September 24, 2022: The Awakening is in Progress; Slow… Slow… Progress [videos

September 24, 2022: The Awakening is in Progress; Slow… Slow… Progress [videos

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 September 24, 2022

September 24 is just beginning in my neck of the woods but there is leeway to see if this general time frame will yield major VISIBLE events, as predicted. It’s quite possible that major operations will unfold in the vicinity of September 24th behind the scenes that we don’t learn of until later. I personally believe there are always operations underway that we don’t know about until the time is right. We can’t have everyone in an uproar. We need peace and civility. There is more than enough violence out there.

Why is the wake up call not heard by more people over the past five, ten, fifteen years? Let’s get into the psychology of the Human mind and the phenomenon of “Mass Formation”. The globalist control freaks know exactly what they’re doing. Nothing is left to chance and too many people are in a trance. Link to Telegram for 3 min. video.

Mattias Desmet, professor of clinical psychology, explains how ‘tunnel vision’ phenomenon works, how ‘mass formation’ connects to hypnosis and why waking up is so difficult.

To see more of Mattias Desmet, view the Tucker Carlson interview. 1 hr.

It would be interesting to know why some of us have been awake and aware for a long time. And then there are others who read blogs, watch videos, and listen to interviews all the time about what is happening and who is doing what and they still say the good guys are bad guys and are deceiving us. Sounds like fear to me.

Germany to put military in the streets in October? Our German ground crew will probably confirm or deny. Link to Telegram.

GERMANY: Will put the military on the streets from the 1st of October. To prevent riots. Anybody here from Germany?

“To this end, we have decided to set up a ‘Territorial Command of the Bundeswehr in Berlin on 1 October 2022.”

There was a fire at a BP oil refinery in Ohio a couple of days ago which killed two people and closed the facility. Michigan gas prices then went up 5 cents. An accident? Not bloody likely. NOTHING on this planet is an accident. Nothing—and the sooner the average Joe ostrich gets that, the sooner we can move forward and rip these psychopaths out of our society.

You may recall that BP [British Petroleum] was also responsible through negligence, according to some reports, for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that killed people and wildlife and destroyed the ecosystem and inhabitants in and around the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Qincidence?

Deadly oil refinery fire in Toledo forces shutdown, raising concerns over gas prices

The psychopaths won’t be able to keep us energy hostages much longer because the old, original, clean, free Tesla energy is going to be coming back to us very soon. We have seen the infrastructure for it in several places.

Tesla tower Russia

In other news you may have missed… more evidence that the rich got richer under the Covid hoax, and the People got poorer. And it doesn’t end there; this concerns taking food from CHILDREN. Who is despicable enough to do that? Lock them up!

47 charged in Minnesota in $240 million Covid fraud scheme

The murders continue in the sleeping nation of Canada. Nearly three years later and still people in the Great White Gulag fear a harmless virus enough to get shot up multiple times with an experimental drug they have no idea is far more deadly than the Wu Flu. So is this part of the cabal’s euthanasia agenda? In the States they used Remdesivir, in the UK they used Midazolam. Maybe in Canada they decided to go with a “mystery booster cocktail” to target the seniors.

Open since 1997, Champlain Manor is located in the “Sunshine City” of Orillia . We accommodate short term, convalescent or permanent stays. With an on-site hair salon, chapel, and activities room, our residents enjoy companionship, dignity, and security.

So much for that reputation. Turnover is high these days at the retirement home.

Canada is rapidly circling the drain. The Raging Dissident writes… Link to Telegram. This, after the unlawful arrest and incarceration of another patriot Tamara Lich—twice. These fake cops have to prey on the weaker sex. The Khazarian Mafia hates women.

RCMP have arrested Morgan on a fraudulent charge. I was with her on the day of this alleged incident, but it should be obvious to many by now that we are targets of the Provincial and Federal Government.

The police allege she was arrested for “theft”, presumably from a gas station. Trust me, Morgan and I can afford to pay for gas. Essentially, Canada can imprison you for days, if they want to, over potentially $40 – IN MARCH.

She’s being held for the time being and likely won’t be released until next week at the earliest.

It’s a good thing people like Morgan exist to arrest and persecute, otherwise the frightened police of Canada would have to explain why they get paid so much to do nothing – since they seem have little interest or courage in pursuing actual criminals.

God help this country 🇨🇦

and later additional posts… Link to Telegram.

Canada is a disgrace of its former self, and its going to get much worse.

Morgan is still in prison, no one has heard from her. In Canada, the state can just say you stole $40 in gas and lock you up, just like that.

I never thought I would be ashamed to be Canadian or a Nova Scotian, but here we are.

Canada has political prisoners all over the country, because it’s an authoritarian disgrace that’s quickly devolving into full blown communism. No one is coming to help, we are on our own.

Our soldiers died for nothing.

For nothing.

Below is another article from The Brownstone Institute. There are people north of the 49th who “get it”, but unfortunately… too few. Until the general brainwashed public stop complying with the insanity and stand up for their rights and what IS right, the country will continue to be torn asunder by the current liberal administration. Or the conservatives. They’re all the same. Globalists. Bought and paid for and probably blackmailed, too. They sic their thugs on innocent people who speak their mind and defy their unlawful agenda.

It’s Time to Let Canada Heal

Under the Turdeau fascist regime, Canada is on the way to Sweden. Just a hop, skip and a jump and you’re there.

A warning has gone out on TikTok from a nurse who says she dealt with several kids/teens who landed in the hospital and some died—from eating what they thought were Sweetarts candy, but was actually “rainbow fentanyl”. Please share with anyone you know with youngsters so they can have the appropriate conversations with them and avoid needless tragedy from these deadly pharmaceuticals. Can you imagine a world without Big Pharma?

I may have forgotten to share the latest Gene Decode update from Patriot Underground. Gene got into some very interesting intel later on in the discussion.

Gene Decode Interview #9

The day is winding down quickly so I will leave this post here. Have a great weekend everyone and thank you for flying with us.  ~ BP

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