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Date: Thursday, 20-Oct-2022 01:29:26

Supreme Court Removes Judge From Stand After Being Caught Over 100 Timesby Kari DonovanOctober 19, 2022Judge Pinkey Susan Carr, 57, is a former Ohio judge who was removed from the bench on Tuesday due to her misconduct that included repeatedly lying, issuing illegitimate arrest warrants, and wearing spandex shorts, tank tops and sneakers in court.There is a video for an A and E special, where the judge is seen and the head lying about issuing arrest warrants on people for not showing up to court when the court was closed due to COVID.Carr, who claimed her menacing behavior was due to Menopause and sleep deprivation, agreed to undergo evaluations of her mental and physical health. She had been accused of more than 100 instances of misconduct.“In the final 5-2 ruling, the justices said Carr’s ‘unprecedented’ behavior demonstrated a severe ‘abuse’ of power and they said that the spandex-wearing Ohio judge as removed for acting ‘in a manner befitting a game show host,” The Daily Mail reported adding:“She jailed defendants for not turning up despite COVID closing the court and handed out a birthday pardon and was suspended indefinitely by the Ohio Supreme Court. She repeatedly lied about her misdeeds, forged court documents and put out illegitimate arrest warrants.
.Carr received the second-most severe sanction that can be imposed against an attorney or judge for ethics violations.The attorney who defended her, Nicholas Froning, argued that the judge’s poor conduct as a public official stemmed from ‘mistreated’ or ‘untreated’ conditions including ‘sleep apnea, menopause, and a generalized mood disorder’ – an argument the panel had a hard time buying.Carr’s misbehavior first came to light as she continued holding court hearings after the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic forced the courthouse to shut down.She subsequently issued warrants for the arrest of defendants who did not show up to court, despite being told they were not required to because of the coronavirusAn A and E narrator describes what is in the following video:Presiding it’s March 17 2020 the countries in the early stages of the covid-19. Pandemic. Cleveland’s administrative court, has issued an order that all hearings for defendants who are not in jail, had been postponed. So, why is Judge Carr’s courtroom still open for all?Fact, number 31 bond is set at twenty-five hundred. It’s a question on the mind of assistant public defender Mark Jablonski,” the narrator says.Then the Judge is heard saying, “nothing stopped for me. My cases, go on, not everybody watches the news. I actually have people. Yeah, I had people today. I’ll do that to people.”The Narrator says, “The judge’s statement contradicts the administrative order regarding covid-19 and Jablonski wants an explanation.”“I’m here, I’m here. People show up. I’m here. So now don’t call people and tell them not to show up if they show up, I’m here,” The Judge says.“But this judge isn’t just allowing people to show up; she’s punishing those who don’t in the preceding days, she did shoot several arrests warrants which in court terminology is known as capias. Officer present. No defendant cases will be a continuing. His exchange regarding the order to Blonsky ask the judge about her position,” the narrator says.Minutes later after seven. Okay, Jablonsky exits the courtroom, but judge Carr still apparently baffled by the attorney’s question about postponing his client’s hearings, discusses it with her staff.“I’ll call him and tell him. Don’t come. I’m sure he is idiot,” the judge says.“But soon after, when the local media hears about the arrest warrants, the judge denies it,” the narrator says.“People came to court and they were willing to willing to risk their health. I figured I would return the favor as far as issuing warrants for their arrest. Absolutely untrue,” the Judge says.The Daily Mail reported:She repeatedly set bails at $5,000 and $10,000 for defendants who were not in court and then lied and said it was ‘absolutely untrue’ that she had issued said warrants.In the scathing 58-page filing case against her, Carr is accused of a variety of sorts of egregious behaviors that amount to presiding over her courtroom ‘in a manner befitting a game show host rather than a judge of the Cleveland Municipal Court.’She often demeaned defendants and attorneys in her courtroom, calling one attorney who questioned holding court during the pandemic a ‘little idiot.’‘She conducted court from a bench covered by an array of dolls, cups, and junk novelty items,’ read the filing.She openly discussed the Starz television show P-Valley, which is about a Mississippi strip club.‘You know what my P-Valley, my name gonna be Passion. I got to go to that class though so I can learn how to climb that pole,’ she said, also referring to her bailiff as ‘Miss Pudding from P-Valley.’In court records, she wrote on a number of occasions that she had waived a fine because ‘It was the defendant’s birthday that month,’ or ‘The defendant’s birthday was nine days before Valentine’s Day.’‘I’m going to suspend your fine and costs because you know Eric. And his birthday is May the 26th, the same day as my best friend’s birthday,’ she said in one instance.She once ordered someone to spend 15 days in jail because they rolled their eyes and made a sarcastic remark in her courtroom.She also made a habit of wearing loud and prominent necklaces and other pieces of jewelry to court, which complemented the myriad flowers, bottles, and other novelty items she kept on her bench.SOURCE:

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