YES, WE LOVE YOU CANADIANS !!! GO CANADA and other COUNTRIES worldwide ! OMG CANADIANS are so AMAZING !!! You started something other Countries are doing it too…, and they are CHEERING YOU ON over in CANADA for obvious reasons THEY want their FREEDOM too !!!

Lets open this post with an awesome inspiring tune…..,


Truckers Freedom Convoy 2022 Keep On Truckin In The Free World Music Video

49,450 viewsJan 26, 20223.6KDislikeShareSaveUnderGunned Productions 1.03K subscribers A musical tribute I put together for our Canadian truckers as they are joining together and making a stand against the tyranny! They are on the road headed to Ottawa right now coming from all corners of our country making us so proud and hopefully waking a few folks up along the way! As always Stay Free and Creative Everyone! Links to download the song here mp3 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cw1b… WAV https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Kxnr… Video Credits- Blenz Lens, Delmar Penner, OldTimeGarage, Jon Ross Films, Juniper, Steinbach, Happy Serbia, Shawn Cole, Hammer Head Garage, Travis Pederson, Fun Apna, Be sure to check these guys channels and give them some love for getting out there and capturing this moment in history! If I missed anyone please just let me know. #truckersforfreedom#truckerconvoy2022#mandatefreedom

Tribute to Canada: Convoy to Ottawa 2022

36,367 viewsJan 26, 20223.7KDislikeShareSaveDan McCormack 349 subscribers

UPDATED VERSION (Clearer text): https://youtu.be/3dBsYubhfuI Canadians have a long history of freedom, and the government’s overreach has aroused the sleeping bear. Ma mère est québécoise et ma langue maternelle est le français. Je déteste ce qu’ils ont fait au Canada, mais ce convoi me donne de l’espoir! I am a veteran of the US Air Force and US Army (21 years) and while truckers may not be in uniform, they are brothers and sisters fighting to restore liberty.


FREEDOM CONVOY CANADA “Trudeau in hiding!” | Irnieracing News

20,102 viewsPremiered 5 hours ago3.1KDislikeShareSaveMarcel Irnie 29.3K subscribers Trucker Convoy / Freedom Convoy to Ottawa January 27, 2022 & Trudeau goes into hiding. Freedom Convoy Canada – World Wide Rally For Freedom #truckerconvoy#freedomconvoy#truckerconvoyCanada#worldwiderallyforfreedom#irnieracingnews#mandatefreedom#trudeauhiding#otoole#trudeau World Wide Rally For Freedom #IrnieracingNews Series: “Can Never Be Too Safe” Mockumentary – https://youtu.be/Lqaon51TSNo 12:15 PM Kelowna Rally Intro – https://youtu.be/IcyRqWC_vAA Pt.1 LIVE STREAM – https://youtu.be/kDZVvD5RjbI Pt.2 LIVE STREAM – https://youtu.be/IcyRqWC_vAA Pt.3 LIVE STREAM – https://youtu.be/IsZiXzdfEsQ Pt.4 LIVE STREAM – https://youtu.be/Xcx0f76r03Q


FREEDOM CONVOY 2022 TRUCKERS Today in Toronto GTA Highway 400 and Highway 401

64,852 viewsJan 27, 20226.3KDislikeShareSaveNewRoad Adventures 23.5K subscribers#FreedomConvoy2022#Truckers#Canada Freedom Convoy 2022 TRUCKERS Today in Toronto GTA Highway 400 and Highway 401 Today Freedom Convoy at Bass Pro Vaughan, Toronto highways, Highway 400 and Highway 401, Oshawa, Port Hope, Kingston Trucker protest passes through GTA as crowds line route of Freedom Convoy #trucks

Freedom Convoy 2022 in Toronto

14,299 viewsJan 27, 20222KDislikeShareSavegtatours 966 subscribers Freedom Convoy 2022 in Toronto, January 27th Thousands turned out in the bitter cold, strong winds and snow to cheer on the Trucker Freedom Fighters from across Canada heading to Ottawa for the Showdown. The World is watching!


Freedom Convoy Update: endless lines of trucks heading to Ottawa to protest vax mandates | LiveFEED®

71,401 viewsJan 27, 20224.9KDislikeShareSaveLiveFEED 8K subscribers We continue following the recent developments with the protest organized by the Canadian truck drivers. The unprecedented, endless lines of trucks successfully continue their way across the country, heading to Ottawa to protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other restrictions. The protest started in the early morning of January 17th, shortly after the new COVID-19 vaccine mandate for truck drivers came into effect in Canada. The new federal rule now requires unvaccinated Canadian truck drivers that return to Canada to get tested for COVID-19 and isolate for 14 days. Additionally, the new federal mandate will also not allow unvaccinated foreign national truck drivers to cross the border into Canada. January 22nd, the same mandate came into force in the US. Experts warn that both of these mandates will inevitably lead to supply chain collapse and a further surge in prices, including prices for food, gas and essential goods. Canadian truckers are currently heading to Ottawa from all over the country to hold a large rally in the nation’s capital on January 29th. Additional protests are also scheduled at multiple border crossings throughout Canada: https://canada-unity.com/bearhug/ Check out Rudi Dueck’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/NomadOutdoo… Watch our previous video coverages of the protest, if you haven’t already! Thousands of Canadian truckers are heading to Ottawa to protest vax mandates: https://youtu.be/2qbiEPjBTrA Canada’s truck drivers protest vax mandate, warn of supply chain collapse: https://youtu.be/TSrmuLMMs3A See more on the story on our website: https://www.getlivefeed.com/breaking/… GoFundMe campaign organized by the truckers: https://www.gofundme.com/f/taking-bac…

Freedom Convoy | United We Stand

109,298 viewsJan 25, 20227.9KDislikeShareSaveTireroaster’s Garage 20.4K subscribers Freedom Convoy is en route to the Capital of Canada and it’s picking up steam along the way with all the help from all of its glorious supporters who are DONE with the devastating mandates that the Canadian Government imposes on its Citizens!! Get out there and join the cause because this is the beginning of the revolution that they fear the most! We are stronger than ever and if there’s one thing we know now, It’s that the government has failed to divide us!!

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