Chinese Protest For Freedom, Then Tanks role in, and Gather Up Citizens Into “Covid” Camps

Chinese Protest For Freedom, Then Tanks role in, and Gather Up Citizens Into “Covid” Camps

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Friday, 2-Dec-2022 04:26:02



White Guards kicking in doors to raid apartments. Video from this night. #China #ChinaUprisingThread #ChinaProtests #ChinaRevolution in Xinyuanli, Chaoyang District, Beijing!
Last night.#Beijing #BeijingUnrest #China #ChinaUprisingThread #ChinaProtests #WorldNews— NEWS ALL TIME (@NEWS_ALL_TIME) December 2, 2022 Guards kicking in doors to raid apartments.
Video from this night.#China #ChinaUprisingThread #ChinaProtests #ChinaRevolution— NEWS ALL TIME (@NEWS_ALL_TIME) December 2, 2022 Huge Crowd Of People Arriving On Buses To Covid Camps In China Recently #ChinaProtests #ChinaCovidNews #China #BreakingNews— NEWS ALL TIME (@NEWS_ALL_TIME) December 2, 2022The Chinese Communists are using the Covid pandemic, which has long past now, as an excuse to round up protestors and bus them to concentration camps. There are rumors that few people ever return from those camps. And quite often families will have their children taken away, which could be used in child trafficking.
We have no way of knowing if they ever see their children again. In addition to that, young women are quite often kidnapped off the streets, never to be seen again. They are then sold to the highest bidder.With a population of 1.3 billion, the communist government doesn’t respect or protect its citizens. They have the largest slave labor camps in the world. They also designate prisoners for organ removal and sell their organs on the global market for profit. Keep in mind that all Chinese citizens are prisoners.The communist doctors cut out the organs while the people are still alive, then let them die a horrible death. This is done on a daily basis like a factory pumping out organs on an assembly line basis.
The US should not buy products from a country that does such diabolical things to human beings.But our politicians turn a blind eye to all of these savage acts and rub their hands in greed and expectation of making more profits from Chinese companies. Our president and his family are prime traffickers in business deals with China, to the tune of untold $ millions. And yet, the mainstream news media never reports on these facts.
The corruption runs deep in this nation today, and how to reverse this trend seems to be an unreachable goal. We can’t even achieve fair elections anymore. We are doomed.
It is said that: “All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing”.Unfortunately, it seems that we are many steps beyond having the ability to turn things around. Since it is well known that evil eventually self destructs, it is best to stay back and not get in the way of an enemy destroying itself.But for goodness sake, we should not be silent when we see these things done to our fellowman. For humanities sake we should speak up and share these things with friends and family, so at least we know in our hearts we are not part of the problem by our silence. GE

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