Birth Certificate is a Bond – May 20 2023

Birth Certificate is a Bond



 -Saturday, 20 May 2023, 19:51 PM

Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Danlboon, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 20, 2023

It has been stated that our Birth Certificate has been issued as a Bond starting with $1,000,000 at our birth, thus We The People became the assets for the USA Inc.!

The COVID Pandemic was to kill off millions of people and thus the criminal cartel was to cash in those assets for themselves, but they failed in their mission and we won.

You are a sovereign being for about 3 days till your mother and the doctor sign your Birth Certificate and thus you then become a corporation if your name was in all capital letters or a Certificate of Live Birth with just your first letter as a capital and then you wait till you sign up for your SSN to become one.

Our Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth has been bought and sold on the stock market for years adding earnings every time and is placed in our Treasury Direct Account for easy access for funds to be withdrawn as if you were to go to a bank and receive a loan for those funds to be accessed and not the bank funds.

Since it has been reported that our QFS Account/TDA has the funds already in place then our BC/CoLB has already been RV’d. Thus why are We The People to wait for other nations to RV when our Birth Bond has already been liquidated and is waiting? What Tier level was that or is it just an equal level as maybe Tier 1?

Has our Birth Bond been cashed out and no longer on the market and we earn no more from it as some may think we should earn nothing from it as it was just given to us thru tax dollars? Since it may have been cashed out then it is no longer a bond to earn interest.

Did recent newborns stop receiving funds for their Birth Certificate as it is no longer considered a Birth Bond since Trump issued an EO to shut down the US CORP? Or is it we are still US Citizen Corporations till we gain access to our QFS Account as the EBS has not been broadcast? Bank loans are still being issued thru our TDA via theft of our funds.

There are still questions on who and when the people are to receive these funds as it should be easy access to our QFS Account and not a required DNA password when no one knows what your DNA is to match up with your Birth Certificate. That is as bad as trying to get your mother and the doctor to come in for verifying their signatures of the Birth Certificate when I am in my 60’s, yet my mother just happens to still be alive.

You want to know how bad it will be if the DNA is mandatory to access your QFS Account? Since it takes a few days to check the DNA collected from police departments in crimes when that is only about 0.1% of the population then it should take over 1,000 years to have us all checked out as they do not have the manpower or enough facilities to accommodate it.

It has now come for me if the EBS is done any time between Saturday the 20th and June 1 then I will not have access to my SSI Benefits as I usually receive it one of the last 3 days of the month, and if they procrastinate then I am shorthanded by the US government and the White Hats.

Would the SSA funds be moved into people’s account even when the computers are to be down, but it may even be moved over to their QFS Account and then they have no funds available when the EBS is done?

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