Greencrow: Canada In Crisis–(Text)(Images)(Video)

Greencrow: Canada In Crisis–(Text)(Images)(Video)

Posted By: RobertS
Date: Thursday, 2-Jun-2022 15:22:59


Canada in Crisis Posted on June 1, 2022 by greencrow21

Good morning sentients. I was going to complete this post yesterday, May 31, 2022 but, as has happened in the past [but rarely] I became overwhelmed by the enormity of the shitstorm Canada is currently in. I had to take 24 hours to process it. During the course of the day that followed, several updates and twists took place so I’m glad I took the day off. Today, in the cool, clear morning light the barren geopolitical landscape of my nation spreads out before me from West to East. Here is what I see:
From the CBC…shockingly, this morning the CBC has published a report that is not a mindless parroting of Liberal propaganda. What gives? Is it yet another Machievellian trick? Here are the headline/punchlines:
Trudeau government has adopted dozens of secret cabinet orders since coming to power
Government refuses to reveal whether any of the orders are related to the convoy protest, COVID or Ukraine
While the Liberals criticized the Conservatives in 2015 for the number of secret OICs they adopted, Trudeau’s government has adopted more than twice as many over its years in office.
The Trudeau government adopted five secret orders-in-council in 2016, seven in 2017, eight in 2018 and 12 in 2019. It adopted none in 2015. The number of new secret OICs spiked at 21 in 2020 before dropping to eight in 2021.”
Greencrow continues: The above secrecy smacks and stinks of communism…a la the “basic” communism of China…where the people never know what’s going on behind closed doors and who’s making what decision or why. Perhaps one of their secret OIC decisions was the following new legislation announced by the Turvert yesterday:
Liberals table bill to ‘freeze’ the purchase, transfer or importation of handguns indefinitely The Turvertian bullshitter tearily referred to the latest False Flag mass casualty event that took place in Texas–as being the rational for his decision. Lie upon lie upon lie. Canadians are swimming and drowning in the open sewage pond of Trudeau’s lies.
And equally alarmingly, Canadians caught a glimpse of the wider horiZon yesterday with the fallout from the Conservative Parliamentary vote to ease travel restrictions for the unvaccinated. The vote was easily defeated…and so the hostage-taking of the unvaxxxZed continues into it’s third year. But, worse, Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre, the frontrunner in the Conservative Party Leadership Race, abstained from his own party’s vote. See the list below:

Greencrow continues: Later in the evening, Poilievre went on Twitter and blamed his abstention on “technical difficulties” regarding voting remotely from Thunder Bay. But then, an eagle-eyed Twitterer spied Poilievre’s Parliamentary voting record for the day. He had managed to vote remotely on several other bills that day…including a successful vote only 10 minutes after the Travel Ban vote. Plus, evidence has since surfaced that the Speaker of the House also did a Zoom vote taking by show of raised hands–which Poilievre also did not participate in.
What that PP’s performance told me is that the Conservative Party is as rotten as the Liberal Party. The entire vote was a fraud and a charade for the benefit of PP’s Leadership Voters…many of whom have been duped by him into thinking he’s anti-vax and anti-mandate. Well known Canadian Freedom activist Mark Friesen explained it best on Twitter. He said that Poilievre pretends to be anti WEF…but he’s never come out specifically against Agenda 21/30. In fact, it was the Conservative Party under Harper who actually signed Canada onto the Agenda 21/30 Treaty.
So, both major parties in Canada are selling the nation of Canada down the river and it appears there is nothing to stand in their way. Some Canadians asked yesterday why the Turvert Government was so hell bent on maintaining the hostage-taking of unvaxxxZinated Canadians. The best answer I could find to this question was also on Twitter yesterday. It came from a foreign observer of the Canadian crisis. Here it is:

Greencrow comments: So, ONE reason why Trudeau’s punishing the unvaxed is the entrenched ‘Divide and Conquer’ strategy to enslave Canadians. The Turvert deliberately created the elite vaxxed segment of society…and is grooming them for future discriminatory behaviours to be launched against his enemies–including the terrifying one he also recently launched…surveillance of all the unvaxxxZed in Canada by a specially-created taxpayer-funded “army”.

EXCLUSIVE: Health Canada is hiring for the Centre for Immunization Surveillance

Greencrow comments: Why is Trudeau hiring a vaccination surveillance team if 90% of the population is allegedly vaccinated? IMO, Trudeau is creating this ad hoc surveillance gestapo/army because, despite years of effort, he has been unable to corrupt and force the regular Canadian military to do his thugish, fascist/communist crimes for him. In fact, according to a recent Blacklocks report:
Trudeau used Covid-19 to gut the Canadian Armed Forces. 2,000 sacked out of 67,000 active personnel. And they’re the 2,000 most critical thinkers, and likely conservatives.Military loses nearly 2,000 under #vax mandate, data show. Figures include discharges, resignations and censures: ‘It was expected part of @CanadianForces would be non-compliant’… #cdnpoli
Greencrow continues: I believe the number of Canadian military threatened with being sacked over the vax crisis is closer to 10,000 than 2,000 as mentioned in the above report. As I have said many times on this blog….Turvert is terrified of the Canadian military. It is the Canadian military that is now the ONLY entity that stands between him and his Insane goal of becoming the first Communist “Leader for Life” of Canada.
So, the Treasonous Communist Caper of the Turvert continues unabated. Watch, as he lies about the imposition of the firearms ban…pulling out the choked-tearful Grade B Drama student ploy for the boot-licking Ottawa media:
Greencrow concludes: Folks, Canada is in the deepest most existential crisis of its 155 year history. Sentients are looking around desperately trying to see someone or some entity that can save us. Some in the resistance have come up with quasi legal-philosophically-based Plans for Canadians to show up en masse at a courtroom somewhere in Canada and plead “natural law”. I have heard these natural law defenses before and, of course I totally agree with the “Magna Carta” natural law document drawn up by Former Newfoundland/Labrador Premier Brian Peckford and others.
But, as I said at the outset of this post, Canada is now in the worst most perilous crisis of it’s entire existence and I personally believe it requires a military and a judicial emergency response. Canadians MUST DEMAND:
an immediate emergency petition FOR A RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST JUSTIN TRUDEAU to the Supreme Court of Canada; and a Canadian military-enforced Injunction against all Plandemic mandates in the immediate future…before it is too late.
Canadians were shocked and dismayed a month or more ago by the Liberal/NDP alliance for evil. Canadians were also shocked by Pierre Poilievre’s failure to vote in his own party’s bill to restore Canadians’ fundamental rights…
Well, folks, wait until it becomes a Canadian Communist Triumvirate made up of the Federal Liberals, Conservatives and New Democratic Parties–with the Conservatives under Peter Pepper [the English translation of Pierre Poilievre] becoming just the latest of the seemingly never-ending line of turncoat, treasonous Canadian Federal party ‘leaders’.
Muse just released their latest song “Will of the People” ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment from RAH June 1, 2022 at 1:29 pm Another great post GC !!! As I have submitted/we discussed previously..Turdeau’s is concerned with both the UNvaxxed and those that took a vaxx but refused a 2nd vaxx and/or boosters. He will try to correlate those aforementioned Vaxx refuseniks with right- wing “gun -loving” terrorism. .ie I fully expect some sort of false- flag shooting in Canada soon which drama teacher Turdeau can “never- let- a -crisis- go- to -waste” conflate Canuck communism even further.. Reply from GREENCROW21
June 1, 2022 at 1:43 pm
Hi RAH No doubt there will be a[nother] “take their guns away’ FF in Canada as Turvert pushes this through. I see this as a direct move against all the thousands of disaffected members of the Canadian military. Watch for a media uptick of anti-military BS…particularly as military vet James Topp gets closer and closer to Ottawa. When Topp gets to Ottawa, it will be very interesting to see if there’s a military/Turvurt showdown of sorts.
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