X22 Report — Episode 2830: Corrupt Politicians Exposed, People are Figuring it out, Deep State Prepares

X22 Report — Episode 2830: Corrupt Politicians Exposed, People are Figuring it out, Deep State Prepares



 -Thursday, 21 July 2022, 23:25 PM

Ep. 2830a – Corrupt Politicians Exposed, People Are Figuring It Out, Sometimes You Must Show The People

Ep. 2830b – [DS] Prepares, Acts Of Violence, Frame Up, Change Of Batter Coming, Playbook Known

X22 Report
Published July 21, 2022


The [CB] have accelerated their plan, they are raising rates quicker than expected because they know they need to move full speed ahead, this will be their downfall. The corrupt are being exposed and the people are learning that fiat and the [CB] does not benefit them and now people are protecting themselves.


The [DS] is now preparing for the midterms, everything is being stripped away and the last death blow will be the SC. This will then push the [DS] agenda into overdrive, they are preparing for chaos, riots. The agenda is to have their foot soldiers mask up so they needed an event to do this and the just got it. [HRC] just signaled that it is time to have a change of batter. The playbook is known, the [DS] will have to pull this off before the midterms, watch August, this is when the [DS] likes to play. 

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