June 23, 2022: UPDATED: On the Brink; the Precipice Looms [videos]

June 23, 2022: UPDATED: On the Brink; the Precipice Looms [videos]

June 23, 2022


As we await bigger booms, we might consider that since the Earth Alliance insists on doing this takedown in a civilized way without uproar or bloodshed as much as possible, rather than one global, earth-shattering event we should probably expect a series of short, sharp, shocks which will be greater than the sum of their parts. Synergy is very powerful.

UPDATE: I forgot this very big news from Kash Patel: [smirk, smirk]  BOOM! DECLAS  Link to Telegram.

Kash Patel announces that he is officially a representative for Donald Trump at the National Archives: “And I am going to march down there – I’ve never told anyone this, because it just happened – and I am going to identify every single document that they blocked from being declassified at the National Archives and we are going to start putting that information out next week.”


This morning we hear that the gun grabbing attempts in New York state were shot down by the Supreme Court—which renders all others moot at the same time. I didn’t plan that pun. I honestly didn’t see it until I re-read the sentence. Works for me!

SCOTUS Strikes Down N.Y.’s Century-Old Gun Law, Making It Easier for Americans to Bear Arms in Public

So you see, all that drama over the Supreme Court picks, their history, how they were “weak” and let us down on a couple of decisions—all theatre. You had to know they would come through at the end of the movie when it really counted.

Which state will be the first domino?

Unanimous Resolution: Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Board Rejects 2020 Presidential Election

I listened to an outstanding discussion between Juan O Savin and January 6th demonstration defendant Trennis Evans on the Pete Santilli show. They got all fired up, shared a lot of information, valuable perspective, and of the “resident” Joe Biden, the “beligerent occupant” of the White House, Juan said, “Watch what happens next.” The Law of War Manual will come into play, no question. For anyone who doesn’t yet grasp the grievous evil nature of the schemers in the SES and the betrayal on the part of the agencies, this interview is for you.

“Do Not Underestimate How EVIL Or How Determined They Are” Treniss Evans & Juan O. Savin

It’s not that difficult to see what happened on January 6 if you look at the facts, but the facts have been distorted and omitted.

If you missed Phil G’s update and Q&A last night, one generous soul did an exceptional summary which is posted on Phil’s Telegram. Phil is a main topic of discussion and in his Telegram chat we hear all the opinions. Despite the shills, trolls, and jealous souls, Phil’s light shines bright. He is clearly a major player and as such, takes a lot of slings and arrows. Here’s the link to the first one. Scroll down for the subsequent two. Please note that Phil confirmed my belief that we have entered the “Clarity” phase, part 2 of 4.

The third part of the summary is below. Sorry, no formatting.

“Part 3 of 3
In a remarkable statement tonight from Phil in regards to his past, he told us that he had asked the Lord for forgiveness, and that he wanted to change the direction of his life to help people. He was grateful that 7K gave him that opportunity to not only help him and his family, but also to help the thousands who have benefited from 7K including myself. He said he has made many new friends and some enemies, but that the friends certainly outnumber the enemies.

He was asked about Madyson Marquette and if she was legit? Phil said he had no reason to doubt her. Phil restated that Bill Gates and Fauci have been dealt with. Whether they are alive or not does not matter at this point. They are out of the picture. I am sure that all the farm lands Gates bought have been seized under EO 13848. Just my guess.

The question was asked if the US Marshals were guarding Biden? Phil said you need to know the difference between US Marshals and the Secret Service. The Secret Service guards, but the US Marshals are assigned to one who has been detained. Biden has US Marshals! Think about that! Phil believes that the mandated vaccines have been halted, even for the children.

Georgia was asked about and the elections involving Stacey Abrams and Kemp. Phil said don’t worry about it. We may have some important SCOTUS decisions this Friday, because they extended their announcement dates. The are on recess for some period of time after Friday.

Once trump returns, all of Biden’s EO’s and other policies he has initiated will be rescinded as if they never happened, because he is an illegitimate President. Phil thinks it may be possible that under the new financial system the money for the high gas prices that we have all been paying will be refunded. That would be nice! Phil was asked if he will be involved in the EAS broadcast. He hesitated. Then said yes, indirectly. That was eye opening.

Phil was asked if it would be safe to travel on the 4th of July? He said he could not advise on that. He heard that the new retirement age could be lowered to 55. He was asked if the military will be in small towns? Phil said it will be determined geographically. Key locations near key cities. It will be strategic.

Then he was asked if the DS Players on Wall Street will be dealt with? Harsh sentences will be given to anyone who has been involved in this nightmare of evil. BOOM! His internet went down again. Things are hopping! The HEAT IS ON! Happy 4th of July is all I can say. Get some fireworks! And some more popcorn! God is good. Oh Boy, are we ready? Chiplitfam17chat”

Many try to stuff him into a box but truly, Phil is unique. He’s probably not going to appear on a list of popular social media personalities. He’s a cut above. He plays a unique role, and with 4 million truthers tuning in it’s obvious he is doing great work and he resonates.

Some know his true identity. Others guess. One day we will all find out just what Phil has done to be such a big target. I’d love to see his closet because he must have a room just for comms shirts. What’s sad is that he feels the need to defend himself so often. Phil does such a good job of setting the stage for the information he brings and every podcast is interesting and validating.

He obviously does a lot of planning and preparation right down to his wardrobe. What he says is important; what he doesn’t say may be even more important. If you learned the comms, you’re having a good time. It’s too bad he keeps getting knocked off the air but if he can get that new hardwired setup together that can handle the traffic, I’ll be a happy camper.

We might remember that Phil’s name appeared in a Q drop #101 very early on and that might mean he was involved in those drops so… is he really a “computer hacker”? I suspect it’s far bigger than that. Wait and see.

Graphic confirmed.
08:00 12:00 11_6_TP_Pub
02:00 Z

Choose your thoughts, folks. Don’t overanalyze everything because you don’t trust and don’t have faith. Relax. The best is yet to come.
Remember all that talk about JFK Jr. coming out on July 4th? We still have a knockout punch coming. So much to look forward to. Clues, puzzles, hints, rabbit holes. Fascinating times. Enjoy the show. Rather than biting your nails, eat popcorn to keep your fingers busy.

You might also do some research. The crew brings us one of the best documentaries on the shape of the planet there is. He went from being a glober to a flatter after seeing these scientific, controlled, and very detailed experiments or tests done in ideal conditions from engineers and people who believed the globe theory. Congratulations to the crew member who not only reconsidered his opinion, but admitted it and told us all about it. Fascinating.

Convex Earth – Flat Earth 100% Scientific Proofs Documentary


I also saw this short video on Telegram the other day that is an eye-opener. It shows the bottom of a ship disappearing from the bottom up in an experiment with an extra-long steel girder. Very clever, with surprising results. It’s under two minutes, but after watching this and the video above and where the lights show up for the team across the lake, you will know how the optical illusions are fooling us. Link to Telegram.

I also want to share this video about Light, but in a different application; within us. It connects so many dots and this kind of physics was never taught in school.

QUANTUM LIGHT | The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within You! Wake Up!


The “clarity” in this next phase is going to come from better information. The Uvalde, TX school shooting has been a conundrum. Now we can see that agendas were in play and we learned yesterday that the Police Chief was removed and replaced. I hear there’s a lot more to this event than meets the eye. It’s deep.

BREAKING: Uvalde school police chief on administrative leave, will be replaced, after investigation into mass shooting

Uvalde School District Police Chief Peter Arredondo has been placed on administrative leave after failing to provide investigators with an accurate timeline of the events that occurred from within Robb Elementary School.

Texas is a rough place that needs cleaning out. Get a load of this mayor—from the New York Post.

He already has two boys; what was he going to get another child for? Rhetorical question. I have a good idea, unfortunately. Sicko. And look at the credentials… mayor, teacher, father, design engineer, men’s prayer leader… trust no one! A lot of people are now home schooling their children for a multitude of reasons.

Texas mayor and teacher Matt McIlravy arrested for soliciting child online

Another criminal organization—the TSA—at an airport near YOU.

We’re going after the TSA next, folks. Let’s get’em! This is Patriot Act BS put in place after 9/11. Once we deal with these perverts we will back it out and deal with 9/11. Deal?

Just in… Pfizer admits to bribery in 8 countries. Who knew? We did—because some world leaders spoke out. For example, remember this?

Belarusian President Lukashenko States That IMF Offered a Billion USD to Impose Lockdown

This article was from 2012. What has changed? Big Pharma and the globalists have become more ruthless, more greedy—and more desperate.

Pfizer Admits Bribery in Eight Countries

What has happened on this planet will be clearer and clearer as the days go on for the “normies”.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s sentencing hearing is June 28. What do you think will happen? Link to Telegram.

A 77 new age pre-sentencing filing was made for Ghislaine Maxwell.

The filing referenced:
📌Her philanthropic efforts, as proof that she has a “desire to do good in the world.” Specifically referenced was work with Clinton Global Initiative.
📌 Presents Maxwell as a victim of pedophile ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein
📌 Says her life has already been ruined by the disgrace of her conviction.
📌States claims that her cell mate was offered money to kill her.

For these reasons, she has asked to serve just four years and three months in jail.

Sentencing is scheduled for June 28th.

And this also from Telegram. These slimy cabal lawyers should be blocked from the bar.

Maxwell Wants to BLOCK Epstein Victim from Testifying Against Her

Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers are attempting to block a victim of late pedophile sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein from testifying in her sentencing hearing next week -based on her alleged abuse taking place outside the trial’s timeframe.

The sentencing, scheduled for 28 June, “should not be an open forum for any alleged victim to be heard,” Maxwell’s lawyers wrote in a court filing.

Sarah Ransome said Maxwell “enjoyed knowing what happened” after claiming Epstein raped her at the convicted socialite’s trial in December.

Maxwell faces a maximum of 65 years in prison, but the prosecution is only pushing for 20 years.
🇺🇸Join Us👉 @SGTnewsNetwork

It’s possible that a LOT will be happening in what’s left of June. We’ll see. July 4th might be spectacular. Was it last year that Californians were told “no fireworks” and we saw that helicopter video of Los Angeles with fireworks going off everywhere or was it 2020? It will be interesting this year after all that’s happened with the election and so many more Americans reclaiming their nation.

Signing off for today.  ~ BP

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June 22, 2022: Hump Day in a Very Bumpy Ride Toward Freedom [videos]

June 22, 2022


I believe we are passing through the “Confusion” stage and into the “Clarity” stage. There is a sh*tload of truth flooding the Internet. Vindicating truth, I might add.

In the Great White Gulag…

FOI documents Released! Bonnie Henry’s FORCED Email Dump Shows She Knew Bad Things Were Happening From The V’s…

FOI Docs Reveal What Bonnie Henry Knew About Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI)

Phil G. had 4 million people tuned in last night for his podcast so it isn’t surprising that the flow was interrupted once again by technical difficulties. His synopsis is as follows. Sounds like I read his clues correctly and the cavalry is on the way. Link to Telegram.


1.) Bix Wier confirms many things we’ve been talking about regarding: Gold/Silver price ration, gold/silver valuations, QFS/NESARA, the end of the Federal Reserve, and the start of a new Gold-backed system.

2.) Several states have decertified the 2020 election via their State legislations.

3.) The Military is coming, and EBS is very likely.

An important point to note concerns the election. Shortly after the steal, Ron Watkins/CodeMonkeyZ posted on Telegram: “Fraud vitiates everything.” What does that mean? Here’s the fine print, as forwarded from PassWord channel on Telegram:

That phrase you keep seeing.. “fraud vitiates everything…” (USSC v. Throckmorten) it means that any state that decertifies for reason of fraud the ENTIRE election is cancelled EVERY SINGLE STATE as fraudulent. No matter who won which state, if there is fraud it must decertify. We cannot exist as a free Republic where election fraud exists. Hope this helps, there should be absolutely no confusion about this issue.

While it may seem like the nation is lost and little has been done to prevent a repeat of the 2020 election crimes, the drama is all for the purpose of waking the snoozers.

There are nearly ten states tossing around the possibility of decertifying the election results and all it takes is one to officially do so and shazam! The election from coast to coast, border to border is declared unlawful and the Resident will be ousted. Not without fanfare, violence, media freak-outs and chaos, but hey—it has to be this way.

That brings me to my next point which I considered making yesterday but I do want to inject here.

Many people who understand what has happened to at least some degree appear to be very impatient, agitated, frustrated, possibly afraid, and maybe aren’t grasping the reality of this liberation process under the control of the Earth Alliance.

Because there are two versions of world events unfolding, it can get confusing so allow me to clarify for the new folks, as I see our viewership increasing. If you read this blog every day or close to it, you understand that a major operation is underway to free our planet from the control of satanic forces who have been preying on Humanity for friggin’ ever.

It is not only a physical war, it is even more a spiritual war but we can’t “see” that part. We do see the physical manifestations of it, however. The US Military took responsibility initially for the cleanup of the horrific environs the predators used to traffic, torture, and consume Humans. Much of that physical effort to clean out the tunnels that permeate the planet miles below the surface worldwide and contain highways, power, highspeed rail, and cities, has been accomplished by the US military and in many cases the additional help of off-world assistance and other militaries who have allied with them.

When you see memes about “saviors of Mankind” it’s not to be taken lightly. Had all the sentient Beings who are at the root of this liberation process not stepped up to do this, Humanity would have been eliminated eventually by these evil monsters. They have used advanced technology to invade our world, take over our thoughts, control our actions, lie, cheat, steal and conduct unscrupulous activities to surveil and deceive us on every level.

They will never relent or capitulate so there is nothing left for it but to physically and arduously remove them. That takes time and great care. The Earth Alliance spearheading this mission want to mitigate violence and bloodshed as much as possible. We have explained this many times and still there are people who are getting angry or throwing up their hands in disgust that public arrests of the biggest criminals are not yet on the cover of every newspaper or the lips of all the television anchors. I thought we had explained ad nauseam who these creatures are and what they are capable of.

In this humongous and complex Plan, the next part of the process was to alert those under the spell to the threat so they could protect themselves and prevent the criminals from continuing to use the system they created to take advantage of us. That is where the Q Military Intelligence operation came in. They began dropping clues and intriguing messages on Internet chat boards which got the attention of a few smart people and they began sharing them.

Soon “Q” had many followers across the world for their “breadcrumbs” and the anonymous patriots who dug deep to research the breadcrumbs were called “bakers”. They made something complete out of the crumbs dropped. They became known as the Anons… and hence the misnomer “QAnon”.

Over the course of several years, we learned a lot about what has been happening on this planet, and whodunnit. We also learned that elections had been stolen for decades and assassinations took place to ensure the regime retained their power. Opposition was not tolerated.

The cabal of psychopaths who have been running the lower levels of governments have bribed, blackmailed, or killed to stay in power, and they were allowed to take us to the brink so that the world could see for themselves what has been happening and how it’s done.

Those of us who have been awake for ten years or more have been sounding the alarm and trying to tell people the bad news but we didn’t reach many people AND large numbers were literally under a hypnotic spell cast by the controllers that we couldn’t break through to them. We had to have help, and the military and their allies have been working diligently for years to remove the threats to our health and well being.

Since Q came along there have been two story lines put out. One is the truth; that the military or the “Patriots are in control”. They know what the dark ones will do and they have devised a masterful Plan to literally save our race from these predators but we have to trust the plan. Based on what I have seen and heard for the past 5 years or more, I can see there has been a lot done to get control and eliminate the enemy.

I’ve seen it get ruthless on both sides. Lives have been lost for the cause. However, life is not what it seems because we have been lied to about everything and we don’t understand what “death” is. All we see is this pathetic, dense, dark, sluggish, evil-infested fake reality that was created to keep us captives. The controllers want us godless and impotent while they worship and make Human sacrifices to their god, Satan.

There is another story line for the people who are yet asleep and go about their daily lives without realizing they are slaves, prey, captive, and like lemmings to the cliff and lambs to the slaughter because the enemy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The heinous crimes of these monsters are so vile, so violent, so disgusting that most of us can’t accept that it’s happening or on the scale that it is.

The masses don’t understand that the people and institutions that we trust the most are full of people who are actually the enemy and perpetrate their crimes every day right in front of us and we say nothing.

That is the reason the Earth Alliance/White Hats have allowed the crimes and the carnage to continue. Those who don’t understand what is happening and don’t seem to care have to be presented with circumstances so severe, so dire, so evil and dangerous that they have to pay attention. They have to feel the fear of the threats against their very lives and those of their children.

Now you have to decide which side of the fence you are on. Are you awake or are you asleep?

If you’re awake, then you know that everything is relatively under control, we are safe, and all we need to do is what we can to inform others and remove those who are taking advantage of their positions of influence and ensure that good, honest, ethical Humans replace them. In other words—expose the crimes and vote in the right people.

If you want to continue to sleep, then you are the victim of the all the threats the cabal is making to keep the masses, the lambs, in fear. You will be afraid of food shortages, dying of a scamdemic, having all your money and investments stolen from the banks, massive inflation and stock market crashes leading to a deep economic depression, World War 3, turning into a transhuman from vaccines, getting blasted by 5G and developing cancer, having gangs of thugs coming to your home to steal your emergency food stores that you put away, police coming to your door to confiscate your guns and ammo, being thrown into an internment camp if you refuse to go along with the totalitarian laws the New World Order is going to enact, refuse the mark of the beast and injected nanobots, etcetera, etcetera.

That’s not going to happen folks. Not happening. The Patriots ARE in control and we need to TRUST THE PLAN. The scary stuff is for the normies. Just because you see an article or newscast about something doesn’t mean it’s true or happening.

We know what the Earth Alliance has done and is doing. We know that a whole new world is on our doorstep but we have to alert the masses and get their attention. They have to be shown what happens when you don’t pay attention to what is going down in your country and you allow unsavoury characters to deceive you.

Now, having said all that I’m going to take the pulse of the crew to see what side of the fence we’re on. One moment please.

Ah. As I suspected… false alarm. You’re all awake and understand that the fear porn is the for the ones still in a trance who believe their media and don’t question or do research of their own.

You know that a massive operation is underway—the scale of which cannot truly be comprehended by small, controlled minds such as ours, but we’re making progress. We don’t live where they told us we live. They concocted a story over time and reset populations; eradicating entire civilizations so they could eliminate the problems and start over with fresh Humans who would believe the new lies they would tell.

You know there will be a parting of the ways; that evil cannot co-exist in the higher realms where we are going. The Great Escape is all arranged. We’re going HOME. Wherever that may be for us individually—we’re going there.

Abrupt change of topic—I just got back from Telegram and see that EwarAnon [Aware Anon] has just uploaded this morning new videos about that paragraph above and the “reset” and earlier civilizations that I recommend you watch if you’re at all dubious about his-story—because it’s been all lies they’ve told. Pure bunkum to manipulate and control the gullible little Humans—and we are “little” if you see the size of the folks who used to live here, right, me hearties?

If you’re on Telegram, try this one below. 13 min. There are several there if you scroll up on his channel.

Same Old Sh*t, New Coat of Paint 

If you’re not on Telegram, Ewar’s videos also appear here, but the new ones are not yet there. Check back later.



Yes, the pirates who stole our planet, our history, our freedom, and our natural wealth and resources and most importantly—our connection to Source—really pulled the wool over the sheeps’ eyes. But sheep no more! We’ve got this.

The world is in flux, folks. Everything is changing as the People awaken and understand how to take their power back.

America is about to be turned on its ear due to the rigged election of 2020. Bulgaria’s government just fell.

Fresh turmoil for Bulgaria as govt loses confidence vote

Some are saying the Emergency Cellphone Alert System/Emergency Broadcasts will be engaged some time between June 22 and July 4th. We’ll see what happens. Why do they say that? Perhaps because of Phil’s comms shirt? Or maybe I’m wrong. It’s a little late to be learning the comms. A lot of people have good instincts and it’s Phil’s job to get the messages out. People love clues, you know. Ask Q.

The 17th letter of the alphabet and team constantly give us a wink and a nudge and let us know they are in control. How much $?

Biden’s 90 day gas tax will save the average American $17 over 3 months.

That damn number is everywhere.
We should just embrace it.


There are earthquakes in Poland as indicated on this map. Link to Telegram. That may be related to the tunnels and deep underground military bases used by the psychopaths being destroyed.

I checked in with Gene Decode/Cosensei who is just back from a break and his next interview is with Spiritually Raw on June 28 and they charge for their information. He will no doubt do a DUMB/tunnel earthquake update before long. Link to Telegram.

Good gawd it’s the Goog Monster’s tender underbelly exposed. Another one bites the dust. Link to Telegram.

Google ‘Fellowship of Friends’ — all is being exposed. All have been recently snitched on too. Rats are throwing one another under the bus to save their own ASSets. Didn’t someone named George wrote RIP BIG TECH several years ago?

The group is called the Fellowship of Friends has increasingly gained power at the company by hiring members of its cult-like organization to fill key positions.

The cult was founded in the 1970s by Robert Earl Burton, who has been sued for sexually assaulting male members of the group.’

Fellowship of Friends has a long history of sex trafficking. Burton allegedly engages in bizarre sex rituals, orders pregnant women to have abortions, preys on young males and has slept with hundreds of people per day during “love fests.”

Or… read more here.

Google Worker Fired For Blowing The Whistle on ‘Spiritual Organization’ Within Company That’s Been Accused of Sex Trafficking

Sex rituals and fine wines: Inside alleged Cali cult the Fellowship of Friends

So, if you doubt that this upstanding and righteous organization would manipulate data and search results, spy on you, sell your personal information, manipulate your thoughts or deceive you in any way… well, there goes that theory.

Arrests of doctors and medical experts: did you think it wouldn’t happen? Think Nuremberg.

Eight Medical Staff to Be Tried for Maradona Death

The agencies and institutions that have betrayed Humanity will be called on the carpet and exposed. Mass murder involving 22 people is just the ticket and this is all over the Canadian news at present. Finally, but the crew was pointing to it a week ago.

Lucki holds the top law enforcement position in the land and if it has been compromised for the political interests of the government, she should be immediately removed, and an independent inquiry needs to be struck.

According to Lia Scanlan, the director of strategic communications for the RCMP in Nova Scotia: “The commissioner releases a body count that we (Communications) don’t even have. She went out and did that. It was all political pressure. That is 100% Minister Blair and the Prime Minister. “

Alleged RCMP Commissioner Interference in NS Killing Probe Should Be Rocking Canada

Queen Romana of the Republic of Canada answers questions. She has had nearly as many attacks on her character as Phil G., which says a lot. These psychopaths have more money than they know what to do with and they daily pass it on to those who have no compunction about selling out their fellow man. Link to Telegram.

How much did they pay for every DNA therapy (marketed as vaccine) injected into men, women, baby boy and baby girl?

They paid PCR Testers $61.00 per hour…

As we are reminded, whatever is going to happen is on a tightly controlled schedule based on a series of events and the reception the Plan gets from the normies. More truth will flow out until all but a small fraction of the population wake up.

What did I say about Dr. Oz? That the reason Trump pointed to him is to expose him? Well…

Dr. Oz Exposes Himself With Latest Move, Distances From Trump After Primary Win

For the doggie folks…

I can hardly believe Eli is one week away from 6 months of age. He’s now gone from 7.8 lb to 46 lb. I had to grab him fast for a weigh-in and could only get him under the arms so the rest of him dangled while the scale calibrated and gave me a reading. At first Eli squirmed a little but then he just dangled motionless until I put him down. He’s very tolerant sometimes—but still resorts to the open mouth and pointy teeth when he’s excited.

It’s not always easy to get a photo because he seems to sense when my attention is directed toward him and he stops what he’s doing and makes his way over to where I am. If I’m not fast on the shutter, opportunity lost. We can see he is no longer a baby. He’s a little boy.

25 weeks

8 weeks

I’ll leave it there for today. Thanks for the assistance from the crew to address the needs in the comments. We want everyone well informed and ready for action.

Oh—anyone find any new pictures of hundreds of dead cattle? I haven’t. [hoax]

Signing off for now.  ~ BP

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June 20, 2022: Eve of the Solstice [videos]

June 20, 2022


In northern climes, we are on the brink of the Summer Solstice; while south of the equator it is the Winter Solstice and rituals [read satanic sacrifices] abound around the antics of our fake sun zooming across the sky in the fabled patterns year after year.

Here in the valley we are hopefully gearing up for a proper monsoon season in July and August. It has been sadly lacking the past few years, delivering very little rain and a fraction of the deluges we used to get nearly 20 years ago; hence the term “non-soons”. We can use drenching rains to help with the severe wildfires raging in Arizona. Inciweb currently shows around 30 fires burning in the greater southwest states.

Pipeline Fire on the Navajo Nation: A sacred mountain on fire and smoke in their lungs

The momentum is gathering for The Storm. The intel we got about a Juneteenth False Flag seems to have been an accurate heads up once again as I saw this post this morning about the event and shortly afterward Ezra Cohen Watnick posted it on his Telegram in response to his alert from Friday.

15-year-old boy killed, 3 injured after shooting at Juneteenth music festival in DC, police say

The Ezra Cohen account posts things in advance to tell us what will happen [kind of like Q?] and the Telegrams have been remarkably accurate so far.

Yesterday he put out those famous words that trigger a lot of Patriots:

My fellow Americans…

Q did not specify that it had to be Trump that said it, so… perhaps it is more significant than we realize.

Phil posted a poll asking “Are you ready?” and last I saw it, 222 people replied “No”. Some could be trolls, and some could be people who are afraid of what is coming. He also featured his “I TQLD YOU SO” T-shirt a couple of times.

As sometimes happens, when we learn about something to come, it has already happened. Who would tip off the enemy by telling them what they’re going to do?

David Straight has been speaking about what has been happening with Gitmo 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, referring to multiple locations. In the brief clip at this link on Tik Tok, he makes a number of very interesting remarks about what has taken place already. This Tweet is from September 2020 so you can see this info was floating around. If you’re on Reddit you might be able to watch it there.

Most of you know where to find Phil G’s Telegram channel by now and hopefully follow closely, but he put out a brief video this morning saying there is a lot more going on than he or anyone else is reporting. I think we knew that as I’ve alluded to that fact for some time. There is always a lot more going on that we hear about. The White Hats play their cards close to their chests and when it’s safe to do so, IF it won’t jeopardize ongoing operations, we will learn what has been done behind the scenes.

In addition to some perspective from Juan O Savin, this video from Jetson White brings images of more activity most of us didn’t see going on. Always interesting revelations from Jetson. There has been a tremendous amount of stuff happening in the skies for years that we had no explanation for until long after the fact. Jetson also addresses what are certainly questions many of us have wondered about. His theories make a lot of sense.  At the 10:33 mark we see “My fellow Americans…” etc. for those who need a reminder what that was about. At 13:11 he shows us Q drop that speaks of nothing but “Justice” and it reminded me of Phil G’s post the other day saying we need a new word for “justice”. Is that because the form of justice about to be delivered is unlike anything we’ve ever known? Justice isn’t only for those who commit crimes but also for those victimized. 21 min.

The New West IS the Plan to Save the World

Jetson’s newest sounds intriguing, as well, but I have not yet had time to listen. Of course there is much to be said for the element of surprise and the Earth Alliance is not going to tip off the dark.

I stumbled upon this channel on Telegram and have been watching it for a bit. It seems like a good time to share their most recent post, considering what Jetson proposes above. I have no way of knowing who exactly is publishing this but if it resonates with you, great. If not, then it’s not meant for you.

“All of you have been encoded. We have monitored many of you so that we would be familiar with your patterns and life styles to be of help where possible. We are sending our Love to you for we understand and know what you may be going through.

Most of the coded Light Servers have already been temporarily brought aboard our Motherships in their sleep-state. When you finally arrive through our Lifting Beams, you will be awakened to this knowledge that you possess and then you will not feel so strange in these new surroundings. “There will be changes in your lives as you all have Missions, and according to these Missions your training will continue so that you can carry them out with a minimum of adjustment.

There are even facilities for your special pets. Yes, we care for pets just as you do. They are helping us to harmonize with all life forms and as you have discovered, I am sure, that harmonizing with nature is such a pleasure, and to attune to other life forms is so rewarding.

“There are many of us from distant Planets that have volunteered for this service, and I am sure you might be curious to know where we are all from. We volunteered to help those of you on the Earth plane in your time of crisis. We have studied to be able to communicate with you, studied your Earth life and hope to be of some help.

Many of us have come from far distant Galaxies. As the word went out for volunteers, you would be astonished at the response. There were very few who, for reasons of family commitments and such, did not respond. Mostly all were anxious to be of service. “You will not need any garments other than what we provide. not be able to give you much warning when the time comes for ‘Beaming’. As you know, Love is the Key in the Beam and everywhere else, so keep it flowing.”

Some of this material may be a little “out there” for some but since we do not know the nature of our true reality, I like to keep an open mind. Anything is possible, I feel.

Some of the expected events hinge on specific events for the timing. Will September 3rd be “a day”? I guess we’ll see what happens. 14 minutes.

The Last Possible Moment

It is oddly quiet and that may mean this is the calm before the storm. It’s forecast to be a hot summer, it’s already scorching in France where “climate change” appears to be shutting down outdoor events [climate lockdowns] and we know the cabal are sweating bullets so there’s plenty of ammo to go around.

Why are the left in a snit? Perhaps because of messages like this, which have been censored so Mike Adams uploaded to Brighteon—a full 38 seconds of smiles. Click the link below to watch.

We are sick and tired of the Republicans in Name Only surrendering to Joe Biden & the radical Left.

The White House is in denial about the recent news of their proposed restrictions, but do we trust a denial? Not many gun owners do. A friend of ours [shooting instructor] dropped by last week on his way to stock up.

I happened upon this post on Telegram. There was a push last year to get on Signal, which I did, just in case all other channels for intel and updates disappeared. We heard it wasn’t secure, etc. but don’t believe everything we hear.

You will get 7 Presidential Msgs to your phones before they cut them off.

Q did say to download Signal App.

It has been previously used by CIA, but it a highly encrypted military App. There will be a military satellite sent up for it, just like the TURKSAT Rocket is a Military Satellite for Military Comms to TV’s/Radio’s for Europe, Africa, Mid East & Asia

Benjamin Fulford’s update is short for those not subscribed, but indicative of the current financial volatility.

Today, June 20th, all financial markets in the US are closed, supposedly for a Juneteenth holiday. However, since the summer solstice on June 21st is a key day for Satanic sacrifices, CIA sources say “they” are…

Western financial hallucination crashes into reality

The SCOTUS judges are in the spotlight and it is anticipated that they will strike down the Roe v. Wade ruling of the seventies. Now we’re hearing of more threats.

Pro-abortion demonstrators protest outside Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s home

Oklahoma Attorney General: ‘Staggering Possibility’ SCOTUS Will Overrule ‘National Sin’ of Roe v. Wade

I’m going to leave it there. Hang in there everyone and remain positive. Exciting times ahead—regardless of what happens. I believe we’re in good hands.  ~ BP

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Friday June 17th, 2022: Justice and the Lack of It [videos]

June 17, 2022


We have a Friday AND a seventeen making it a doubly auspicious day. We’ve also hit the double digit temperatures here in the Valley of the Sun at 10:30 am.

We have more on the execution of Dr. Anthony Fauci with a cherry on top in this update from RealRawNews. I just realized that the word “hang” is at the core of “change”. AND, if I may wax toward the absurd and ridiculous, Loretta Lynch lived and died by her name and was lynched. Qincidence? If we had a list of all the traitors and psychos who have been hanged already I think we would be applauding the Earth Alliance every day in deep gratitude.

GITMO Double-Header Execution: Anthony Fauci & Loretta Lynch

Phil G posted on Telegram:

How many charges, you say? 😏

Assange will bring down the houses of Obama, Clinton, Bush, and Biden for the public eye.

It’s about time.

For what it’s worth, a poll shows Biden precariously close to utter disfavour with the American public—even in the lamestream news. Phil G’s intel from his source assured him that the real Commander-in-Chief would be out of exile VERY SQQN—as in quite likely, June.

Poll: Biden disapproval hits new high as more Americans say they would vote for Trump

I couldn’t believe it when I saw this yesterday. They threw the book at Dr. Simone Gold for a “no victim, no crime” act. It’s utter terrorism and tyranny to make an example of a very courageous woman who spoke out early on to derail the plandemic and protect us from the jab.

Frontline Doctor Simone Gold plead guilty to entering the capital on January 6th a misdemeanor.

This morning she was sentenced to 60 days in jail, 12 months supervised probation, 10k in fines, probation fees of $915 a month, surrender all firearms, can not apply for credit without permission.

The new Yellow Rose for Texas video is perhaps her most intriguing yet, and she has great new music. Rose features the work of several others to support her update. The most mindblowing for me was LT’s research [And We Know] on the Spanish Flu scamdemic of 1918. That is after the 14 min. mark. When we say we’re caught in a loop, this is why. History repeats.

When you see what they did to the public back then, you see that they are still using the same old tattered playbook that worked before. Now that there is no one left to remember that, they can get away with it again. It should be humbling for those who believed the lies and the proclaimed “science” and dutifully went along with the tyrannical edicts.

Rose again discusses the “comet” ISON and says it’s powered by MANKIND.

Thanks to the crew for the heads up on Rose’s awesome production that also gets into some of the more esoteric aspects of our reality within the construct and the AI programmes running it—and us. She talks about the Els and the Owls. Hence the term ‘el-ites’. The good news is, when we think for ourselves and large numbers go off the reservation, the AI system fails. I think we’re breaking the system, folks. Continue to think! And think outside the box. Reject the old narratives and science.


A.I. REVELATIONS 6-15-22 from YRFT on Vimeo.

Mike Adams delves into the mass cattle deaths in his update and he raises an issue that occurred to me yesterday when Ezra Cohen posted that the deaths were intentional. Did they poison the water? Was a rancher paid to destroy his herd? How many cattle really died? Of course none of the globalists would go hungry if they managed to generate a genuine food shortage. Article and video on Natural News at the second link below.

This article says 2,000 deaths.

The Worst of Kansas’ Mass Cattle Deaths Is Likely Over

I still haven’t seen any new photographic evidence of “10,000 dead cattle”; only one video of maybe 100 head and now the Internet is republishing this info from Mike Adams over and over but the photos they feature are all of live cattle.

Mass cattle deaths send shockwaves through food supply

What killed the cattle? Heat? Poison water? Space weapons?

Did you consider this one? Radiation from the sun.

Before you consider it for long, consider the source. NASA = Never A Straight Answer but that is understating it by a long shot. NASA is about little but lies. I can’t buy a story that the sun is killing anyone or anything.

Mike also mentions Ben Davidson as an expert. Ben always says, “No fear” but he spends most of his time showing everyone why they should be afraid because of all the things that are out there just waiting to take us out; asteroids, CMEs, a faulty magnetosphere, climate, extinction events… blah, blah, blah. The segment begins around the 21 min. mark.

Situation Update, June 17, 2022 – NASA warns magnetic “RIFTS” cause deadly solar radiation EXTINCTION events on Earth


We warned that there would be many false flag events and there was another yesterday. Their favourite targets are schools and churches, of course. Theatres, too.

2 killed, 1 wounded in shooting at Alabama church; suspect in custody

And another sleeper, possibly, or just a libtard drove into a Trump merchandise store yesterday. There is a capture of the bumper showing anti-Trump sticker.

Caught on camera: Car with anti-Trump bumper sticker crashes into Trump store

California is a frightening place any more and the proof of the corruption continues to pour out.

Mail-In Ballots Found Scattered Along Local San Diego Freeway

Ready for some good news?

Planned Parenthood closes five more abortion clinics as Supreme Court considers overturning Roe

Richard Citizen Journalist showed increased security in the form of interlocking wall blocks around the capitol recently so the preparation begins for the expected backlash from the deep state’s terrorists when the SCOTUS verdict is announced. Regardless of what it is, there could be violence and chaos.

But why wait?

Russia came through with intel on the biolabs in Ukraine. Link to website and briefs from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The truth about the situation in Ukraine, Russia, the media… it’s still coming.

The Biden administration and U.S. political officials with the help of the corporate media are once again lying, manipulating, and deceiving the public into another war based on false pretenses.

The OSCE reports and Patrick Lancaster’s on-the-ground reporting clearly show that Ukraine began shelling the independent republics of Donetsk and Luhansk nine days before Russia announced its ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine.

Ukraine had already started shelling the Russian-speaking citizens of the Donbas when Joe Biden went on television and told the American people that Russia was about to invade Ukraine.



Substack (https://kanekoa.substack.com/p/osce-reports-reveal-ukraine-started)
OSCE Reports Reveal Ukraine Started Shelling The Donbas Nine Days Before Russia’s ‘Special Military Operation’
The Biden Administration, U.S. political officials, and the corporate media are lying the American public into World War III.

Despite all the distractions, we have not forgotten about the most important thrust of the war or the perpetrators.

Ezra Cohen posted an excellent 2 min. video about child trafficking. It contains a number of revealing frames and documentary-style footage. People are going to learn that figures they don’t want to believe were connected to child sex trafficking were some of the worst offenders. Some have been executed already under President Trump’s Executive Order 13818. So many are unaware of all the activity Trump engaged in to set up this liberation and bring justice to Humanity. They are unaware that he also reinstated capital punishment. Too bad for the New World Order. Link to Telegram video.

Corey Lynn published on her website Corey’s Digs a link to a PDF of Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Little Black Book’—UNredacted. Fascinating.

These people are sick and they must be expunged from our society.

Kash Patel has been a breath of fresh air and the conspiracy analysts continue to ask him the big questions.

Kash is asked about Q 👀

“I think people are having fun with Q… I don’t really follow him. We try to incorporate it into our overall messaging scheme to capture audiences because whoever that person is has certainly captured a widespread rep of the MAGA and the America first movement.”

He’s also asked about Q identifying him as a “name to remember”.

Q spoke of Kash in this post, for example, in 2018. The Q team called their drops breadcrumbs, and they did create a trail to deeper investigation, but I call them Q-tips because they tipped us off about so many things and so many people and warned us what to watch for in the future.

If you need more good news, do follow Phil G’s Telegram channel. You may have heard Trump demands equal time to expose the fraud and security breaches. The Gematria value of “equal time” can equal “time’s up”.

We’re waiting with baited breath to launch into our metamorphosis and Golden Age. When the public learns the real truth about everything, massive change will happen.

Ciao for now and enjoy your weekend, my friends.  ~ BP

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June 15, 2022: We’ve Endured the Show; It’s Time for the Showdown [videos]

June 15, 2022


That was some full moon. It seemed bigger, or closer, or different somehow.

I caught this Telegram from Richard Citizen Journalist and thought it might be a harbinger of things to come. Power lines sagging with vines and disappearing into the branches of trees. That’s not indicative of routine maintenance. Perhaps we won’t need those lines?

The January 6 fiasco is waking people up.

Jan. 6 Was ‘An Inside Job to Entrap People Who Attended Trump’s Speech’: Investigative Journalist

I believe the above is obvious, but if you don’t agree, perhaps it’s time you thought about it. There were feds embedded in the crowds urging Trump supporters to enter the building. Then the plants began breaking windows and inciting violence. They shot Ashli Babbit.

It was a horrific scene as far as the few people who were hurt or killed intentionally, but more crimes came when they hunted down a few innocent Americans who attended the capitol via their cell phone data [geotracking] and threw them in jail with no charges and no way to defend themselves.

No one would have believed that kind of thing could happen in America but you know what? It has been happening on a small, targeted scale for decades because the cabal hires their goons to take care of the opposition.

They have Bill Barr laughing at the concept of tracking mules dumping ballots in boxes with Geotracking but I still believe Barr is a good guy and he is taking one for the team; playing the role he is needed to play. I believe this is a case of the White Hats sensationalizing the “news” so that more people take note of the information 2,000 Mules revealed. Any press is good press in an information war.

Dinesh D’Souza challenges Bill Barr to debate over ‘2000 Mules’

We have reports of staggering numbers of dead cattle in the mid-west—particularly SW Kansas. They are blaming it on heat. I suppose if they aren’t used to those temperatures and it stays hot and humid at night they might be stressed but for that many to all succumb simultaneously seems more than a little suspicious. We have dairy cows here in the valley where it gets hotter than that.

This article states they were “fat” and appeared to be ready to go for processing, but were they cows for milk, or beef cattle? Was it all one kind? Is this in line with the promised food shortage and famine the New World Order so desperately wants for us?

Here’s a piece on Telegram from Tore says. Link to Telegram.

Kansas – DEAD cows – All drop dead? “Climate Change”?

What is the missing component? Their “covid shot” OR NABF Wuhattan sorcery? Which one is it?

Another coincidence over a year after I said it would be a problem. #ZONE1

And on Twitter… where they now label anything they don’t want you to see as potentially “sensitive”…

The stiff-legged cows in that video above looked a little odd, didn’t they? Like a “fainting goat”.

Are they even real? Is there a weapon that causes the body to contort and freeze like that? Just asking. I think there’s a coverup.

Heat Stress Kills Estimated 10,000 Head of Kansas Feedlot Cattle

You may have heard that Dr. Zelenko is in hospital due to his late-stage cancer. Please keep him in your thoughts. This update came out yesterday on Telegram. I hope they will award him the Peace Prize and make it snappy.

Dr. Zelenko really needs prayer and healing right now. The most recent update on his health today looks very bad but he has always been a fighter and a warrior! Please keep this truly wonderful man in your thoughts and prayers.

We love you Zev!

As discussed on Tuesday… there is a post asking…

“Who controls the Q account?”


To which Phil replies…

“No comment”.

Something to think about. The Earth Alliance will use whatever means necessary to communicate what needs to be communicated. Nothing is what it seems, and many are not who they seem. As I said long ago, the whole Q thing and this education process or “movie” are basically a psyop. They need to undue the damage done to Humanity by the predators. The controllers told us what is real, what we need to know, how to think, who to trust, what to say, etc. forever.

Now Trump, his team and family, the White Hats, the Earth Alliance are reshaping our reality and telling us how to revise our thoughts, beliefs, behaviour, and values to create a new and better world. They are teaching us how to leave 3D behind and advance our civilization to 5D.

Saying nothing can be saying a lot. Why did Phil repost that Telegram on his channel—just so he could say “no comment”?? So many mysteries… so little time.

There are also very intriguing posts on this channel on Truth Social. https://truthsocial.com/@QfficialMcAfee

We can see the downward trajectory Biden is on, en route to “out”. So when will the Podesta arrest be?

We’re watching the economy tank, stocks plummet, and interest rates soar.

The good news… Ha! from Santa Surfing on Telegram.

I certainly hope Trump will be back very soon because the damage done to the world and particularly children now is horrific. Who allows their children to go to Gay Pride events? These freakazoids need to be locked up. Watch what they did to an audience of children and see the look on the kids’ faces.

Richard Citizen Journalist shared a text that the Maryland school sent to parents this morning. This is terrorism, pure and simple. See, they didn’t have to do anything else because the stage was already set with all the school shootings.

How panicked would you be if you got that from the school your kids attended?

Ezra Cohen posted one word just now. Link to Telegram. Of whom does he speak, I wonder… or is it referencing an action alluded to in the previous post that said, “My turn”? Gotta love those multiple meanings.


Or does it have something to do with this juicy little tid-bit? You know how to decode this by now, right?

Fauci tests positive for COVID-19

“I’ve tested positive for COVID and isolating in my basement. Feeling pretty sick right now but luckily just received my 134th dose of the booster shot and I mask up even when I’m in the shower, or else who knows how bad it could’ve been. Get vaccinated ladies and gentlemen.”

I can’t sign off without including this short but very clever video from Telegram. Sorry. Had to do it. It’s about abortions, but puts gun control into perspective at the same time. Well done satire. I couldn’t find it on Twitter for you.

Is there any topic that hasn’t been covered in this “awakening”? Oh wait—I nearly forgot. There is now a tampon shortage, ladies. I can’t believe they’re going there but…


If you’re down and out and can’t see an escape from this seemingly endless nightmare, watch this, below. Il Donaldo Trumpo posted it today. If this doesn’t work, definitely watch the “fainting goats” video above.

Signing off for today. Be sure to peruse the comments for the good stuff the crew posts there beneath every post.  ~ BP

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June 14, 2022: The Sniff Test for Disinformation [videos]

June 14, 2022


First off—Happy Birthday to President Donald Trump who brought us the first “comm before the storm”. His campaign messages resonated loud and clear to aware people and he kicked off the worldwide movement to take our planet back.

He was giving us hand signals and coded phrases and tips on where to dig for information before the Q Team sneaked onto the boards and began posting their breadcrumbs.

Remember this—and the fuss the media made over the two-fisted drinker—because it was obvious he was making a point? Eventually, we realized that when Trump said or did something odd, we needed to pay attention.

When we say “nothing is what it seems”, we mean it quite literally. People are not who they seem, situations are not as presented, real dangers are hidden, non-existent ones are created and spotlighted.

When you have no visual corroboration of identity, it’s difficult to put trust in it and we need to accept that the “who” could turn out to be a different “who” from the one stated.

What we are witnessing is a spectacular, planetary liberation from evil. It’s a military operation; a war, and not strictly an information war but the information is largely what we see. It’s a spiritual war, an interdimensional war. The theatres of war reside on this plane as well as others.

On social media there are actors. There are real people, and there are people pretending to be someone else. The Patriots/White Hats will do whatever is necessary to get the job done and win the war.

For example: Phil Godlewski. It’s clear he is much more than he appears. He knows people and he has a history. He puts out comms, code, warnings and alerts on Telegram, and provides perspective for what we see unfolding and what is yet to come. He has many platforms for his podcasts, and probably multiple identities. He could have more than one account on Telegram. He frequently re-posts the information in Ezra Cohen’s Telegrams. Could the Cohen account be Phil’s intel? Whoever he is, he has over three million people tuned in to at least some of his live podcasts.

In the video below from Patriot Underground, we get a solid intro course on comms and we can see that we might be getting information from someone we are unaware of because they are posting as someone else. They might be giving coded information that requires Numerology or Gematria to understand. There is so much to the back-channel information war you might be missing.

I don’t know about you, but I questioned the identity behind the John McAfee Telegram account. They get into it in this video. Phil and others have told us Q will post again. That doesn’t mean it will be on the 8Kun boards. “Expand your thinking.”

I have shared many videos with you from Jetson White. He has made brilliant and important observations and deductions. Is he always correct? We don’t know, but it certainly resonates with me, and also with the content creator at Patriot Underground who does an exceptional job of bringing together many aspects to create a bigger picture from Jetson’s work and several other sources.

It’s fascinating listening and provides some scale for the incredible magnitude of this liberation operation. It simply cannot be done out in the open and if you don’t understand that you will be one of the ones complaining that “nothing’s happening”. In my opinion this video is “required reading” without having to read.

Patriot Underground Episode 220

We are having to reconsider much of our world as the truths filter down to us. My mother was pale as a ghost but had a sore on her nose that wouldn’t heal. Her long-time GP said it was melanoma, sent her to a specialist who excised it, and it was never quite right. I told my mother that the sun would give her protection from skin cancer and that should should get out in it more but she trusted her doctor’s advice to stay out of the sun, wear a hat, always long sleeves, etc. Mum felt the problem was the result of the many hours spent out of doors as a kid, in the sunshine and fresh air, being active and… well… healthy. She did listen to me as far as taking vitamins and supplements and staying active with walking and lived to be nearly 94.

I have always felt energized by the sun and could never get enough. As teenagers my BFF and I used to ride our bikes to the beach and lie amongst the sand dunes out of the wind with a radio playing our favourite tunes as soon as it was warm enough to wear shorts. We got toasty brown, recharged our batteries and felt great, if not a little pink. Now that I’m in Arizona and it’s sunny nearly every day I feel marvelous and still welcome the opportunity to sit out in it with zero to little sunscreen if it’s not too hot. I tend to do the opposite of what “they” tell us and my instincts serve me well.

One has to wonder if we believe we were given everything we need for a healthy, happy life of abundance… why would we have a sun that gives us cancer? Vitamin D is a mandatory anti-oxidant that protects us from disease and our body can only manufacture it when it has enough sun exposure on bare skin. Do doctors consider that lack of it in northern climes and cold climates could contribute to disease? If they had even a rudimentary training in nutrition they might.

The Surprising Cause of Melanoma (And No, It’s Not Too Much Sun)

And that may tie in to the stories about all sorts of diseases and miserable conditions that the allopathic community attributes to everything under the sun—except vaccines and the smorgasbord of pharmaceuticals doctors prescribe for seemingly every symptom that comes up. We live in a very toxic world now that the global experts have taken over telling us what to do, how to do it, when, and how much and instead of ______ [insert your choice].

These people are pathetic. How do you like their vision for our future? They embrace the Klaus Schwab plan where we will own nothing and we will be happy. Apparently now we don’t even have to be happy—we can simply exist in a meaningless, empty Petri dish where everything is controlled and managed “for us”. Pardon me for stating the obvious but “that’s not living”.

Globalists know everything, including what’s best for us if you subscribe to their selfish drivel. Between doctors and the media, we were a doomed species. Fortunately, there were fail-safes in place and we have had help to fight for our freedom and our right to exist and thrive and soon this will be a very different world. The curtains of concealment will be drawn fully back and we will see the false world we have occupied for far too long, and the brave, new world that awaits. It will be so different it will take time to get up to speed.

The CCP in China is flexing their muscles and showing the Chinese people how much power they wield over them and there is darn little the People can do about it. What a diabolical system they have devised.

If President Trump and the Q Military Intelligence team had not come along when they did, waved the flag in front of the bull and challenged America to awaken to the dire threat of ultimate tyranny, we might not be here discussing this now. It would have been over years ago under the reign of Hitlary Clinton.

China bank protest stopped by health codes turning red, depositors say

The last desperate efforts of the deep state in the West manifest in the form of the “government” deciding on the People’s behalf that there is enough evidence to impeach Donald Trump. Oh my friggin’ gawd—are we going down that road again because I’m done with this cockamamie story and their lies and fabrications. DE-Select the committee. Who believes any of it? These morons have a death wish and it can’t be fulfilled soon enough. Hang ’em high! And soon!

CASUS BELLI: January 6 Committee Seeks Prosecution of Trump, Says It Has Enough “Evidence” to Indict Trump

Sometimes it’s well nigh on impossible to “enjoy the show” but humour helps.

Death Toll From Jan. 6 Skyrockets As Hearing Viewers Die Of Boredom

Benjamin Fulford has a weekly update to share on the subtleties of this war that newly awakened patriots will certainly benefit from reading. [between the lines]

In final victory for hippy generation, Western policy will become “make love not war”

And finally, Dave did a very comprehensive update for his X22 Report yesterday wherein he gets into the gun grab and how the proposed legislation the “bipartisan” team drafting the bill for increased gun control might be used if passed into law.


We’ll see what happens in Canada with the outrageous mandates and legislation Turdeau indicates are in play. Tucker Carlson takes a stab and there’s no one north of the 49th to parry the blow. He’s dead right.

Summer has descended into the Valley of the Sun and it’s hot, hot, hot. Eli is a great little swimmer, too fast for Dad to outswim him, and he is so independent that he hops in for a dip all by himself on a whim. And what do we do after a swim? We stretch out on a lounge chair, of course, to bag some rays and dry off. What we do, Eli does. He thinks he’s Human. A forty pounder.

We just got a Gentle Leader for Eli as he’s an “out-front dog” like Mica was and when we meet neighbours and dogs Eli is ecstatic and can’t be held back so we wind up with a mêlée of dogs, leashes, legs, and tails and it’s pure pandemonium.

I must say in the few times I have slipped the noose on his muzzle and behind his head for very short periods he has been remarkably distracted by the treats and his meal and it’s been almost too easy. We will continue the slow introduction and I’m sure he will work with me. People forgive a puppy for bad behaviour but a full-growed Golden Retriever is too powerful to allow to be out of control.

Eli quickly mastered the “wait” command and will sit until released before he touches his food bowl. We leave the kitchen gates open quite a bit and he wanders around the house but doesn’t get into things like he did before. He loves our trips to the dog park early in the morning and races across the field at top speed to fetch a filthy tennis ball.

He’s a really good little guy with all 42 big-boy choppers now. His last needle tooth fell out last week and I’m so glad. Now he is reveling in the bones, fish skins, and chews we award him to continue the teething process. We have a product called Teef as a water additive that supports a healthy mouth biome film so his teeth and gums stay clean and we hopefully won’t have to deal with plaque or dental issues and can maintain a strong immune system. We aim to avoid the problems an unhealthy mouth can cause in the body, like inflammation, a precursor to cancer.

Signing off for now. Lots happening out there and it’s like there’s a pregnant pause with many of us holding our breath to see what’s going to happen next. It is sounding like something major must break soon, though. Keep the faith that everything must be set right before we can go much further.  ~ BP

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June 13, 2022: NCSWIC is Not Just a Clever Slogan [videos]

June 13, 2022


The future is uncertain, but will certainly be exciting. We know that at this point “Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming”. The positive timeline is firm, the administrators and protectors are committed, and the world is nearly awake. The wheels may be falling off the world but the wheels are turning in the Universe and they will continue to churn away in our favour.

Ezra Cohen posted:

Expect a bank run soon.

He followed up with:

Great Depression Armageddon

Considering he was right on the money with many of his prognostications about assassinations and false flags, it feels prudent to withdraw some cash from the bank for operating expenses until things get back to normal—just in case.

The goal of the White Hats is not to punish us or make life horrible and cause suffering. Everything that has been going on behind the scenes for years has been done to make life better, and to make it fair for everyone. While the banksters and the One World Order may desire to see us destitute, starving, and enslaved, that will not be the case.

I consider it a miracle that this liberation endeavour is taking place at all. I can’t begin to wrap my head around how complicated it must be.

When all is said and done, we will have our money and savings exchanged for the new currencies on a 1 – 1 basis. We will not lose anything, so don’t panic. DO ensure that you have cash on hand at home to purchase necessities in the event that power goes out, ATMs don’t work, banks close for the restructuring and integration of the new Quantum Financial System, etc.

Another prediction on Telegram:

Russia is now entering Central America, they may be targeting biolabs there now.
The media seems dead silent.
We are reaching precipice type situations in almost every area I can think of. There’s going to come a moment where the precipice cannot go any lower and something spectacular happens.
Buckle your seatbelts.

The White Hats are having fun with the material they publish. This gets top marks from me and great guffaws.

JAG Amends Method of Execution

I think the above is in line with Simon Parkes’ explanation of the EBS/EAS talk we’ve been hearing for so long. It may never happen. Chances are good that it won’t—but the thought of it gets the cabal’s knickers in a knot and gives them indigestion. PANIC.

This video from Jetson White is very good and raises important issues via the observations he makes.


Twitter is still at it.

What I don’t consider amusing is the public address system at Fry’s/Kroger delivering fear porn to shoppers. They began today by describing a nightmarish electronic zapping or electrical jolt sensation which they go on to say is how people describe shingles. To the best of my recollection, they said 80 – 90 per cent of people over 65 already have the virus in their body and they suggest it’s lurking there, ready to strike; to force you to cancel social engagements and summer trips and the way to avoid it is to get a vaccine. I wanted so badly to go to the pharmacy and give them a piece of my mind. Targeting seniors is disgusting.

The crew may recall in the not too distant past that some were talking about no presidential election in November because Trump is the rightful “heir to the throne” in Washington. Phil discussed this scenario on his show the other night in the context of a “special election” which might be required to elect honest politicians to run the government after the election fraud is exposed rather than con men and criminals who have been “selected” .

It was an interesting show in which he also addresses the programme he said was PRISM and the evidence of the validity of his statement. His next live show is at 9 pm EDT tonight. Hopefully Rumble will accommodate.

Corroboration – June 11th, 2022

Canada is a mess. Just one hot mess. I’m so glad I’m here now and not there. I’ve tried talking reality with people I know and they’re deeply entranced and have no clue. Brampton is on the outskirts of the Toronto area. Can politicians dream up any more ways to mess with the system?

EXPOSED! Patrick Brown calls the police after being confronted with his own lies

The Brampton Mayor is using city employees to work on his CPC leadership campaign. Shouldn’t those employees be working for the city of Brampton instead?

Meanwhile, in Toronto proper… 333… link to Agent A1’s Telegram.


Boy did the politicians, police and prostitutes love that building. Hidden in plain sight. Fckn disgusting and dark energy. Funny Coca Cola took over the building and new Globe & Mail sits on the land too. No doubt there are tunnels running under there.

The illegals know they can slide in on Roxham Road in Québec and get the royal treatment. No masks or vaxxx required?

And now, for the pièce de résistance… from Gen. McInerney.

Canada is beginning to introduce a mandatory monkeypox quarantine.

This is nothing more than monkey see monkey do. Didn’t anyone teach these people not to copy those who failed their last exam?

Americans won’t be fooled.

I shudder to think what my friends and family will do this time around.

If you missed Charlie Freak’s outstanding 2020 video full of proof that Trump and the White Hats have united the world in the battle to take down the cabal, you may get the gist of it in this newer one by Bonfire Guy. It’s really well done and includes an intro by Charlie Freak.

Game Over for the Cabal – The Takedown of the Cabal From A to Z

The afternoon is nearly over and I will end this transmission here. Thank you to the crew for sharing the updates they find for our consideration and enjoyment.  ~ BP

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Man Found Outside Kavanaugh’sHome Charged With Attempted Murder

The good news is, there is enough activity out in the open now that we can SEE it it progressing. We can see Justice being done—even in the mainstream news—and with a spicy flavour to it.

Sore loser Chesa Boudin blames ‘right-wing billionaires’ for recall defeat

Investigation Into Death of Clinton Advisor Linked To Epstein Reopened

We can also see the ruthless nature and desperation of the cabal. So much blood has been spilled. This is not a game, as Q stated. More on the evil and desperation below.

It’s time we got up to speed on the status of technology and our hopeless position at the whimsy of the satanic predators—had the Earth Alliance not stepped in. Video at the Telegram link.

Dr. Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and War, How to operate a human via remote control.

And while we come to terms with the suppressed reality most of us never suspected, we must also come to terms with the fact that we’re basically sitting ducks for the enemy’s targeted kills on the small scale. The headline below appeared this afternoon. Things are not always what they seem, however, and we watch with interest and await further details. The cabal has their own rogue military, of course.

‘Five people presumed dead after military aircraft carrying nuclear material’ crashes in California

The dark ones also attack Christians and Christianity, churches, mosques, philanthropists… the good people and the innocents.

Not every shooting is a cabal-induced event, but some are potentially influenced by their evil technology and those particularly at risk may succumb to commit senseless acts of violence. We just don’t always know which it is unless there are blatant signs of a false flag status.

3 People Killed in Early Morning Shooting in Michigan

There is certainly a great deal of evidence of “Manchurian candidates” deployed to perform specific tasks.

Former Judge Killed in ‘Targeted’ Attack Against Judicial System, Officials Say

That was followed by the failed attempt to assassinate SCOTUS member Brett Kavanaugh, of course, as mentioned above. A number of judges who ruled appropriately have been eliminated—or members of their families.

Who else has been targeted? Holistic doctors. I believe the tally reached over 100 at last count. Unfortunately, there were far too many medical practitioners who were easily influenced to betray us in the scamdemic and the subsequent efforts to harm Humanity. They not only took the money offered, they took lives. Some people have no shame.

We can do without the “humanitarian” efforts of these psychopaths. See the original newspaper headline in the Telegram post.

The W.H.O. Gave 50 Million Smallpox Vaccines Laced With Aids To Africans.

On May 11, 1987, London Times Headline Reported World Wide

And then Bill Gates, who has no medical degree or designation whatsoever, delivered the “polio vaccine” on behalf of the cabal to the children of India and killed or paralyzed 70,000 of them. I am fully of the belief that that unthinkable crime has long ago been punished. To allow it to go without an appropriate response would be a crime in itself.

It would take the revelation of crimes such as these for the good people of our planet to innerstand and accept the depth of the evil we are dealing with. They simply cannot comprehend how so many people could go along with crimes such as these. Surely someone would stop them, they believe.

What else would they dare to do?

Fortunately, we are finally at the point that a large number of people are getting it—and they’re no longer afraid. They’re no longer terrorized into submission or paralyzed by fear. They’re no longer intimidated by corrupt cops, concocted stories in the media, or compromised politicians. They no longer consider a virus a life-threatening condition or see any excuse whatsoever to relinquish their civil or personal rights and freedoms under the Constitution. It’s on… and the People are taking their country and their planet back.

They also know the deep state points fingers at its own enemies. The address below is particularly satisfying but I’m not sure if it’s for real since I don’t speak Russian. However, I am one hundred percent certain Vladimir Putin is part of the Earth Alliance bent on cleaning out the Khazarian Mafia and liberating Humanity. That’s why they hate him as much as they hate Donald Trump.

One last check says Phil G is going live now on Rumble if you care to listen to his update.

I’ve been AWOL for a couple of days as family time and projects encroached on my update time but until I figure out how to increase the length of my day, that’s going to happen.

We appreciate the crew adding their two cents worth via the comments and keeping everyone apprised as part of the war effort. It helps to keep our sense of humour when we’re feeling the stress of a seemingly endless war with little justice for the crimes committed.

Ciao for now until I sit down at the bridge again. It won’t be tomorrow as I have a long trip to the airport and back.  ~ BP

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