CGI’s Morgan: My Thoughts on This AI Crap – Seems Like a Lot o’ People Wanna Turn ‘Blade Runner’ into Reality

CGI’s Morgan: My Thoughts on This AI Crap – Seems Like a Lot o’ People Wanna Turn ‘Blade Runner’ into Reality

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Sunday, 30-Apr-2023 12:22:53

A post submitted by CGI member Morgan.*****************************************NOSE THOUGHTSThis AI crap. Seems like a lot o’ people wanna turn ‘Blade Runner’ into reality. Let’s see how it works for them.Seems the status quo is very destructive. The herd animals of the human race (sheeple) are basically dead, and not in a good way. The rebels are doin’ a bit better. Me and my psychic twin have been minimally inconvenienced by the insanity of the day. How does the ‘fitting in’ work for you? (NOSTRILS TO THE SKY, DESERT DWELLER!)Most of us on this forum are spiritually aware. Y’all know we exist forever, and this is what we signed up for; though some of us do regret it. Still, we gotta finish our contract. Our currently verrrrrry ANNOYING ‘job’. Why worry about it. Just deal until it’s over. When we all get to where we’re goin’, we’ll probably laugh at our own stupidity for choosing to be such masochistS. Though I still wanna take a flame thrower to my former self for doing this to my present self. Then again, I’ve never had so much fun bein’ miserable in my life as now, so maybe not.I suppose now the best thing we can do is play the game as little as possible as the wrong side of history implodes, though too slowly for my taste. Do by not doing, and become the biggest liability to the powers that think they are in the process. Give them as little as possible in every way possible.Heh-heh-heh. It seems I’ve lived my whole life preparing for this time.Morgan

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