if any of us are able to anticipate what is coming, in what form, velocity, vector, or intensity. It feels very BIG. Just my sense from what I’m seeing and hearing, not all of which I share here because it’s too obscure. Just stay calm and know that whatever happens has to happen to see this liberation effort through.

We have legions of help from outside this realm. The cabal believes they know what’s coming. It seems to me the Earth Alliance will likely blind-side them. Blind-side and clothesline. TKO. What will be unleashed they will never be able to come back from and it sounds like The People are ready.

This is evidence that the mass arrests are about to take place—at least in Japan. Link to Telegram.

NEW – Japan begins a nationwide, large-scale military drill for the first time since the Cold War. 100,000 personnel, 20,000 vehicles, and 120 aircraft will join the drills.

The military has been deployed in Massachusetts for an unusual purpose.

National Guard Activated in Massachusetts to Take Children to School

From Telegram this morning:

⚡️“MAJOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT” expected, Biden to explain at 5pm ET (The Sydney Morning Herald)

U.S. President Joe Biden is set to deliver brief remarks about a “national security initiative” reportedly involving Australia, the UK and potentially more at 5pm ET – The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Australian MPs were given emergency exemption to cross state lines after being urgently summoned, without even being told what for, to attend a secret meeting that reports indicate will have “international significance”.

I’m hearing that Creepy Uncle Joe has a bad cough. I think we know where this is going. The clone is shot now, too. Time to go.

Check out the visual evidence of the old Joe Biden vs. the current one in this short video clip from an And We Know video. Link to Telegram.

They can not only create life-like masks, they can simulate voices, too. Green screens, CGI… very little is real any more. The good guys do it, too.

This is Simon Parkes’ update from yesterday. An excellent one, as always. I was unable to access his website earlier. Charlie Ward told us he and others have ten documents to release at the right time. I assume those will be similar to the ‘Man of God’ declaration and clarify more information for the public.

14th September 2021 Update Current News simon parkes

The video below from Gene Decode/CoSensei and Joshua Shapiro speaks of many things, including multiple timelines and the “earthquake” in Mexico, which Gene confirms was a lot more than a quake. That was around the 23 minute mark. Just prior to the one hour mark they speak of the “new Earth” that has been prepared and the divisions that will take place.

Many are concerned about our “move”; to what destination, who is going and who is staying, and there is no concrete answer because of varying versions. We’ll just have to wait and see. It’s another captivating session with one of our most knowledgeable and spiritually aware patriots.

Joshua Shapiro interviews Gene Decode, Sept 8th, 2021

Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Shakes China’s Sichuan Region – EMSC

Project Veritas is bringing more bad news. Not sure how long this Tweet and video will be available. It concerns activities bordering on elder abuse they say; neglect, and fraud from multiple whistleblowers. Medical malpractice. They’re very brave to come forward. We owe it to our trusting and vulnerable seniors to ensure they get the utmost in compassionate, highly skilled care. Lying to them or sedating them so they accept the jab is despicable and criminal. They’re killing people. 10 min.

This is good news from the crew. Sorry to hear that Field’s wife, Denise, left this plane, however. The comments beneath this Tweet are interesting. The whole thing around Field’s incarceration was a convoluted mess. We hope former Marine Field McConnell will continue his work for the children and vets at the ranch.

I also want to share this discussion with Charlie Ward, Ted Mahr, and my fave—“Mr. Q”. He is unique and provides a great deal of wisdom and information I don’t hear anywhere else—such as some of the dark ones incarnate with all their memories of perhaps a thousand previous lives. Quite the advantage.

Last time we tuned in, Charlie Ward was getting some tutelage from Q and was very quiet and subdued. This time Charlie is almost a different man and Q acknowledges his progress.


We’re getting more confirmation of another extension of the scamdemic; the orchestration of the next phase. Link to Telegram.

Doctors in Australia in Germany. UK .US are using>>> Ivermectin<
In hospitals to cure people!!!!!!! But… They are claiming now ..the Vaccines were the Cure!! Knowingly they used Ivermectin and replaced the results with the VACCINES <<<<
Whistleblowers in the hospitals coming forward!!!!!!

We have in this 3-minute video clip more examples of “predictive programming” from the psychopaths who always have to tell us what they’re going to do.

Predictive Programming: Stargate Atlantis Jab Sterility, Depopulation, Eugenics.

I would think the People of our planet would be very angry to learn the following concerning the contents of the clot shot. Dr. Zelenko is in the news again and I hope he gets that Peace Prize.

Dr. Zev Zelenko & Dr Robert Young Both Confirm That All The Clot Shots Have Tracking Nanoparticle Technology In Them!

Fauxi Should Hang For This!!

Top Scientists/Doctors Confirm Covid Jab Causing Brain Damage And Blood Clots!


Not that we didn’t know this, however to have 3 studies providing similar outcomes, why isn’t this Injection farce shut down?
A graduate of Yale University who also obtained a PHD at Princeton University and an MD degree from the John Hopkins University School of Medicine has published a paper in which she concludes that mandating the public to take a vaccine is a harmful and damaging act because of excellent scientific research papers which clearly demonstrate the vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission of Covid-19.

You can read the full article here with all appropriate links:
CDC Study here:
Oxford Uni study here:
UK Dept of Health Study here:

More doctors are telling us the truth about the hospital protocols for treating Covid. Unfortunately, I don’t know who this doctor is, so only have a Telegram video but it’s worth the 3 minutes to listen.

Doctor drops absolute truth bombs about Covid treatment and protocols – including his assessment on Ivermectin. Enjoy!

The awakened employ unique ways to encourage action. Link to Telegram.

Some heroes don’t wear capes.

🔥 Aussie William Walllace 🔥

A man has ridden his horse through today’s protest at the Queensland-New South Wales border in Australia, encouraging crowds to cross through checkpoints. “Cross over! They cannot arrest all of us!”

The rules are for thee, and not for me. That is the creed of the globalists who believe it their place to run the world and tell us what to do.

Members of Congress, their Aides and Federal Courts are Exempt from Vaccine Mandate!

Australia is in a bad way with full-on tyranny. Hopefully the Aussies know that the clot shot will not return them to normalcy. Normal is gone. Tyranny is the new normal. How much further will the Earth Alliance allow this to go? Don’t they have any honest politicians or military willing to stand up for them? Link to video on Telegram.

Only a year ago all of these thoughts would have been tagged as crazy batshit conspiracies, think they re becoming very real!

As long as you sleep, we will fight for you

The fallout from medical professionals standing in their sovereignty is evident now. I guess it’s a good way to ease into the closure of the formerly hallowed halls of our hospitals and transition to the new and better ways of healing. It would be nice if we never had to step foot in a “hospital” again, in my opinion. They give me the creeps.

This is an interesting Tweet. It seems med-beds are discussed every day now.

It appears last weekend was what Q referred to as a “suicide weekend”. We have illustrated over and over that the cabal was able to control the world by controlling powerful people; people with the same perverted, satanic lifestyle who would keep their secrets. Good citizens never suspect these fine, upstanding pillars of the community, now do they?

The pedophiles and pedovores used to be protected. They used to get away with it. No more. The sickos are going down and the world is about to learn that the procurement of children [as a currency] is common practice in “elite” circles. They are not “elite”. They are the dregs of the swamp.

Caroline County Circuit Judge Jonathan Newell, 50, was placed on administrative leave in July for allegedly installing a hidden camera at his hunting cabin to secretly take photos of young boys.

Judge Jonathan Newell

Maryland Judge Kills Himself As FBI Agents Showed Up to Arrest Him for Sexually Abusing Boys

Phil Godlewski of Patriot News shared this document about the upgrades done at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

It’s been a good day for me, full of delightful synchronicities. I hope you all enjoy the same. Thank you for sharing your research, resources, and remarks, as well as your support of all kinds over the years.

Until next time, signing off from the fringes of reality.  ~ BP


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