(Reader: Peter W) Self Reflection Time: The Present, the Future, Logic, Opportunities, and Outcomes

(Reader: Peter W) Self Reflection Time: The Present, the Future, Logic, Opportunities, and Outcomes



 -Thursday, 2 March 2023, 9:15 AM

Reader Post | By Peter W

Our natives are becoming restless. There’s a lot of visible negative events and perceived NATO (No Action; Talk Only) going on out there under the projection of misinformation / disinformation / manipulation. We are quickly approaching the waking grumpy stage that many (formerly naive) go through when they first awaken.  Well, that’s what happens when we’re not in the illusion of the pit of despair anymore; where what you conceive / receive (in your brain) is what you perceive (in your consciousness) is what you believe (in your reality).  Although, misery hasn’t quite left us, just yet.  Civility is quickly running out the door as many lash out at others when they really meant to lash out at themselves.  Guilt (assumed responsibility), shame (presumed responsibility), and blame (projected responsibility) are nice to look at; unpleasant to experience; and, not very long standing productive as tools to get the job done.  

A word of caution: Well, it really won’t matter what I say, so…let the guilt/shame/blame games commence for what we’ve all experienced…and, at this point, continue to experience.  In my life I’ve noticed that the thing most feared by a sub populace is typically what they receive.  Why?  Well, I believe it has something to do with “on what you focus, you get more of.”  If you focus on “civil” war avoidance…you’ll eventually get a “civil” war you can’t avoid.  Game theory may project perceived inevitabilities…well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles efficiently.   I don’t believe we are limited by theory.  Situations are based on context; own the context and you own the situation; just ask a former Black Hat (BH); I’m sure they’re more than willing to share knowledge of their way, especially if they believe it will save their life. 

I’ll tell you (from multiple personal experiences) that war or war-like experiences are NOT where we want to go.  Can one teach a child by telling them the risks and then allowing them to decide if they want to take action that perhaps gets their hands burnt as they mess with the kitchen stove?  Sure.  However, if the responsible adult was in the room and they did nothing of consequence to warn the child of the risks their actions are taking, then are they guiltless if the adult chooses to do nothing to prevent / stop damages inflicted?  Depends.  What if the child wouldn’t listen no matter what was told to them.  When does the child become responsible for their own self-control and behavior?  These aren’t easy questions or points along the learning curve. 

Instruction effectiveness has something to do with the child-at-hand; something to do with good judgment when instructing (generally) an immature populace lacking fully-developed, inherent self-control.  I’m not talking about the roughly “~1% who served”; the true care givers who were willing to knowingly give their lives to protect and ensure the freedom of their family and fellow citizens.  I am talking about the other “98+% who didn’t serve.”  Self-control is vastly more valuable during uncertain times than unbridled emotions with access to weapons.  Because, violence is a method of intentional communications.  I always knew when the rounds were incoming that the opposition was trying to communicate their ill-will towards my existence on their turf.  They were effective communications, might I add.  For some, it is hard to understand what I’ve just written; however, when you eventually do learn and know; you know.

I wonder what the WhiteHats (WHs) will do IF the waking populace asks…”IF POTUS Trump executed Devolution in 2021 (or earlier) and was ‘the MAN’ (the puppet master) pulling strings behind the scenes, why did he allow so many to experience misery and die when he could have taken action to resolve?  Wasn’t he elected to do just that…to take rightful action…to support and defend the constitution?“  Do the ends justify the means?  I often tell my children that if you are ever in a position where you have to explain your actions then you are already on the losing end of the argument.  Will the populace ask…”Could POTUS Trump (if proved to be the master behind the scenes) be the ultimate one to blame…and not the puppets on the screen?”  I suggest that to discover that ultimate accountability hook on which to hang responsibilty then one only needs to look at themselves in the mirror.  It is difficult to accept that mirrors often show ourselves a little about ourselves.

Consider this…Questioning only leadership avoids the inherent responsibilities / accountabilities of the actors on-screen; the puppets in this movie.  Our own life, thoughts, words, decisions and actions are a choice for each of us to bear; this is our accountability; no one escapes.

Do I Harbor ill-will towards anyone?  No, I don’t; people do the best they can with what they have.  I personally believe that if you took the action / failed to take action in your area of responsibility then you own the result; accountability is the bedrock of a fair and just system of management and leadership.  I remind you that to INTENTIONALLY inflict more misery on others is by definition ill-will; and, ill-will manifested through action is always EVIL.  Thus, to intentionally inflict more misery on others is EVIL.  

So, one big problem with doing judo on someone else’s secret, EVIL, nefarious plan is that you run the risk of “the plan” being attributed to YOU!  People will question who, in fact, was the author of said EVIL nefarious plan…which of the involved players?  Often there is a failure to account for responsibilities of ones-self; the audience.  You may be effective at experiencing / observing the war but you’ll also own some of the blame and accountability when that time arrives on scene. 

While the war may be won in the ultimate scene…the war for the hearts and minds of the people may be lost or set back.  People are emotional creatures…it is a part of how we celebrate, mourn, make memory impressions, and everything in between.  Trauma experienced by the immature is often not forgotten; nor forgiven.  A computer cannot tell with absolute certainty how people will feel given the misery experienced (necessary or not).  Shepherding is not the same as engaging, enlisting, and empowering to overcome a common challenge.    

How appropriate that a California story teller and song writer, Dana Lyons, conveyed quite an image with the following song; consider paying attention to whom “WE” are in the song; the animation is creative (as well) and paints the song’s metaphoric picture depiction of life rebelling against the system:

Consider this…Why is it that many are always looking for “Who shot John?”…when they may have not even been around or even born when John was shot!  Some people have spent the majority of their adult life trying to answer the question, “Who shot John?”  Many don’t even know who John was or why his opposition would want him dead; sad state of education and training.  Self-Control shifts the the core question from WHO to WHY?  Spoiler…it’s “justice” accountability…but that should sequence at the end.  We’re still in the fight!  

What’s the point of trying to find out who led the enemy through the “hot gates” (referring to Thermopylae in Greece) when the opposition is already inside the wire?  It is time to rally “our fellow Greeks” and deal with the opposition enemy / self-centered buffoons inside the wire; as, they’ve already set up camp without our permission…and intended to take over our land (terra firma as well as our minds) without our consent or agreement.  Supply chain actions (Henri Jomini), isolation of forces, degradation of fighting context (Sun-Tzu), rallying the troops with a purpose, and overwhelming decisive action (Clausewitz) can certainly make a positive impact if the objective is just and the actions are sequenced properly.

By the way, because I wasn’t there to personally witness or experience, I’m told that King Xerxes the Great, son of Darius the Great, who commanded the Persian empire at the time, got his a$$ handed to him a short time before Thermopylae by a much smaller Greek Navy at the battle of Salamis; which, (perhaps emotional loss of self-control…the WHY) caused Xerxes to overplay his hand when he later went to Thermopylae with over a few hundred thousand soldiers and engaged Spartan King Leonidas (in company with 300 Spartan Hoplites and 10,000 Athenians and other Greeks); and, who in response to Xerxes request to surrender his arms, was immortally quoted as responding with “Molon Labe” (“Come and Take Them.”).  

The most effective and efficient way to overtake a ruthlessly pervasive, parasitically evil system is through attrition; but not in the way most consider attrition. 

In a phrase, “If it bleeds, we can kill it.”  In my view, all tools of eradication must be sequenced, employed, and culminated with a change of context that is fully incompatible with the “life blood” feeding the old system.  If you alter the “life blood” of a system then the parasites feeding off the patient will die.  But, you gotta be careful you don’t kill the patient in the process.  I’m projecting that many will write books describing how it was done.  

Suffice it to say that some day this war is gonna end.   You will know we are at / near the end when the context feeding the old system changes.  Some believe that to be a change in the financial system.   Others suggest it to be a change in mass consciousness starting with insignificant short conversations around the periphery of main topics by an increasing number of people; people you would normally not believe capable of such talk.  I believe that it is a combination of both a change in conversation and financial system.  It is clear that this present world is fed by money, specifically, US Dollars issued by the Federal Reserve; fiat currency tied to the idea of someone else’s resources.  What a masterful implementation of an illusion; how illuminating to find the roots of this system!  

Consider that, unless you’re currently well over one hundred years old, you were not even born when this world’s control mechanisms and institutions were conceived and initiated.  Thus, I dare say, all of us, we’re born into a controlled world of debt slavery.  Certainly the level of control has improved (more pervasive) over time up to our current time; however, the guilt-shame-blame tools don’t speak to action to resolve our situation.  Nor, does intentionally lashing out at those around you who are waist high in the muck alongside you.  Thus, I find it quite unproductive to complain about being in mud when everyone else is along side, waist deep in the same mud.  

Since we are better off when we solve our own problems.  Let’s focus on getting out of the mud, before we drown, and then we’ll figure out a mitigation plan to prevent, minimize, and avoid a muddy future.  That said, let’s make the future a “Do no harm unless in self defense; Be responsible; and, Use good judgment” which effectively emphasizes individual self-control rather than a future anchored in a nanny-state-surveillance system.

Am I advocating “forgive and forget” for those who had a hand in creating this muddy world?  Well, it depends.  If the evil ones’ “way” is a part of their character, then they’ve passed over the redeemable threshold and should be terminal.  If “their way” is a habit, then we’re gonna have to REALLY scrutinize retention, rehabilitation, and redemption value (i.e., if they were born into that evil cult and followed until they had a change of heart); but, if retained, they’re gonna have to live “off the island.”  If they unintentionally did a one time “try before you buy” and never went back, then there is potential for contrition, penitence and penance; but, they’ll have to REALLY REALLY show redemptive value to remain “on the island.”   And, as always, free will is in play…so, these words are my position / opinion and not necessarily the position of anyone else.

On another note, having served a decades-long US military career in many parts of the world and having had opportunity to be exposed to many different cultures.  I’ve observed human nature and have drawn some lessons observed and learned, over time.

So what?  Well, one common observation for enduring cultures is that they are organized around family and value their children.  They may not value other cultures’ children, but, they certainly value (and protect) their own children.  Why?  I suspect it has something to do with the future of their family depends on their children.  Mutually supportive extended family take care of all of the children within their family, indirectly; and, in some cases, directly.  The most enduring cultures value and protect all children, regardless of the culture or family from which these children were produced.

If a culture values and protects children then their planned strategic trajectory will heavily lean towards the safety, security, and survival of children.  These reasons, by the way, are the only acceptable reasons to take a life…defense of safety, security, and survival of our populace (e.g., children, families, and fellow citizens) from EVIL manifested.  

Children represent the future.  They are the future leaders in their respective families, cultures, and nations; and, families are the true support system of children.  We, the adults in the room, have the responsibility to focus on the present with an eye on future trajectories as well as the other eye on lessons of the past.  Our parents and their parents (and so on) have the responsibility of the past which is to ensure that life’s most impactful lessons are taught to junior and that the Adults in the room are guided, as needed.  

Thus, enduring cultures necessarily provide their children more opportunities to learn (by doing) and have higher expectations of their children towards familial responsibilities.  Perhaps most important to comprehend is that God, the Creator, considers all children his; meaning, that all children are the future of his plan for humanity.

Perhaps an illustrative example of a caring populace can be described from a situation in the country.  One day a neighbor sitting in his porch rocking chair, looking at his front yard, spotted a young neighbor boy dragging a shotgun by the barrel down the road out front of his house.  The man called out to the boy and asked him “what are you doing?”  The young boy replied,” I’m taking my daddy’s shotgun to show my friends.”  The man could see the shotgun was being abused and unsafely carried.  He asked the child if he could look at the shotgun because he was interested in buying one…and, the boy handed it to him.  It was at this point that the responsible neighbor gathered up the shotgun and child and walked both back to the neighbor boy’s house.  

Neighbors knowing neighbors, the man stepped up on his neighbor’s porch with child in one hand and shotgun in the other…and, knocked on the screen door.  The head of the house (in this case, the boy’s Mother) answered the door.  The Man explained what he’d witnessed, what her son told him, and then asked, “Do you think your husband would be willing to sell me this fine shotgun?”   The head of the house replied, “I don’t think so.”   The man replied, “Ok, I thought so” and then handed her the shotgun.  He turned to the child and said, “Thank you for accompanying me back to your home and giving me the opportunity to ask about your daddy’s shotgun”; and then stepped off the porch and headed back to his house.  

The boy’s mother, rather than scold the child, sat down with him on the porch (focusing on the issue – decision making) and proceeded to gently ask questions targeting the boy’s decision calculus.  By asking questions, the boy’s mother guided her son to revisit his decision process and arrive at a better decision and way he could follow in the future.  The boy’s mother then handed the (now) unloaded shotgun back to the boy, directed him to clean the gun, put it back in the gun case, and tell her when it was done.  At dinner that evening, the boy’s mother indicated to her husband (head of the family) that “Johnny had your shotgun today.  I ensured he cleaned the gun and put it back in the case.”  The boy’s father only looked at his son and said, “Please ask me before you decide to borrow my shotgun.”  To which, the boy replied, “Yes, sir!”  And the matter was settled.  Would it surprise you if the neighbor man was native American and the child, woman and her husband were black?  Would it matter if the neighbor man was black and the child, woman and her husband were white?  Would it matter any other combination of ethnicities?  Neighbors help neighbors just as family should help family.

We are one race of many varied cultures, experiences, characters, and capabilities (among others).   Our enslaving opposition had managed to take advantage of our inherent human helpful nature and redirect us way off course; perhaps, heading in the opposite desired direction.  It is time to “right the ship” by changing course away from the rocks of despair and back out toward open waters of hope, peace, kindness, and prosperity for all.   Love thrives and evil diminishes in this type of environment.

Change is in the air.  How that change is managed and embraced will depend on the self-control of the populace.   One recommendation,… be the adult in the room when what IS believed, perceived, and conceived / received in your mind are not aligned.  

In response to a US Naval Academy midshipman’s question of what combat’s like for an officer, I said the following: 

In the combat zone, you can go from zero to full on combat in less than 30 seconds.  Self-preparation is always the key.  If you are emotionally prepared then when the rounds are incoming, you will be able to focus yourself and those with whom you’re responsible and who follow you.  Without focus on the task at hand, you’ll never get to the next step, which is to get all of you into a positive situation.  Additionally, as the rounds land around you, your people won’t be asking God for help, they’ll be looking to you to provide clear direction and guidance.  And, you certainly won’t have time to discuss with God; so, you better be prepared before you get there.  Our homework is preparation.

Be mindful that God, the Creator, inspires action, but doesn’t do your homework for you…even, if you ask.

Life will get better; with God, the creator, as your guide…life always gets better.

Have my words got your attention?  You be the judge.

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