Neioh: Sports and Games In The Pleiades

Neioh: Sports and Games In The Pleiades

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Beloved Friends Of Earth!

In This Brief Communication We Will Speak Of An Aspect Of Life That You Share On Your Planet!

Indeed, Many Stars Enjoy This Activity Of Games And Sports!

Although Earth Has Taken Sports To A Highly Competitive And Money Making Arena, The Purpose Of Sports Began As Fun For Everyone!

In The Pleiades, We Enjoy Many Activities. We Play Games, Fly In Body Form And Many Other Aspects That We Have Created To Share With Friends That Visit As Well As Pleasant Times With Our Family.

We Enjoy Playing Games With Teams, But It Is Not The Ego That Is Involved As On Earth, But Rather An Expression Of Joy! On Earth, Team Members And Those Playing One On One, Get Angry, Defensive And Even Wish Harm On The Opponent. Many On Earth Bet Money And Plan Seasons To Accommodate Football And Other Sports.

We Will Discuss Some Of Our Enjoyments With Activities! Let’s Begin With Children!

From A Very Young Age, Children Are Flying In Body Form. Often Groups Will Hold Hands And Run As They Lift Off And Fly Around The Area! Many Fairies, Dragons And Horses With Wings Join Them! The Colors Are Beautiful From The Ground As Parents Watch Pink And Lavender Swirls And Listen To Giggles And Laughter As Blue And Pink Sparkles Are Sent From Fairies!

Children And Adults Enjoy Games That Involve Magic! There Are Various Games That Incorporate Critical Thinking With Magic And Light! Questions Are Asked And The Answer Brings Flashing Light If Correct! Pictures Are Created And Then With Intention And A Touch Of Magic, The Images Vanish! These Are Wonderful Games Shared By Many Families And Friends!

Light Toys Are Used By Children As They Fly As Well As Shining Them At Crafts As Friends Enter The Area. In Recognition, The Occupants Of The Craft Will Flash Their Lights Back At The Children To Their Delight!

Many Children Learn The Type And Size Of Crafts By The Tones And Sounds Made As They Cross The Area. This Becomes Great Fun As Someone Watches The Crafts As The Rest Turn Away To Not See. Many Children Learn Technology At A Very Young Age!

As Children Grow Older And Are Soon To Become Adults, There Are More Activities Such As Competition With Hiking Tall Mountains In Record Speed. No One Can Be Harmed As They Only Grasp The Mountain With Their Hands And Feet. If Anyone Fell, They Would Fly! But It Remains A Favorite Sport And Everyone Has A Great Time!

We Have Swimming Events For Speed And These Involve Swimming In The Ocean For Miles And Diving To The Depths To See Who Can Collect The Greatest Number Of Crystals. Those On The Shore Play Music And Enjoy Wonderful Meals As They Watch With Joy And Laughter!

We Have A Game That Would Be Like Basketball. The Ball Glows With Light And We Fly Instead Of Running On The Ground. We Never Touch But We Maneuver Throughout The Group Of Teams And Land The Ball In A Circle Of Light Placed High Over A Mountain. This Is Repeated Many Times And Has Proven To Be Great Exercise! LAKA Is A Champion In This Sport Which We Call ‘MEYAN.’ (Toss).

With Our Abilities, Contact Sports Would Not Work Because We Simply Lift Off And Out Of The Way! Injuries On Earth Can Be Traumatic And Helmets Being Worn Is A Sure Sign Of Danger! From Ancient Dreams, Many Have Gotten Lost With Arenas, Animals And Even Fighting. Any Form Of Animal Abuse Such As Bullfighting Or Any Harm Is Atrocious And We Will Finally Have An End To All Harm.

Games And Recreation Are Part Of The Expression Of The Soul! Find Pleasure And Joy With Games, Teams And Competition! Keeping The Ego Intact And Allowing The Activity To Simply Be A Game Is Much More Enjoyable!

You Enjoy Racing Cars In Many Places! We Enjoy Racing Crafts Through The Multiverses! We Choose Only Paths That Have Been Cleared For Speed. Many Enjoy This Sport And All Of The Elohim Races That Have Been Revealed To You, Enjoy Taking Part With Their Finest Crafts!

AKATU Enjoys The Speeding Crafts As He Yells. ‘Bring It On!’ He Plays Music And Enjoys A Few Friends In His Craft!

KABAMUR Enjoys Traveling With Me And We Explore Areas As We Play Games On Screens Where He Loves To Create Images Just As He Does Now On Earth! We Play Music And Laugh About The Amazing Moments We Have Shared!

Soon We Will Unite Once More And All Of You Will Return To Experience The Joy You Had As Children In Timelessness.

‘You Must Become As Little Children’.

Be At Great Peace With The Joy That Lives Within!

I Love You So!

**Received by Judith

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