December 3, 2022: Remastering Humanity [videos]

December 3, 2022: Remastering Humanity [videos]

December 3, 2022


The shifts have been subtle in many cases, but over the past six years or so with the Q Military Intelligence and the Trump Truths, Humanity has been on a rapidly sliding scale of “becoming”.  Becoming what? Becoming more Human. We’re wiser, more discerning, more aware, more creative, more compassionate, more generous, more committed, more loving, more accepting, more forgiving, more educated, more _______. You can fill in the blanks. We are more.

This ‘movie’ we have been watching has given us new eyes and ears to decode the world we couldn’t see before due to the blatant censorship by the controllers and our own programming. Now that we have left the realm of “eyes wide shut”, we can respond appropriately to the issues at hand.

Shadows still mask the reality in many places but the recent revelations about what has transpired in Ukraine have been nothing short of astonishing. It’s more evidence that the Nazis weren’t defeated in the second world war and didn’t disappear; they simply went underground to regroup, strategize, and build their empire slowly away from the prying eyes of the masses.

The cabal’s corporate media spins lies about what is happening in Ukraine, who is involved, why, and what the goals are. They, of course, vilify Russia but it is not Russian soldiers who are massacring the Ukrainian people; it is the rogue Nazi/Ukrainian Nationalist terrorist groups.

Through a few sources we can see the proof of what has been festering in Ukraine for years. The crew shared a fantastic German documentary with news footage and much more. Unfortunately, since I don’t speak German and the signage, etc. is in Russian, it is challenging to make sense of it but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and if you watch and pick up the small sections of English in the film you can connect the dots.

Some of it is graphic and disturbing but I believe it is important to our survival and ability to wrap our heads around the story of our civilization here on Earth to be brave and face the truth. We will find it more difficult to make sense of things if we have large gaps where the puzzle pieces are missing. You can watch on Odysee at the link below. 1 hr. 39 min.


As Gene Decode told us, the Nazis in portions of Ukraine have been amassing weapons and training their children for a new generation of “Hitler’s youth”. They are building armies. In the film above you will see “heil Hitler” signage and hand signals, swastikas, arm patches, and many variations of them and tattoos used by militant groups who are white supremacists and terrorists.

What we may find surprising is how many women are involved. They comprise 15 per cent of their Neo-Nazi army.

Oddly enough, when questioned by journalists many of these Nazis deny being Nazis at all. They rationalize their behaviour. They claim it’s a “propaganda war”. Well, yes, it is, but as Shakespeare pointed out, a name is just a name. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and these violent, hateful people are a danger to the rest of Humanity who simply want to live their lives in peace.

The Ukrainian nationalists, as some claim themselves to be, are a vast cult; brutal, ruthless, and bent on ruling again. According to this documentary they have established satellite groups in the West; Wisconsin, Edmonton, Alberta, Etobicoke, Ontario, and others. There is footage of many Western politicians chanting “Slava Ukraine” or “glory to Ukraine”. What is Prime Minister Trudeau doing? Where does his allegiance lie? As most of us already know, he’s a globalist puppet.

The Western sympathizers would have us sending billions of dollars to Ukraine to save the Ukrainian people when it’s the terrorists who are getting the money and a whole lot of weapons and use it all to slaughter innocent people. Humanity is being duped and we must get wise to the ploys and stop the insanity.

There is also a French documentary about what has been happening in Ukraine. You can read the article below and the 1 hr film with English subtitles follows.

French documentary exposes neo-Nazi role in Ukraine

Now that the heavy stuff is out of the way, we have a real stunner for you—in a good way. The crew shared this old footage of Antarctica and you will be blown away by what they are hiding down there. THIS is why none of us are allowed to go there. I think it’s damned unfair, don’t you? It’s OUR planet. It’s a 4 minute video packed with original footage that will wow you to no end.

It’s a miracle this evidence of previous civilizations hasn’t yet been destroyed, but perhaps the fact that so many nations have resources there is protecting it.


I missed a video a few months ago from Allison Coe from a quantum hypnotherapy session with a male client, a chiropractor. Her videos are always riveting. She reads the notes she transcribes from the sessions with clients’ permission and your imagination will do the rest. They journey to three different places in this session, all in the mind of the client.

Earth’s Energy Shifts, Higher Dimensional Beings

Real Raw News does indeed have some fascinating stories these days. Nazi Pelosi is at the centre of a couple. You can choose from the latest articles here.

The comments tell us there are more intriguing interviews and round tables to take in but I have not been able to listen to Gene Decode’s latest or the others enthusiastically shared by the crew—yet. The SGAnon talk on ElijahStreams was outstanding and he really opened the eyes of the hosts who weren’t as up on some things as many of us are. The Great Awakening. It’s a beautiful thing.

It’s been raining for almost three hours here and it’s the perfect day for Christmas baking so off I go. I grabbed some wood before the rain came so I can have a lovely fire tonight. Snow would be nice but this dark, drizzly December day in the desert is perfect. I’ll take it.

Enjoy your weekend, folks. Some people we know are having very rough times with their families and fur babies. It’s time to say goodbyes and that’s not fun, especially at this time of year. There seems no end to the pain and suffering on so many levels but better days are ahead. We know that.

It’s up to the rest of us to keep the vibration high so dwell on the positive stuff rather than the negative. It’s a choice.

Oh, and I was asked to tell the crew that pup Chinook felt your love and support when he transitioned a few weeks ago. You calmed and soothed him and he is in good hands now. The animal communicator brought closure for the parents and they asked me to pass that on with their deep gratitude. Well done.  ~ BP

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