Babaji: The Big Clean Up

Babaji: The Big Clean Up

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Grow beyond yourself!

Grow beyond yourself, this time demands it.

Love those who fight you, this time demands that.

Everything harmful is now eradicated. After it has shown itself, it will be given to the fire of God, it will be destroyed.

Truth has entered the stage of this world and it is cleaning up everywhere. Lies are no longer tenable and collapse. People are witnessing unbelievable revelations on the socio-political level and at the same time you are confronted with your own life lies.

Everywhere you meet now the truth and it is good to shine courageously in yourself and to accept gratefully this change now.

Everything radically changes!

Everything is radically changing! Everything is brought to the good in the end and brought back into the cosmic order. There is no way around it, because this revolution has taken hold of all people on this earth.

Now the game begins to turn in favor of the light forces. For the old powers the game is over and for you a new game begins, one for which you have been prepared for many lifetimes.

Continue to strengthen yourself, open your spiritual entrances and clear out what blocks them.

Some of you are still too weak, not working on yourself consistently enough and expecting others to solve your problems.

This is inappropriate, because what matters now is your decisiveness, your diligence and your courage.

Do not hesitate when you want to implement something, do not doubt when your heart clearly shows you a way and strive forward courageously! With God’s help everything is possible and every goal can be reached!

Open yourselves for your spiritual reality! You are so much more than you think you are.

The Spiritual Revolution

The spiritual revolution that is now being triggered will permanently transform this earth. This is not a temporary phenomenon, but a timeless one.

Soon you will no longer recognize yourself or humanity. Those who remain on this earth are paving the way for those people who will be born first.

You are pathfinders and the harbingers of the new time, the Golden Age. Some of you will experience it in this life, many of you will be a child of the future.

Expect in love what is coming, and accept in love what is happening to you! These are true miracles that are happening on earth and in you now.

So grow beyond yourself and live every day like your last! The past and the future do not know you anymore.

I love you infinitely,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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