(Reader: TruthIsUnbreakable) Can’t Wake up the Conformists, End these Psychological Operations and Bad Movie, Why Not Recruit More into Good Guy Groups to End Evil Doers and their Minions?



(Reader: TruthIsUnbreakable) Can’t Wake up the Conformists, End these Psychological Operations and Bad Movie, Why Not Recruit More into Good Guy Groups to End Evil Doers and their Minions?



 -Monday, 23 January 2023, 2:22 AM

Reader Post | By TruthIsUnbreakable

As I’ve said with my last pieces and haven’t heard a peep from the good guys groups nor a couple of channels that I forwarded information to.

15+ MINUTE CITIES, PROTESTS, FORCED INJECTIONS, NATURAL MAN CAN’T SPIRITUALLY DISCERN: With more insanity going on. Am glad in certain areas as in Brazil as some of the military protected the protestors and in France, the people worldwide are standing up against tyranny. Despite the mass opposition in Oxford against the 15-minute cities that heavily restricts your freedom of movement as they will become prisoners of the state, the city council and the government don’t care they are implementing it anyway due to following orders. Scotland are implementing their 20-minute cities nationwide. But with all of the protests, this will make the people easy targets by the deep state. In Brazil, heard that 2000 protestors were arrested after the Capitol uprising, that the military at first protected the protestors, but after pressure from the Feds were ordered to stand down and they complied. That is why the two thousand protestors that included forty children that were taken to a detention center where two children died as a result of them being deprived of food. About a thousand political prisoners of men and women were forcibly injected with the deadly covid “vaccines”, treated like a slave, and forced to confess their support for the Globalist Evil Lula da Silva regime. Why didn’t the military protect these political prisoners? Yet, people claim “the military is the only way” when they continue to obey tyrannical orders no different than the Feds, the Police, and other Medical Professionals? Talk about protecting and serving the crap out of you. Those under the conformist/order follower mindset won’t wake up even if you take their money away they will go insane and target everyone who wronged them that would lead to a Mad Max scenario.

Not everyone will operate nor be awake as you are. Not everyone has the means nor the connections to do everything. There will always be those who are awake, don’t care, in the middle, insane, stupid, or evil. The order followers only understand three things: comply, stand down orders, or be taken out. You can’t reason with those who won’t question anything as they are not only in the conformist mindset, but are the natural man/woman under 1 Corinthians 2:14, they can’t spiritually discern the times that we are in with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

BASIL IV, CBDC UNDER CONTROL OF WHITE HATS, TRUTH NEEDS TO BE BROADCASTED ALL AIRWAVES, CONSERVATIVE INC, MAD MAX SOCIETY, AND OTHER QUESTIONSSTOP GASLIGHTING WITH THE FALSE 80% AWAKENING LEVELAlso, I have listened to channels such as Charlie Ward as he explained about the Basil IV gold-standard currency compliance with the Banks deadline was January 1st. Turns out that 50% of the U.S. banks are Basil IV compliant. Why not list which banks that are compliant so people have the heads up and can get the money out of those banks that not Basil IV compliant? Just so you know that precious metals such as gold and silver firms do use banks in order to convert into precious metals. Does that include credit unions? What about the stock markets? Is that hard to ask? Am not surprised that other commodities are not just precious metals, but land, diamonds, oil, minerals, crypto, and other tangible value that is backed by gold.

What is with the CBDC being under the control of the white hats? What evidence(s) support this claim true or false? This video is a part three of the white hats bringing down the banking system. As this presentation shows and tells of documents, word changes, and pros and cons of how the CBDC supposedly controlled by the white hats are used to bring down the system so Nesara/Gesara via the QFS comes into full effect. Even if that is the case, most would not understand what is taking place. Supposedly there are some big events for a big part of the transition into the QFS for Europe by March 2023 and in the USA by October/November 2023. My concern is the Mad Max scenario that may result out of the chaos thereof. How long after the evil system is shut down would QFS take effect? Right away, days, weeks, months, years, you tell me?

 It’s true more are angry about inflation (not under control) and rising cost of living is getting worse. Look at $1.75 trillion more for clown world that includes CBDC, pentagon gender training, motel vouchers, and more. Glad to see Blackrock lose $1.5 trillion and 500 layoffs, as they continue to go woke and will go broke. Did hear that Bank of America had a massive computer glitch with the Zelle transaction as for hours people didn’t have money until the problem was recognized and the problem was resolved. Is this the beta test for the transition from the old to the new good or bad system? While Conservative Inc. will continue to sell out not only for the love of $$, but to control the narrative, mix truth with lies as part of the psychological operations all about bloodlines and control!

Oh, since the people didn’t rise up of the sex trafficking and independent films such as “the sound of freedom”, that taking the $$ money away from the people will have to wake people up. Really? Not every platform including the mainstream ones ever “show and tell” this and that information, not everyone will turn to Bitchute, Rumble, and other platforms for the truth. Some chose to disconnect from everything as they are happy in their own little world. As the sheeple won’t believe it unless it’s on the TV, Radio, other fakestream media, YouTube, and/or stand-down orders from their superiors. Not everyone will wake up and do what you perceive will happen due to the years of indoctrination, ignorance, and mass psychosis. The fact that you believe taking people’s money $$ away will wake them up is a fantasy and BS as this will only cause massive civil unrest, chaos, destruction, Mad Max society, and increase of lower vibration that suits the evil doers plan of an angrier world and the antichrist system. Lets say if you do take people’s money $$ away, how long do you plan on dragging that out until they die from starvation, disease, and/or violence? Think about the long-term consequences of both the positive and the negative. Why select those who would rob and rule you better?

If you really wanted the truth out, you would not be playing any psychological operations, with information, healing, and truth freely given and freely received. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. The truth would be broadcast on all platforms including TV, radio, bitchute, rumble, youtube, etc. and even if or when it’s broadcasted not everyone will believe it. In order for the truth to be broadcasted on all platforms you need power and the grid to work, not for everything to collapse and we are in mass survival Mad Max style. You need to accept not everyone will seek the truth, nor will ever grow up, so if you the good guy groups can’t except that you won’t be able to achieve the supposed 80% awakening level under what circumstances since you can’t admit is it one thing, somethings, or everything? Talk about gaslighting and psychological operations at it’s finest.

Listen to what KS Patriot has to say of why the Awake should suffer from the Fools, including the well done responses as well. Who determined the awakening level and now so and so says that 25% are fully awake and 70% are mentally ill as one of the reasons why Nesara/Gesara is slowly being rolled out to not offend the mentally ill and keep moving the goal post but give me more $$ to hear the truth, are you freaking kidding me? There’s no waking up the mentally ill/conformists out there as they won’t change. Stop playing it’s God time, when the real actions prove it’s your time. The consequences of playing God always ends badly!

Do you realize that people aren’t only cruel to each other and deceive one another in various ways for their own personal gain, for the love of $$ is the root of all evil as stated in 1 Timothy 6:10 and more. People can be cruel to animals as well. For example, millions of cattle could starve to death due to rail, feed crisis, but are diverting the food to chickens for now. Are so and so okay with letting animals starve along with people? But that’s okay because the meat supply is tainted with other poisons and mRNA injections. Despite what we know, nothing is done, because the system is broken, there is no one to go to, and not everyone has the means nor the connections to do everything as you the good guy groups do. Freedom isn’t really free, this false savior complex only deceives people into believing the ways of the world, instead of trusting in God. Am sure there are real good men and women out there doing what they can to stop the evil doers and their minions, at all sides for that thank you and God wins.

MEDBEDS QUESTIONS: With the real MedBeds, common sense with discernment will tell you that you need more than one technician to make sure they are helping you with real healing via “do no harm”. If you are unconscious due to an accident, you will have a trauma unit with real medical professionals who use the MedBeds to help heal you. Where are the training programs for the people to be trained as technicians for these MedBeds, or is that a lie? Have heard there are those who have studied Nikola Tesla’s drawings on the real MedBeds and are attempting the re-engineer that process through the use of frequencies and steroids. I hope they succeed in doing so because we can’t wait any longer for the real MedBeds that would be beneficial to both animals and humans. While the current fake MedBeds that only provide extreme temporary healing are money laundering schemes. I’ve been there and have tried a couple such as the Energy Enhancement System and the Tesla Biohealer. With the EES, I’ve contacted the EES place by email since you can’t talk a representative by phone, can only email them and never heard a response, while the Unifyd representative could care less of what I had to say, but respected my views. In my local area, I contacted the place where they had the EES and informed them of my questions and concerns and never heard a response back. At least with the Tesla Biohealer you can easily talk to a representative and they are very professional and at least admit their product isn’t designed to permanently heal. For some it works better than others. It depends how many units you use, your health and lifestyle. As for me, when you have deep pain and anatomy issues those products are band-aid for what I need and am not alone as well. Don’t appreciate being lied to as the lies destroy.

MCCARTHY & TRUMP: With regards to Trump endorsing another WEF agent McCarthy. Sure it may seem as exposure mixed with psychological operations, but this swamp critter became speaker of the house. The Globalists needed McCarthy, to win. Thank you, to the 20 who held off so the world could see the mess we are in. We are run by a global government, the Republic has fallen. Jefferies was a Stand In Scarecrow. Would take a Civil War to remove these evil psychopaths! The fact that people still believe that Trump will save the day, first is that the real or the one of many doubles? Why does he and/or the doubles continue to promote the agendas, be pro-abortion, Israel, LGBT, Big Pharma, and the Uniparty? Does he still worship Apollo as his god and being a Freemason, and has artwork of Apollo and Pan on his MaraLago property? If he truly served God, he would’ve gotten rid of the false Idols. Actions and Symbolism speak louder than words.

NFL DAMAR HAMLIN COLLAPSE WAS A RITUALSHILLING FOR THE BEAST, AND SENSATIONALISM THAT DRIVES EMOTION INSTEAD OF REAL SOLUTIONSAlso, with Damar Hamlin, the Buffalo Bills NFL player who collapsed on the field not only had a cardiac arrest as a result from the Covid vaccine, while the mainstream media, the NFL, and other corporate sponsors are covering this up. While normalizing heart attacks and strokes as the new health for those who are jabbed with these shots. Is okay to pray at the NFL games, while they placed the # 33 in the mix as that player stood up, while the rest of the Buffalo teammates kneeled down. If anyone noticed the ritual thereof. As Peggy Hall noted as Hamlin’s arm was still moving after he collapsed on the field. There is some truth to that in the past I have passed out that you body does move for a few seconds and you will notice it. As you are aware of what’s happening with you. With the last time I passed out due to nasty flu bug, all that I remember that I was very weak, blacked out, my Mom caught me, but kept walking and noticed that and heard a voice saying “don’t worry it’s your body’s way of getting rid of the toxins in your body”, came to, and questioned how did I walk from here to there, my Mom led me to the chair, was weak but okay and clammy, and got through the flu bug experience. Why would Hamlin have a toy charity fund after the holidays as millions of dollars rolled in and in the promo photo of Hamlin’s charity shows him and a kid making a Illuminati hand sign called the Diablo via the Devil horns. Even in his hospital bed are more 33 symbolism. Why would Hamlin made this miraculous recovery not even a week after collapsing with heart issues from the shot, and flew from Cincinnati to Buffalo as you are in the high altitude would increase the blood clots and strokes. Am surprised the doctors cleared him to fly that soon? Would you think he should’ve taken other modes of transportation other than flying such as by train? You may want to check out the latest by the Covid blog as this summarizes other Covid vaccine injuries and deaths, other poisons and metallic particles found within the shots. Including a Damar Hamlin update as to why with his $3.6 million contract with the NFL, had now made $9 million from gofundme that’s $12 million they made so far. Those within the truth community such as Joe Rogan and Stew Peters who use sensationalism and fear to mix truth with lies. Question everything.

Speaking of athletes more are dying from each week to each month, what is being done to help them?

Just so you know, Stew Peters documentaries are designed to create sensationalism without presenting any solutions whatsoever. With the Waters documentary and the theory of the snake venom in the water supply was only a theory. But in that same documentary made Covid-19 appear to exist, despite the fact the virus wasn’t isolated under Koch’s postulates, those who did found Influenza A & B. Is there any doubt there are bioweapons and Frankenstein experiments that continue to this day? This is still open for debate, as to no surprise of the toxins and fluoride are in the water supply. What test was used to determine the snake venom in the water? To assume the venom was found in the water supply and claim Covid is real, when in fact you bought into another psychological operation. With Covid there are no virus isolates as there are mass documents that prove so in various countries and in the courts that they could not enforce the testing and more. Since the people fought back against the mandates, the only reason they stopped the mandates due to orders to stand down.

Those who don’t the definition of what Covid is to what a virus is. Am surprised as those within the truth community that would easily buy into the venom theory without question. Even Dr. Ardis admitted that the snake venom was only a theory, sure there are medical studies, but doesn’t prove that Covid exists. Whether or not you believe that Snake Venom are in the shots is up to you, but what has been proven are other poisons, parasites, heavy metals, luciferase, nanoparticles, Graphene hydroxide and oxide. To whether or not Seramin treats Snake Venom and helps those with Autism? Whether or not to use Quercetin, NAC, and Vitamin C to help with the blood clotting as well?

Those that know better Covid is about compliance with the shots and the great reset that benefits the cabal. Those who complied with the mass faulty PCR testing and zero Covid policy because the authorities said so advanced the totalitarian state. The same faulty PCR testing led to the mass culling of chickens and turkeys under the guise of bird flu and safety. Why the spell casting via spiritual wickedness, ignorance, conformist, and mass psychosis is so great that they would rather live in the lie over the truth. Those who give up liberties for peaceful slavery deserve neither.

With the “Died Suddenly” documentary was again more sensationalism, as there was plagiarism in a few scenes with the blood clot taken out of a person’s heart was back in 2019 and a facial deformity on a child was back in 2015 that the Covid blog found and is backed up with real evidence. The fact that Dr. Jane Ruby wasn’t credited for introducing Dr. Hirschman for finding the blood clots in the vaccinated. Trump wasn’t mentioned as one of the public figures who promoted the shots to the public and refuses to recant his statements on that alone. It’s true that those who died from the shots found massive blood clots and more know who died from the Covid shots and those who didn’t. As the documentary promoted more fear and sensationalism instead of real solutions to help those vaccinated so they don’t form more blood clots among other means that leads to their sudden deaths. Don’t you think there should be solutions to help these people the sooner the better?

FAKE ER DOCTORS, DR. MALONE, SUSPENSION OF COVID SHOTS, QUALITY ECONOMY, AND OTHER QUESTIONSFound this interesting video by Vincent Rhodes as he goes over the two ER doctors who promoted all of the Masking, Lockdowns, and Covid deaths were found to be fake with stock images, including their profiles being Dr. Robert Honeyman and his husband that suits the LGBT community. Dr. Jane Ruby is being sued by Dr. Robert Malone in a defamation suit, while she interviewed Edward Dowd of his new book “Cause Unknown”, at the end of his book was about the Malone Doctrine that supposedly grants civil liberties, choices, and open to public debate. As Dr. Malone and the other 17,000 doctors called for the Covid shots to NOT be removed from the market, but to be re-categorized as “gene therapy”, while still calling the shots as vaccines. Why compromise with Murder Inc. then by allowing their crimes against humanity to go unpunished? Does Malone benefit from the sales of these Covid shots in different means nor different how he benefited from the Covid testing and the Monoclonal antibody treatments that are sponsored by the Gates Foundation? Why isn’t Dr. Malone calling out the crimes against humanity, with calls to arrest the public officials for starters. Including the alphabet organizations such as the CDC, FDA,… and the WEF are not only disbanded, but for the young global leaders to be tried for treason. When in fact he is suing those such as Dr. Jane Ruby who are fighting for truth and humanity. Yes, she is affiliated with Stew Peters who sells sensationalism, but she too shows and tells the truth and she is not perfect by any means nor is anyone else. Agree with Dr. Malone on Not supporting Trump while he promotes the Covid-19 jabs that continue to cause mass suffering and deaths. But at least Dr. Malone agrees on building alternative systems such as a parallel economy. But in order to do so, we need to be in a Quality Economy that manufactures goods at the state and local level, not in our current Quantity Economy that benefits the Satanic Cabal. With the way things are going, we don’t have much time before we are completely enslaved and/or are dead in the totalitarian system.

“Decentralization and abundance are the enemies of authoritarianism.”

Good to see that both Dr. Aseem Malhotra and Dr. Joseph Fraiman call for the suspension of the mRNA Covid shots. It’s not just the Covid shots that need to be suspended/removed from the market, it’s the other vaccines and other mRNA shots as well. For example, Moderna CEO announces more mRNA shots for heart failure patients that supposedly grows back new blood vessels. They claim to fix the problem they created, are toxic by design, these murderous agencies committed mass murder with these shots, while covering up their crimes against humanity. Modification of RNA Translation: we have more blood clot poisons such as graphene hydroxide and oxide that make you suffer and kill you faster that suits depopulation agenda and for our satanic overlords. Solution: don’t take any of these shots give them to your local tyrant and overlords! More need to stand up! God Bless those such as Dr. Michael Kirk Moore, as he and three others have been charged with destroying two thousand Covid vaccines and giving saline shots instead at the parents request to charging them Fifty dollars donations for fake vaccine passports. While the Government accuses those who don’t do harm as defrauding the government and saved lives by not consenting to tyranny. Because those who gave out these shots knew these caused harm will face the consequences. May the real Nuremberg II trials commence. Also, I found some natural healing protocol if you chose to take to neutralize the damage from the mRNA shots and where to purchase Ivermectin and howbadismybatch. Just so you know this may work for some, but not all depending on the individual. From what I learned about Martha Stewart’s Pfizer Ad of chopping off the Pineapple/Pineal Crown that is replaced with the Copper Top as you see the copper pans in the kitchen above her head. Not only does she looks evil, but is another ritual as with the other celebrities instructed to promote this that suits their god. Found a medical study of the top of the pineapple is the green stem called Bromelain that kills the spike proteins. As it inhibits the Coronavirus infection via targeting ACE‐2, TMPRSS2, and spike protein. Am not surprised that Martha’s kitchen mirrors to the Grand Canyon meets the Indian in the Cupboard.

HONEYBEES, GAS STOVES BAN LEADS TO BAN OF NATURAL GAS AND CARBON BASED ENERGY, & 6G HUMAN BATTERYWhat you are going to do when the evil doers vaccinate the Honeybees that kills the bees and destroys the food supply? Why allow the fake Biden administration to ban Natural Gas Stoves? Including those such as New York Governor Kathy Hochul call for the ban of Gas Stoves in certain buildings. All because of a supposed Asthma study that claimed to be caused by gas stoves, including brain damage that was designed to suit an agenda. It’s all about consent and control. The consequences of banning gas stoves leads to the ban of natural gas and carbon based energy, which means minimized manufacturing, minimal food production, and mass decline in the human population as those who survive this would be slaves to the nightmare carbon restrictions. Which is why the evil doers and their minions are pushing the 6G human battery and the electric kingdom that makes it easier to turn off your devices for thinking and operating against the system. Why is the fluoride allowed in the drinking water, the poisons in everything including the air, water, food, the fake food industry, famine as the mainstream media admits on “the worst food crisis in modern history”, and the continuation of agendas and weather warfare and psychological operations allowed to continue? Reality is not everyone will wake up because not everyone has the resources nor the connections to do everything as you the good guys groups have and more? Those under the conformist mindset will obey orders no matter how evil they are, which is why we are in the times we are in. No more games. But of course anything that promotes control, depopulation, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree.

BIDEN ADMINISTRATION ON THE WAY OUT ONE CAN ONLY HOPE, BIDEN’S HANDLING OF CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS WHILE VICE PRESIDENTMCCARTHY WILL REPLACE BIDEN?Am not surprised that the media/mockingbird media, injustice department, and the fake Biden administration are covering up when Biden hides classified documents while vice president. But go insane via witch hunt when Trump has documents. Do as I say, not as I do. Besides, old Joe doesn’t even know where he is, while reading his scripts in the fake white house. Would not be surprised the other set of documents are even in the Biden home garage that is locked along with the Corvette. How’s laundering money and laundering classified documents working out? That is so straight out of the TV show Hoarders. As to no surprise the Biden administration fails to comply with the Classified Documents after vowing the supposed highest standards of transparency. Those such as Democrat representative Hank Johnson (believed that the Island of Guam would tip over if there are too many people were on it) now believes the Classified Documents were planted on Biden, Nancy Pelosi eats a chip while avoiding the question. In total twenty classified documents have been found. As the Babylon Bee pointed out there are thirty other things that investigators have found in Biden’s garage, even though it’s satire is based on fact. Ever since Biden has been Government employed he’s been selling Government information, enriching themselves, and other evil deeds that benefited them. As a result of this, would Kamala Harris take over the fake Presidency would be an absolute nightmare? Is this more political theater as usual?

Perhaps WEF puppet McCarthy will replace fake Biden as President? While the UN moves their headquarters to Laos, and the evil doers lose control of Earth. Lets see what really happens?

“There are signs this is happening. In the US, a power struggle has resulted in a compromise wherein neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden will be in power. The Supreme Court rejected the Brunson case to overthrow the 2020 election because it would have installed Donald Trump as president. The reason is the Donald Trump who has appeared in public since January of 2020 is a vaccine-pushing fraud. The real Donald Trump, whose son Barron was injured by vaccines, was virulently opposed to them. This means if the Supreme Court had reinstated Trump then the avatar Joe Biden, who took orders from the Rockefellers, would have been replaced by a Trump avatar who took orders from the Rothschilds.”

CONFORMISTS ARE BASED ON A TWISTED EVIL RELIGION AS THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS BASED ON CONSENTJust so you know there is no judicial nor political nor any solution whatsoever as power corrupts. When you solve one problem, you create ten more problems. Can’t trust our judicial system such as SCOTUS to do the right thing as they are “agents of Rome” and serve the Cabal. Why the vaccine mandates have been lifted because the majority complied, as with the New York Supreme court ruled on no vaccine mandate for healthcare workers because the shots “don’t prevent against transmission.” This suit allows healthcare workers to go back to work without compromising on their sincerely held religious beliefs. Don’t forget there were many religious exemptions that were denied. Now, we are seeing the lawsuits saying the mandates were unlawful, not justified, and discriminate due to medical or religious exemptions. While fired workers from New York City are suing the city for $250 million and to end the Covid Vaccine Mandate. Now, the fake Biden Administration seeks the mask mandate again in order to force the masses into compliance by selling more fear. As there is no science to back up the masking, it’s source slavery control. None of these agencies are competent nor are justified because they exposed their true colors with selling fear for control purposes.

The so-called justice system is not only a failure, but disclosure of how corrupt and our system really is as they serve corporations and the overlords. Don’t forget the majority under the conformist mindset complied with tyranny, enforced draconian mandates, discriminated, harassed through force or violence who didn’t comply, denied basic human rights, and became guinea pigs on the altar of Pharmakeia. The result of mass suffering and death, depending on how many real cocktails did they really take (based on the lot # as ending in 1 is saline, 2 is mRNA, and 3 is kill) spike protein shedding, suffering or dead that creates customers for the medical industrial complex. While turning hospitals into prisons via murder mills that go on to this day. Where were these medical professionals during the start of the vaccine mandates, but go on strike when it comes to pay? Mandates, Policies, Rules, Regulations, etc. aren’t laws. Consent and Contract makes the law. Would’ve been much easier if the majority recognized the psychological operations and the evil thereof and refused to comply over $$, really? It’s not only the spiritual wickedness in our own communities, but a lack of brains, morals, and principle.

As there is no big money in real cures for the healthy, as illness is a big business as to no surprise as to whom benefits. While in other places enact “policies” as if they are “laws”, as “mandates” aren’t laws. Again, the policy enforcers do their bidding of the federal and state corporations (that have no souls) and enact the policies, while infringing liberties, discriminate, harass, coerce, threaten, and/or force and/or violence into compliance with tyranny. Again, you can’t reason with the conformist storm-troopers as their only languages they understand is comply, stand down orders, or be taken down. Makes you wonder why qualified immunity hasn’t been removed, as the policy enforcers are given more power and immunity from prosecution. Don’t forget those wrongfully accused by the system because they were perceived a threat to the tyrants as may inspire free speech and/or how evil these tyrants operate. What is being done to free the Jan 6th prisoners held without due process, the same with Schaeffer Cox, Julian Assange, etc.?

As this whole system is based on consent. Without the consent of the governed, the evil doers and their minions lose their power and control. What are are seeing with this and that exposure will keep going til the end of time. As religious freedom and dangerous liberties continues to vanish, you can tell that history and philosophies rhyme from compliance to organized religion, divine intervention when it was not it was authoritarianism. For example, in Number 33 of the Holy Bible explains when Moses and the Israelities were in the wilderness, one day on the Sabbath a man gathered sticks that apparently was forbidden under “the law of Moses”. As Moses used his authority and claimed God commanded him and his people to stone the man who gathered sticks to death. That is what happened. This includes ego, narcissism, pseudo science, and mass psychosis. It’s the same authoritarian mindset and/or conformist mindset that hasn’t changed because philosophies never change as these people will commit atrocities no matter how evil the actions are because their victims didn’t respect authority. The spiritual sickness and wickedness is not only in high places, but in our own communities, makes you wonder why neighbors turn against neighbors all over a mask, compliance with lockdown orders, six feet apart, etc.

In Germany, a Holocaust survivor is forced to go into hiding after a German court authorizes her transfer to a psychiatric institution where she would receive two Covid injections. Apparently, her legal guardian has tried to institutionalize her several times. As the court system tried to make up that she is overweight isn’t of sound mind and other diagnosis that weren’t proven to be true. As this elderly woman has the backing of many people who came to her defense, which is why she is in hiding. Who could blame her? Have learned this about her, after this release which didn’t happen until Nov 2020 she was sent back in Dec 2020 and sentenced again in April 2022 for another year. Whether or not you believe this is true is up to you? Did hear some good news from Germany: a prison sentence against 94-year-old Ursula Haverbeck has been overturned. As the Globalists want to get of the elderly and disabled first through compliance if not by force. Bottom line, what is being done to end these Satanists once and for all?

 According to the branch conformists who are baptized in the pseudo science, they are the believers via clean and healthy when they submit to pharma, obey with medical tyranny, live in fear, receive all of their shots and more. Those zombies consider those of us not conforming to the pseudo science as their religion that a “policy” is their gods, you can’t breathe freely as the muzzle is slave conditioning, nor worship God freely, nor pray silently freely. Nor speak freely as those who view expressing another opinion is violence, and not submitting to authority as non-believers and are unclean. The problem are those who go along with the tyranny and know better. That’s what’s sickening to me as these mentally ill are easy to spot. That is why these same people will turn on you for non-compliance it’s not only ignorance, it’s cognitive dissonance, conformist mindset, and mass psychosis. While common sense, dignity, truth, morals and principle are becoming an endangered species. Makes you question who are the controlled opposition/plastic patriots are they are about themselves. Who are the defacto satanists with or without realizing it as presented by Mark Passio, as he explains how defacto satanism is applied to sensate gratification, to ego, narcissism, false belief as another animal, statists, doing what is easy instead of doing what is right to repeat the same immoral choices, and a mindset. I later learned that Passio was still a satanist but hiding behind “exposing” satanism while quietly poisoning people’s minds into embracing it. Makes you wonder if Passio is part of the psychological operations, I noticed at the end of his presentation he presents new age as the solution? Important to question who are truly standing for God, liberty, and truth.

WEF DAVOS 2023 AND ATTENDEES HIRED UNVACCINATED PILOTS: Since the WEF Davos group continue to brag about their domination and how they want to silence truth as truth is treason in the empire of lies. Including John Kerry, who spoke at the WEF event in Davos, brought up how “extraterrestrial” forces brought forth “selected” people to Davos in their mission to save the Earth from humans. They want us to stop eating meat and turn into soylent green society, while they eat meat use more carbon, and have everything under the sun, as it’s all about idol worship of the beast kingdom. But that’s okay, as we would “own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better”, major gaslighting at it’s finest! No surprise the WEF display anti family values by allowing the worldwide Sodom and Gomorrah/Gay Manifesto to indoctrinate the masses, change the times and the laws that suit control and separation from God. These demons keep revealing their true colors of replacing humans with machines who do their bidding. Including digital infrastructure plans to track vaccination status with the next engineered pandemic to create the fear and push the vaccine passports and the electric kingdom grid that suits the evil doers. According the WEF member rules, they can’t debate or lose their member status permanently, as they have no problem taking over liberties and subjugate the masses into total enslavement and genocide. Thanks to those such as Rebel News who ask the hardball questions to those such as Greta Thunberg, all that she did was laugh like an hyena as part of her mind control programming. When Rebel News asked Pfizer’s CEO, all that he did was thank you and have a nice day, the lizard didn’t care for being asked hard questions. Even Al Gore lost it at the WEF as he declares destruction and has been wrong for many decades, when in fact it’s weather warfare used to terraform the world that suits the evil doers. Gore’s pressure is real high, is it myocarditis, liar syndrome, give me $$ for reparations for fake climate change syndrome. Did he invent the internet? He looks well fed, no bugs on his menu. He has stayed rich by repeating himself and getting others to sing along with him. Anyway, this evil tyrant tool is a gas stove! Makes you wonder how long can we survive in a world that is now completely contaminated?

 While the FAA admits that vaccinated pilot EKG are no longer normal in the era of the Covid vaccines. This is in order to increase the EKG parameter range for pilots in order to prevent them from being grounded. This is all by design to place blame on everything but the shots. It’s okay for the WEF attendees to hire USA unvaccinated pilots to fly them to Davos, all in the name of safety. Through these evil doers actions, they know these shots are depopulation weapons. There will be those that will sell out for $$ money and/or principle. If I were one of those pilots, I would take the job, but before leaving make sure everyone on board was vaccinated with the real poisonous shots so the world is saved. While at Davos, the WEF predicts a ‘Catastrophic cyber event likely in the next two years’. What is being done to stop this? 

QUESTIONS, MY DREAMS WON’T BECOME A REALITY, & RECRUITMENT TO TAKE DOWN EVIL DOERS: Why allow evil doers to flourish? I’ve contacted a couple of channels on Bitchute and never heard a response, nor have heard a peep from the real good guy groups. This really bad b- rated film needs to end as this has cost many good lives that didn’t know better of both the animals and humans. It’s no wonder why more operate in the conformist/natural man mindset and go along with the ways of the herd and the world, as they have no spiritual discernment. No wonder why people are conditioned to believe the lies, indoctrinate the children into normalizing evil into good. Especially for those having their kids attending drag queen story hours and events geared toward grooming children into compliance. The evil shows no bounds, for example the Newsome California team of showing middle school children radical gender ideologies and porn, among other poisons fed to children. Yet, people can’t see the evil nor the abuse fed to our communities.

Even a security guard threatened to throw out a man out of the Mall of America over “Jesus is the way” t-shirt because it offended a few, it’s called free speech. That security guard will have to face Jesus one day and beg for forgiveness. In addition to suing for religious discrimination under 18 USC 247 and public accommodation under 42 USC 2000(a), are violations of civil rights. That guy who is doing the Lord’s work should get hundreds or thousands of people to wear Jesus t-shirt which is cool BTW, would love to see how the people react especially that security guard. Every knee will bow and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Years ago, none of this would be tolerated as more fear GodCall for what it is spiritual wickedness is a cancer on society, there are plenty who will remain in fear, believe the lies, be ignorant fools, and submit and/or become insane and/or evil. This battle is not only good vs evil, but the moralists vs the conformists, and the wise vs the fools. The natural man don’t have the spiritual discernment with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

John 14:17 KJV “Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.”

1 Corinthians 16:13-14 NIV “13 Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. 14 Do everything in love.”

Don’t tell me this is theater, playing God always ends badly, there’s always a better way to handle things so the transition into the good system can go smoothly without interruption in people’s lives. There are plenty who are ignorant, stupid, evil and/order followers as they will turn you in for non-compliance and wrongthink. Everyday is like Groundhog Day and I’m pissed of not having the means nor the connections to do everything and to permanently end these evil doers reign of terror. I was under the conformist mindset and will tell you that it took my years to snap out of my programming.

Will tell you good guy groups with the way things are going we don’t have months nor years to wake people up, if they won’t wake up now, they never will. Forget moving the goal post of 80% awakening level and claim it’s to not offend the mentally ill, do you know how stupid does this sound? Always check what sources that you use to verify what is really true or false. Why are certain channels still using Real Raw News as a trusted news source, without verifying if the information is true or false and their site is all satire? What happened to critical thinking, common sense, discernment, dignity, morals, and principle? The longer the deceptions and lies continue, the worse it gets for everyone as truth cannot be sugar coated no matter how one spins it. State the truth and the full truth, even though it’s painful at first, but keeping secrets always have a way of coming out. It’s worse when you knew the truth, but kept it quiet under the guise of this and that. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Real information, healing, and truth should be freely given and freely received. Correct a fool, and he will hate you. Correct a wise man, and he will appreciate you.

Do you understand where I am coming from? Am not the only one who has offered numerous times to sign up with one the of the good guy groups to take down the evil doers. Don’t you think the more the merrier who can tolerate a lot while learning more about ourselves? Because if more like-minded minds are put together, one can see what the other(s) can’t see, correct the issues and go from there. Yes, we need more lions, honeybadgers, squirrels (not furies) and freedom fighters out there standing against the forces of evil. I value faithfulness, loyalty, deep rooted, dignity, empathy, and trust. Am asking what do you value? If I had the means and the connections, would do what I can to assist the good guy groups, even have a center where any animal, including men, women, and children can be healed whatever is going on with them. Including turning into a former Mall that I am aware of into a Shelter for Animals, Rehab, and Homeless shelter as they would be treated with compassion and respect the Golden rule. There is certainly there is a great need for that now-a-days. But since I didn’t win the lottery, nor have the means nor the connections can’t make those dreams a reality.

Absolutely agree that these evil doers and their minions deserve all of the crap they enforced on we the people for centuries. Why those such as myself have been using critical thinking and asking the good guy groups as to what is really going on, why continue this charade under the guise of not offending the mentally ill because they aren’t awake enough to release Nesara/Gesara, whom do you really serve, and you are for real, don’t you think there would be mass recruitment to go after the evil doers and their minions? Because I’m game what about you?

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