The Masks Are Coming Off

The Masks Are Coming Off

Posted By: Liberty_Lady
Date: Sunday, 30-Oct-2022 18:01:25

Hardly a day goes by without some Libtard showing their true selves. Things that, in the past, would have had our DOJ,FBI,DOD, and every other level of law enforcement responding with serious consequences. Now we get blank looks or Marxist double talk excusing such behavior. The latest one that floored me, was the CCP opening a Chinese police station in New York City. I have trouble imagining the CCP getting by with that under any previous administration or NYC mayor, at least out in the open. It would either insult their sense of America’s sovereignty or they would fear too big of a backlash from the public, if they found out about it. That would be the public who don’t want to be slaves under communist control.Do the idiots, who actually did voted for Biden, not understand what communism really is? It is a social system that puts property, capital, and industry under the control of the community; and strives toward equal distribution of benefits. Doesn’t that sound benign? A real utopia. However, in practice, that is far from the truth. The first part is certainly true, if you change the word community to Elite or the leaders. Ask anyone living in China how that is working out for them. Equal distribution of benefits? The peons may have equal benefits at the bottom of the rung, but you can bet the leaders are lapping up the gravy.The Soviet leaders discovered when a person gets paid whether they work or not, it doesn’t take long for the workers to figure that out and stop working. We see that happening in America today. More and more people living off of the government that hands out free money and businesses that can’t get or keep enough people employed.What is more often pushed by the Bernie Sanders of the world is socialism. This is slightly different from communism, in that the land, industries and goods produced should be owned, managed and distributed by a government representing the people. Perhaps that would work in a perfect world. But we are far from a perfect world. And those who are ambitious and or greedy, realize that those in power call the shots and also have the ability to skim the cream off of the top before distributing the dregs to the peons.That is the fatal flaw. The belief that the central governing body will only take what they need and ensure that the people will do the same, without force or control. Right! Have you seen some of the mansions these leaders live in? The only communist leader who at the beginning, made an effort to live like the rest of the people, was Fidel Castro. And, that probably changed over time. But, do the people living in communist or socialists countries really have freedom and a fair share of the profits from their labor? I haven’t seen one yet.When you have all of the power; when you hold all of the gold or whatever your wealth is invested in, it is much too tempting to dip your hands into the pot. How many homes (mansions) does Bernie Sanders own? Do you think he would be willing to give up any of his wealth to live like the rest of us? Did he come forward and ask Governor DeSantis to send some of the illegals to one of his homes? If not, why not? The old Soviet Union forced families to live closely packed together. Will the Elite try that in America under their Agenda 21 & 30? Oh, wait, that is protected by the 3rd amendment, at least concerning quartering soldiers. For now.So,because America is still relatively free compared to other countries, anyone with the desire and grit to work their way to the top can live the dream. This is why people still migrate to America. Chinese people, disillusioned by the realities of socialism or communism came to America to build a better life. Now, they are being harassed and threatened to return to China where, no doubt, they will receive a heroes welcome home. Right!Why am I not surprised that this would happen in a blue city within a blue state and under a fake blue administration? Are the CCP leaders putting the squeeze on senile Joe and pedophile Hunter in order to get away with this? Aren’t there enough Chinese Americans to stand up in opposition to this unAmerican behavior? I hope so because the proverb of the camel getting his nose in the tent is a warning. Don’t think that this will be the last attempt to infiltrate our country. Don’t think that China isn’t positioning itself to take over America or at least attempt to. I predict a lot of dead Chinese and UN soldiers when they try.Yes, we have embassies all over the world, as do many other countries. And, no doubt there is some surveillance practiced in them. But, something tells me, this is different. This is being sold by a ‘benevolent organization’ who only want to help their citizens who find themselves in a foreign country. Because this isn’t the only country where the CCP has established a Chinese police station.The very best part? The one in New York is being run by a very shady US based charity. I am not kidding. Now, the country they expected would protect their freedoms, is actually assisting the Chinese government to go after them. Welcome to the land of the free and the home of the brave. My question is, are these people still Chinese citizens, people here on a work visa? Even at that, our government should still not allow them to be harassed. If they have committed serious enough crimes, it is my understanding that the State Department would expel them. Or ICE. Is that no longer the case? And, who is going to investigate and help these people? We used to have an ACLU that stood up for people’s rights. No longer.We used to have a DOJ that was capable of protecting citizens, including those here on work or school visas. Now, we have a bought and paid for clown running the DOJ and the FBI under him. We used to have a media that at least pretended to call out abuses of this scale. Not any more. They are too busy kissing the Elite’s hindquarters and trying to take Trump down.This is just the latest example of the masks coming off. I think the Elite are running scared. Which is why they are doubling down on our constitutional rights. California is leading the way in muzzling doctors from discussing any alternative to the poison jabs. They could lose their license, be fined and even imprisoned for saying anything negative about the government approved mandating of jabs, masks and so much more. What happened to our first amendment right to freedom of speech? Please believe me, if we turn a blind eye and a deaf ear this this tyranny, there will be more abuses to come.Listen to this interview of Dr. Peter McCullough with Alex Jones. the Deep State goes after a man of Dr. McCullough’s stature, you can be very sure they won’t hesitate to come after you and I. We need to support the work of those who are brave enough to oppose these evil people. Buy their books. Save and Share this video with everyone in your contact list, with friends and family. As more masks come off, realize that is because we are winning. Fauci is retiring in December? Does he think this is going to save him for his role in this global culling of the herd? I’m guessing not.

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