Urgent: Stop the Killing of Bees. Laypersons Can Apply the Law

Urgent: Stop the Killing of Bees. Laypersons Can Apply the Law

Posted By: MaryMaxwell [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 17-Apr-2023 10:59:23

Urgent: Stop the Killing of Bees. Laypersons Can Apply the Lawby Mary Maxwell, LLBThis is a new time in human history. There is now a central rulership over all of mankind. It has big demographic plans in which most of us will die. Breaking the food supply is a major way.Governments are now engaged in killing livestock, and destroying food-processing plants. Many fires and explosions on farms are being labeled “accidents”.Our laws and jurisprudence, and our religion-based ethical rules, have not prepared us to deal with this emergency. On the other hand, we are prepared in a general way, given that many thinkers over the centuries have hit upon good ideas.I will now show how we can act in a flexible way to save the bees. Save the what? The bees. A young man in Australia has uploaded an urgent video [see below] depicting a new tragedy, one that we should make every effort to stop.The government of Australia has sent its agents out to farms to pour petrol into the bee hives. The flimsy excuse is that the bees have a disease. I assume it is not true. The purpose is malicious — to break up the food chain.Bees are needed for pollination. All part of God’s beautiful universe. Everything in Nature fits together. No man or woman or society would ever have the capacity to improve on Nature. But boy, have we got the capacity to wreck it. We don’t even sufficiently understand how an ecosystem works, so we should stop fiddling with it.Today’s urgent need is to stop the killing of bees. “Paying compensation” or apologizing later, or watching a governor serve a 10-year prison sentence will have no effect on “bee demographics.” The only way justice can happen is to prevent further destruction of the bees. Immediately.Laws on the Books TodayThere is sufficient “legal law” to cover this. Let me toss out some ideas.1. If the agent knocks at my door (my farm) must I let him in? *No. If he insists, he is trespassing. He is doing crime. You can get a court order to keep him out.2. Oh, but isn’t there a law somewhere on the books (or maybe a “regulation”) that says he can enter to enforce a practice that was established for hygiene? *Yes but this does not apply to the bee-killing venture, as it is not going to help hygiene. Rather, it hurts hygiene. He is doing crime.3. Do I have a right to protect my property? *Yes. The bees are your property and your livelihood. He is stealing your property by killing the bees. He is doing crime.4. Isn’t he allowed to shoot me or arrest me for blocking his mission? *No, as I just said, he is doing crime. He is not allowed to shoot you or arrest you to enable him to do crime.5. Am I allowed to arrest him? *Yes. Since he is committing a felony, and you see that he is about to do more of it, the law of citizen’s arrest applies. This is the same prerogative used by all security guards — they wear a uniform but they are acting as citizens. Their uniform has no authority. But they have encouraged legislatures to pass the law of citizen arrest. Use it!6. Am I allowed to use force on a criminal who is entering my land, even if he waves paper at me saying he is authorized by the state? *Yes. The law of self-defense. Why would you think his papers have moral force when, as noted above, they reflect a malicious plan to starve us humans?7. Is there any guide, any court precedent I can use in regard to the use of force, even lethal force? *Sure, there is the 1987 Australian High Court ruling in Zecevic v DPP. It is called justifiable homicide: I quote:“The question to be asked in the end is simple. It is whether the accused believed upon reasonable grounds that it was necessary in self-defence to do what he did. If he had that belief and there were reasonable grounds for it, or if the jury is left in reasonable doubt about the matter, then he is entitled to an acquittal.”8. Does it work in America? *Yes, that ruling is based on common law, which also pertains in each of the 50 states of the US. Under self-defense law you can act to defend yourself or those close by.9. Can I use self-defense on behalf of the bees’? *I don’t think so, as such. But you can invoke laws that protect the environment. There is the Environmental Modification Treaty of 1976, nicknamed En-mod. The US Senate voted 98-0 to ratify it.10. What does it say? *Article I says: “Each State Party to this Convention undertakes not to engage in military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects as the means of destruction, damage or injury to any other State.”11. Drat, no good; it says “other state,” not my own state. *Oh, don’t be a Silly Billy — the spirit of the law outdoes the letter of the law. And which party to that treaty could have imagined 47 years ago that we would want to destroy ourselves?12. I’m scared out of my wits. What should I do? *We are all scared. The thing is not to let these monsters proceed any further.13. Should I ask the king to step down as it were? *I don’t think he’d obey you. But there must be many layers of officialdom under him that would like to get the hell out of the trap we are all in.14. You said I can get a court order? *You can try. If the judge says No, we will recognize an ever greater loss of legitimacy of our government.15. They might arrest me outside the courthouse if I do this. *True, but they may also arrest you just for existing. Or for singing off-key.16. If they arrest me for singing off key, would they be doing crime? *Wow, you’re catching on fast. See, the decision of whether something is a crime finally comes down to common sense.17. The badge of the officer has a big effect on my nerves. I hesitate to challenge him and he usually has a partner, or five, with him. *That’s your fault — you shouldn’t have let this country go to the dogs. But cheer up, you can show this list to friends and then you will meet the cops six-on-six instead of six-on-one.18. I find it easier to stick up for the bees, than for myself. *Yes, that’s a blessing, we seem to have extra courage to be a good Samaritan.19. Is there a slogan I can share with my friends? *I kind of like this remark that was made by a clergyman in colonial days of America., when the government was about to trespass. He said:”I do not fear it, I can have anofe to assist me in that afare; let them Come in to my field if they Dare, I will split theaire braines out.”20. This is getting exciting, but if I can’t do it, I can at least kick the bee hives over and let them go free. *Good idea, it’s way better than nothing. But remember to spread the word urgently.21. Any more advice? *You could have a written statement ready to hand to the agents as well as to read to them. Practice it in the mirror. “You are committing crime. There is no justification for destroying my livestock. You are helping a program of economic sabotage or human starvation. Get out.”PostScript. If you think I’m wrong, it’s because we have not had to use this style of layperson’s law enforcement before. Been a long time since the Declaration of Independence said we had a duty to overthrow bad rule. It’s a major burden for laypersons to have to do such work but the consequences for timidity will be fierce. Please, men, protect us.Here is the link to bitchute. At 3.50 minutes you see the agents doing the deed. But also watch the opening minute where the good lad speaks so sadly.https://www.bitchute.com/video/y3UFZupVUUvH/

Dee McLachlan’s “Humanity in Crisis” article on drone bees, GMO bees, etc.


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