X22 Report — Episode 2895: Central Bank Tested the Waters, Sometimes it Takes Transparency to Force a Nation

PAYPAL are they NOT those bottom feeders that messed with ME = the real SAINT ANDREW getting any donations for the FREE EARTH CAUSE. The EVIL ones KNOW that I would have used that money wisely to take them down, so they screwed with my donations = I HOPE they CHOKE on the satanic bankster corrupt stock market, bye bye paypal….,


X22 Report — Episode 2895: Central Bank Tested the Waters, Sometimes it Takes Transparency to Force a Nation



 -Monday, 10 October 2022, 21:23 PM

Ep. 2895a – [CB] Tested The Waters, [CB]/[WEF] Played Their Hand, Big Fail, Trapped

Ep. 2895b – Sometimes It Take Transparency To Force A Nation, Stage Being Set, U1

X22 Report
Published October 10, 2022


The people around the world are feeling the energy crisis, they are now waking up and they know who is responsible. The [CB]/[WEF] played their hand to test the waters and it failed. PayPal stock crashes as people close accounts. The people are waking up and they see the power and control of the banking system should not be centralized.


The [DS] is ready to use everything they have. Trump and the patriots have set the stage, the world is watching. Trump is ready to bring the narrative full circle. It will end with Ukraine and it will expose Clinton, Biden, Obama and many more. The pieces of the storm are coming together and the people are seeing it play out in real time. 

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