GMI: “CONSUMER ALERT: The Deadly Reason Tylenol Should Be Banned Immediately” – Dec 28 2022

GMI: “CONSUMER ALERT: The Deadly Reason Tylenol Should Be Banned Immediately”

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Date: Wednesday, 28-Dec-2022 06:29:29

=====CONSUMER ALERT: The Deadly Reason Tylenol Should Be Banned ImmediatelyTylenol, a trademarked form of the chemical known as acetaminophen or paracetamol, is one of the most commonly used painkillers in the United States today, yet is also one of the most dangerous. For instance, nearly 500 die and 30,000 are hospitalized each year in the US as a result of its well established, yet seldomly discussed toxic effects.
Marketed by Johnson & Johnson primarily for pain and fever relief (including to highly vulnerable populations such as infants and children), few consumers are aware of the true extent of the risks it carries, as well as what safer, natural alternatives may exist, as documented by a growing body of biomedical and clinical literature.
For instance, a 2017 article published in Journal of Hepatology titled, “Public Health: Acetaminophen (APAP) Hepatotoxicity–Isn’t It Time for APAP to Go Away?,” summarizes the alarming nature of Tylenol’s toxicity problem as follows:Continues:’s Most Powerful Pain RelieversNature has safe nontoxic answers to the crisis of over-reliance and addiction to pain medications with their known harmful effects.Pain is increasingly a part of everyday life for many people. The use of pain medications, including over the counter and prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) — ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen and diclofenac — and opioids — legal ones such as morphine, codeine, oxycodone, fentanyl and methadone or illegal narcotics such as heroin — is escalating to epic proportions.More than 96% of all those over the age of 65 have used an NSAID for pain control within the last two weeks. NSAIDs are known to have serious side effects such as gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers as well as kidney failure and higher cardiovascular risks for strokes and heart attacks.[ii] In England, NSAIDs were associated with 30% of all hospital admissions for preventable adverse drug reactions.[iii]Continues:*************************************************************

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