What Is Really Going On With FTX & The “Fried Bankman” – Nov 14 2022

What Is Really Going On With FTX & The “Fried Bankman”

Posted By: SpaceCommando [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 14-Nov-2022 10:58:16

On the surface, this looks like a fairly straightforward money-laundering/corruption scandal involving Democrats (which it is.) But the reason it happened is perhaps a lot more devious than you thinkBy CognitiveCarbon – November 13, 2022I was in the middle of working on a few other substack posts today, but there’s an important point that I wanted to make about the Sam Bankman Fried situation with FTX.FTX is (or rather, was) the giant cryptocurrency exchange that just imploded in a massive bankruptcy and is now implicated in funneling money to Ukraine and then back to Democrats for political funding.Scandalous, for certain. The FTX implosion is the reason that your Bitcoin and other crypto currency wallets took a big hit in US Dollar terms (which I argued in this substack post doesn’t really matter as much, anyway. You just need to view cryptocurrency as something other than a slot machine or “investment”.)There’s a well-done video (link below) that will explain the basics of the FTX blowup to you in a fairly clear and concise way.I mentioned in a Truth Social post that in my view, Fried has been masterfully used as a useful idiot. His meteoric rise in the cryptocurrency realm with FTX—right after Biden was installed—didn’t happen organically; it had help from a cabal that works in the shadows. And that cabal is not necessarily in bed with Democrats.It looks after its own interests.Here was my post on Truth Social:The important point comes at the end: the “Fried Bankman” was set up to fail. He was propped up as a ‘useful idiot’ to facilitate money laundering, and then when his usefulness was exceeded, “they” pulled the rug out from under him–*knowing* that the result would be a collapse (again) in the crypto markets. This does two things: (1) punishes people who dare to hold non-fiat currency not controlled by the banks; and (2) raise calls for regulation of crypto, so that “they” can further squelch it.The right way to frame this situation is to understand that cryptocurrency—done correctly—is a mortal threat to the central banking model.This model—of how money is created, distributed and controlled—first and foremost benefits the elite banking cabal.He who creates and controls monetary units—and is also first in line at the trough—controls everything.A phrase often attributed to Mayer Amschel Rothschild (source) is “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!”No primary source for this is known and the earliest attribution to him known is 1935 (Money Creators, Gertrude M. Coogan). Before that, “Let us control the money of a nation, and we care not who makes its laws” was said to be a “maxim” of the House of Rothschilds, or, even more vaguely, of the “money lenders of the Old World”.Cryptocurrency cuts this class of power elite out of the middle; it disintermediates them. This is because with cryptocurrency, “money” flows directly from buyer to seller without an intermediate bank being required.It simultaneously takes them out of the control of creation of monetary units (by printing paper money or issuing debt.) In the case of Bitcoin, for example, new “coins” are created during the process of BTC transaction verification, which is known as “mining.” New monetary units in the Bitcoin realm are created by people doing the work of making the Bitcoin ecosystem function; not by the banking elite.This new system of money is an absolute death threat to this ruling class; if it reached its full potential without being knee capped (which is what “they” are trying to do at every juncture), it represents a death knell to the World Bank, the BIS, the Central Banking systems—and all of those “first in line” who feed at the troughs they create.I used the phrase “crypto is kryptonite” to describe its impact on that class of people.I argue that you should think about things in this way: this class of power elite will stop at nothing to prevent people from using crypto. They don’t care about party affiliation; they didn’t prop Sam up simply because he was going to funnel money to the Democrats—because in the end, they don’t really care about Democrats. They don’t care about anybody.What they wanted to do was collapse the crypto market and force a greater degree of regulation on crypto markets so that they can choke it off. That’s their objective. If they could do that while simultaneously bringing more chaos to the US and to the Russia/US/Ukraine situation—well, in their view, all the better. They thrive on chaos, because they sell both weapons and bandages to both sides in wars, as they always have.Another point I want to encourage you to think about is what is being revealed with respect to our current midterm elections.What you see happening in the US in race after race, state and after state—and even country after country, e.g. Brazil—isn’t that the Republicans gained a huge advantage—and it isn’t that Democrats gained a huge advantage—it’s more the case that whoever is behind the election manipulation process wants to maximize gridlock. They want stalemates; they want 50.1 to 49.9 % deadlocks to maximize discontent.This is the correct frame to view things from.They want us at each other’s throats more than they care about any particular policy position (other than pushing “climate change” so as to give the powerful elite more control over the movement and political power of the underclasses), and they want to stop Trump at all costs. Because he, more than any other person on the planet, poses the biggest risk to their continued domination of the game.We must understand their game theory strategies and payoffs to understand why they do what they do.To satisfy their own ends, they don’t want either party to be in control right now—they want there to be a standstill, a stalemate, chaos that leads to a breakdown of civil order, or civil war. They want this because their objective is to destroy The US Republic, and to continue to be in control of the money supply . . .[SNIP]



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