And We Know — 5.1.23: The Puppet is Causing Chaos, Jab Coverup, Don’t Forget, Waking up

And We Know — 5.1.23: The Puppet is Causing Chaos, Jab Coverup, Don’t Forget, Waking up



 -Monday, 1 May 2023, 21:12 PM

5.1.23: BIDEN puppet is causing CHAOS, JAB coverup – don’t forget, WAKING UP, PRAY!

And We Know
Published on May 1, 2023

Fight trafficking – Go SATURDAY. MAY 6 . 2023 SARASOTA, FLORIDA. 4PM TO 8PM OR SUNSET

Medical Alert Bracelet

Sean Hannity’s Ratings Plunge After Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Exit

Joe Rogan & Dr. Aseem Malhotra on Celebrities Keeping Their Vaccine Injuries Private

OB/GYN Dr. Dan McDyer on the Alarming Increase in Irregular Bleeding & Cancers He Is Seeing in His Practice Since 2021

Another kid stands up!
tells him to remove his shirt or go home.

Co-founder of Greenpeace, Dr. Patrick Moore, explains how climate grifters exaggerate normal and insignificant rises in temperature to create the illusion of impending climate apocalypse.

According to Robert Kennedy Jr., climate sceptics should be put in jail.

Professor of Oncology, Angus Dalgleish, pleads for an urgent stop to the dangerous and ineffective experimental injections after seeing cancers “rapidly return” following boosters.

Graphene 666 DNA sequencing.

The circle of people who associated with Jeffrey Epstein years after

EUROPE — “The country with the lowest vaccination rate has the lowest excess mortality rate and the country with the highest vaccination rate has the highest excess mortality.”

ABC News went to Pennsylvania to interview young Democrats about Joe Biden and their answers are priceless:

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