Judy Note:

  • According to the USAFCC the US Military was under orders to enforce Martial Law by Memorial Day Weekend. Activation of the Emergency Broadcast System was imminent after Intel indicated that riots were planned all along the West Coast – where  US Troops have been sent to ensure law and order. The FDA announced the Internet would likely go down by Thurs. 25 May. 
  • It was advised to stock up on two weeks of food and water and follow Military instructions including staying indoors if so instructed. …USAFCC Command
  • United States Air Force Combat Control Teams (USAFCC) is an elite American Special Operations Force who specializes in all aspects of air-ground communication, including air traffic control, fire support and command control.
  • Wed. 24 May 2023 9:53 am EST CaptKyle Patriots: A couple of hours ago the (50) politicians who received the new satellite phones were taken to an undisclosed government bunker facility to ensure a Continuation of Government.
  • Hot Rumor: Internet to Go Down by Thursday | Dinar Chronicles
  • Satellite Phones to Politicians, Internet Down:
  • Watch the Water is a documentary proposing that our tap water supply was being purposely poisoned with Cobra snake venom and that’s what the Covid-19 Pandemic actually came from. Watch The Water | Know Your Meme
  • In preparation for the Global Currency Revaluation of 209 nations, the Fed plans to launch ISO 20022 (electronic data interchange between financial institutions) on Thurs. 1 June.
  • Under a new USMCA Agreement signed by President Trump, Australia, Canada and Mexico may be joining the US as states. Hawaii may be declaring sovereignty as the Kingdom of Hawaii. Borders were being redrawn to correct the redefining of territories that the Khazarian Mafia has done over decades across the world.

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