Are The “Vaccines” Also Driving People Crazy?

Are The “Vaccines” Also Driving People Crazy?

Posted By: SpaceCommando [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 10-May-2023 12:01:25

Bizarre “altercations” all around the world attest to the destructive cognitive and psychological effects of COVID “vaccination”By Mark Crispin Miller – May 9, 2023While tracking the reports of people “dying suddenly,” and falling gravely ill, we’ve also noticed what appears to be a sharp uptick in “shocking” incidents of violence, or “altercations”—sudden melées, screaming matches, physical attacks, breaking out at sports events (including golf matches), on airliners, in restaurants and other places, in what seem to be unprecedented numbers, more and more as time goes on. (Scroll down for dozens of examples from just this past month.)Now, just as there are those apologists (that is, accomplices), paid trolls and (no doubt) bots insisting that those countless “sudden deaths” and crippling injuries are nothing new, or just coincidence, or caused by sadness, alcohol, excitement, air pollution, weed, Daylight Savings Time, unhealthy sandwiches, referees’ whistles, pizza margherita and/or Christmas, so will those entities insist that all these crazy incidents are also nothing new, or just coincidence, or caused by lockdown, economic stress, the Internet, racism, too-tight pants, and/or blah blah blah blah.And just as those multitudinous reports of sudden death reflect the grim statistics on excess mortality since “vaccination” started—excess deaths primarily among the “vaccinated”—so do all these stories of insane attacks and outbursts complement the scientific data on the psychological and cognitive effects of “vaccination.”For example, VAERS makes clear that “vaccination” often has a deleterious effect on mental health. A glance at OpenVaers discovers hundreds of just such “serious adverse events” (SAE):- 416 SAE containing the word “psychotic”– 3870 SAR containing the word “mood” (depressed, euphoric or altered):– 433 SAE containing the word “aggression” its part, the European Medicines Agency has . . .[SNIP]


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