JUAN O SAVIN: “the ink has dried as of yesterday”…LAST SUPPER!

JUAN O SAVIN: “the ink has dried as of yesterday”…LAST SUPPER!

Posted By: jensingr
Date: Friday, 21-Oct-2022 21:16:43

Juan got word from MULTIPLE sources and from inside the family that the ink has dried as of yesterday and the arrest is going to happen within 7 days. It could be instantaneous. It could happen at the Rally or anytime within that 7 days. Most likely it will happen at Mar-a-Lago.Much like a “Last Supper”, Trump is having a dinner at Mar-a-Lago for 95 women who have been to every Trump Rally.Trump knew this was coming… hence the trees being cut so all the world can watch this horrendous last ditched evil effort by the satanic cabal.This will be a very dark time for everyone across the planet.World on a precipice right now.Personally I am extremely sad… even though I know somehow we will come out ok on the other side. But that man has taken about as much as anyone can bear.I have felt this sadness for days and it has really drenched my soul./*PLEASE PRAY~


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