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A post submitted by CGI member BolenReport.************************”I think we can get almost complete control of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes by the proper use of (vitamin C and lysine) … even cure it.” – Linus Pauling (The Last Interview)A method for treating, controlling and even “curing” heart disease was invented by the great American scientist Linus Pauling, PhD circa 1989.No Prescription RequiredLinus Pauling, a founder of modern chemistry, working in concert with his German associate Matthias Rath MD, realized that high doses of two common non-prescription nutrients available in any drug store, and otherwise required for life in smaller amounts, were key to a rapid “miraculous” recovery from cardiovascular disease.Albeit hard to believe, this monumental scientific discovery by one of America’s most famous Nobel prize winning scientists has been ignored. Pauling’s invention has never been mentioned by the mocking birds in the mainstream media. Funding for a study of the therapy has never been authorized by the “public servants” (e.g., Anthony Fauci) at the multibillion dollar funded National institutes of Health. Doctors dismiss the theory out of hand, and patients that bring it up are ridiculed, probably because the non prescription therapy can be safely adopted without the benefit of a doctor.Fortunately, in 1992, Pauling recorded the UNIFIED THEORY OF CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE. This 1-hour video lecture outlines the discovery that a lack of vitamin C leads to the increase in a sticky type of cholesterol called Lp(a). Linus Pauling explains the importance of Lp(a) and introduced his patented therapy for reversing heart disease, featuring three case studies.In 1996, Owen Fonorow obtained the rights to the Pauling video lecture and founded the 501(c)3 nonprofit Vitamin C Foundation. Over the past thirty years, Owen has advised heart patients, monitored their progress on the high-dose completely non-drug Pauling-therapy, and wrote dozens of articles for alternative medical journals. After personally hearing report after report of miraculous rapid recoveries, almost always in people with documented severe heart conditions, he authored the Amazon best-selling book Practicing Medicine without a LicenseThrough his Foundation, Owen submitted two requests to the NIH for grants that would have formally studied Pauling’s therapy. It is a matter of public record that both of these grant requests were turned down.FINAL OPTIONHeart patients in extreme pain, with no more options, and who elected to follow Linus Pauling’s advice recovered in approximately 30 days, and many experienced significant relief in as little as 10 days. The recoveries only occurred after these former patients adopted the high dosage vitamin C and lysine therapy as specifically recommended by Linus Pauling. These patients usually adopted the Pauling-therapy without their doctor’s knowledge or consent. – Practicing Medicine Without A License (2003)Typical correspondence sent to Owen:”I just want to say thank you, Mr Fonorow. Cardio C saved my life, all my arteries were clogged the doctors didn’t know how I was still alive. To make a long story short I’ve never been healthier, with total blood flow. God bless you and Dr. Pauling he was more than a genius.
Donald S. (Feb 2016)Testimonials represent a cross section of the range of results that appear to be typical following Pauling’s recommendations. Results may vary depending upon use and commitment.Do your family and friends with heart disease a favor. Refer them to the http://HEARTCURE.INFO web portal for all things related to Pauling’s Therapy.”Its almost miraculous…” – Linus Pauling

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