May 13, 2023: Rally Day Cancelled & Mother’s Day Eve [videos]

May 13, 2023: Rally Day Cancelled & Mother’s Day Eve [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 May 13, 2023

The events unfolding are getting more and more bizarre, which should tell us just how orchestrated and controlled “The Plan” is at this point.

When one considers the absurd law suit against President Trump for sexual crimes and the court’s insane ruling… the border situation, the news that all the activity in Ukraine is via drones, the historic number of flights in and out of various countries from international military, the fires, the weather including damaging hail, widespread earthquakes, more tornado alerts in America’s mid-west, arrests, executions, emergency alert testing, Chinese space planes, CNN hosting a Town Hall with Trump—you can’t make this up.

And now—believe it or not—lamestream media wants to cover Trump rallies because their ratings tanked. That’s Fox and CNN. From our inside perspective, however, we know the White Hats have control of the media to some degree now and Trump’s friend owns CNN now so there will be more truth coming out in the legacy media and hitting the airwaves for those who may not have run across it before.

This update came in via Telegram before press time so you’re aware:

Unfortunately, due to the Tornado Warnings in Des Moines, we are forced to cancel today’s outdoor Rally at the Lauridsen Amphitheater. Stay tuned, we will reschedule soon. Be safe out there!

As I wrote earlier before the cancellation… I did say things are changing very quickly these days.

The embed code for the video is not working and becomes invisible immediately following a “save” of this page but you can use the hyperlink below to watch on Rumble with Right Side Broadcasting Network. It works fine there and was live in Des Moines, Iowa but it seems rain put a hold on the live coverage. It’s better than the tornadoes they were talking about yesterday. Trump is due at 7 ET and they plan to go live again at 3 pm ET.

President Donald J. Trump Holds Save America Rally in Des Moines, IA – 5/13/23

More interesting headlines surfaced this week involving the military tribunals for traitors.

JAG Sentences Space Force Commander Chance Saltzman to Death for TREASON

The worst news about what has been happening on our planet is still to come but we’re getting fragments of it. Link to Telegram.

In sworn court testimony, Paul Bonacci…a teen resident of the “Boys Town” home in Nebraska… described how he was abducted, and flown from Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha to Andrews A.F.B. in Washington DC.

He also described how he and others from “Boys Town” were forced to take part in the sex rituals and orgies in Washington D.C.

Bonacci gave accurate descriptions to tunnel systems and residences in the Potomac corridor, that he would have no ability to know or describe without having been there.

Bonacci described ritual sex parties with the elite of both American political parties. He said that was sodomized for hours by Bush and dozens of adult men under the influence of drugs.

He was also forced to have sex with other teen boys and girls before being forced to kill another boy as part of the ritual, much to the delight of the Congressmen who were in attendence.

There are many threads involving the criminal activities of Joe Biden woven into this movie. Which one or ones will ultimately take him down? Do we believe the courts would deliver the same sentence to Joe Biden that they did to Trump for much less?×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=ZJneo26w1g&p=https%3A//

‘If Something Happens to Me…’ Biden Accuser Posts Bone-Chilling Message

I’ve had a lot going on and it’s been difficult to get in the headspace to put one of these posts together. I’ve had no patience for the lengthy coddling of the masses with stories from the border, Biden family crimes, the war in Ukraine and elsewhere, etc. so I just focused on what interested me.

Did you ever notice that all the celebrities and members of “the cult” had tragedies in their families? This video on Telegram shows us just how prevalent that is. It’s just one of the prerequisites to being part of he “special” people. Link to Telegram.

WATCH: A sacrifice is part of the initiation process of getting into the cult.

If you’ve been kicking around the truther community for awhile you might recall when Lisa Harrison had an unexpected guest take over her laptop and give her an education. It seems far-fetched but if we were more informed might not be such a stretch. She posted the following on Telegram.

Lisa did an interview this week with Jeff Mara, and when I tuned in to check it out I landed there to find it had been posted 17 hours earlier, and had 17,000 views. I kid you not. I was interested in hearing a review of Lisa’s experience with the “entity” she called Lilou, and it was interesting how my perspective changed after several years of learning more about our reality and our construct, AI, etc. as well as the expectation that energetically, those who are ready will get “beamed up” at some point to a much better world, leaving the evil behind.

Incidentally, the host of the programme stated some anomalies occurred while Lisa began her story. Coincidence? Lisa has an interesting background and I’ve always found value in her perspectives. In some respects they are similar to what Yellow Rose for Texas has told us, about our holographic reality being within “Server D”, as Rose called it. Lisa speaks in this video of our journey back in 2011 and what has been happening in our construct and why since then, as well as what we might expect this summer. The Lion’s Gate 8-8 portal just might play a role. She also spoke about why it’s taking so long.

If you’d like to learn more, I’ve included the Youtube video below. It was wonderful until the looooong commercials kicked in.

If you would like to hear more on Lisa’s interactions with LiLou when it happened in 2016, you might want to watch this video.

We’re Living In A Holographic Virtual Reality That’s Going To END!

Before we do, here’s a 9-second chuckle. No idea if it’s for real, but it’s funny regardless.

That’s all for today as we’re going to friends’ for dinner so I’ll sign off with best wishes for a great weekend. Stay safe, and maintain situational awareness.

Happy Mother’s Day to mamas of all kinds; fur baby mothers included. Little Eli sends out love vibes especially to them.  ~ BP and Eli

Eli 16 mo.

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