Helping Freedom Win: Kimberly Goguen, Saving the World or Confusing it?

I told you to watch them come at me, here is another one with some bs GOD complex, that trashes ME personally, AGAIN, NEFERTITI [MYSELF] was a GREAT QUEEN whom shared with her people….., until the EVIL negative REPTILIANS invaded us and killed us. I AM also SAINT ANDREW, whom sits with the GODHEAD with other divine beings. I am fiercely protected because I am LIGHT, LOVE, PURE, ON THE TREE OF LIFE and MANY COUNCILS of LIGHT with HIGH DIVINE AUTHORITY.

QUEEN NEFERTITI was NOT an evil queen . JEALOUSY gets you nowhere spiritually !

I am SWEET as PIE, so are most lightworker’s, that WHY I call them SWEETCHEEKS.

I am NOT the one to be afraid of, be afraid of the THOUSANDS of fierce beings of LIGHT, protecting me. MILLIONS – EVEN is HIDDEN CLOAKED LIGHTSHIPS etc.

SOON, I won’t need to DEFEND my own honor, YOU will know, I am a PURE soul!

God complex, just like ANNA has as well…, YOU know WHO you are = compromised ?

DON’T believe that JUDGE ANNA has a GOD COMPLEX like this one ? SHE just put out more posts, this time she said all ATLANTEANS are evil, = COMPROMISED period !

NO one has a right to judge any LIGHT BEING. YOU ARE on a 3d learning planet that was over taken by evil forces over 350,000 years ago, and you were taught to Judge through indoctrination by the evil ones. That was your nazi lying education systems tat made the truths hidden.

You KNOW the type that has to put everyone down to make themselves look better, and feel better, good luck with that. WE call it a GOD COMPLEX, THINKING THAT YOU have the right to judge everyone. Yet many are bitter . Others call it SPIRITUAL JEALOUSY which I am pointing out.

Were you there Anna did you witness it? Many say the GOD GUYS are EVIL because the EVIL ONES are pissed that they lost, so of course they take it out on us, evily with lies.


JUDGE ANNA nor KIM GOGUEN are the ultimate authority, I have WAY more authority than all those claiming that THEY have it, but I don’t brag about it. I don’t need to, it is what it is. I am JUSTICE of HEAVEN, JUSTICE for this planet so get over it already demonseeds.

I am here also as a MESSENGER – THE more you do or say to attack us puts you into investigation.

NO ONE terminates my contract, but GOD. That won’t happen because I am NOT EVIL.

I sign contracts with GOD, not a covenant, not that it’s any of your business

KIM is NOT in charge of the PLANET, GOD is in CHARGE until Humanity has a full clean-out of the EVIL souls, and I am NOT one of them. Keep it up and SPIRITUAL JAIL will happen first then maybe a few slander suits might follow. I am NOT playing, nor do I have an evil covenant. Those that ATTACK US are NOT of the LIGHT but nice try though. DIVINE GOVERNANCE is coming !

NO ONE has the right to claim authority over US other than Mother and Father God. You were Told to stay in your lanes. WHICH also means “DO NOT JUDGE the LIGHT”. If I am NOT qualified to JUDGE a member of HEAVEN or a LIGHT-WORKER, then what makes YOU think any of you has the RIGHT to JUDGE a PURE BEING ?

I have nothing against religions, I just know many are organized by the evil ones. I used to go to SUNDAY SCHOOL as a child and I always watched religion on television until I started ascending,

Here is some discernment tips from Saint Andrew, IF THEY constantly put you, or your ancient race or divine bloodlines, or your own beliefs down, insult etc. etc, then usually the source can be considered a PLANT by the evil ones. Those that say things like HUMANS are ugly or useless eaters – obviously negative demonic elite scum like to say that. And another is – If they want you to hurry up and ascend off the planet or some bs excuse to remove us. To install an evil 6th root race to replace humanity with the fallen angels and negative reptilians so they can try to take over HEAVEN. IF I needed to leave the planet my guides would say something or it would be downloaded into me. Saint Andrew don’t do PANIC ATTACKS, that’s the cabal members/deepstate psychopaths.

GOD is allways in CONTROL, WE WILL HAVE DIVINE GOVERNANCE – LIKE IT or NOT it is the way forward. Do not panic and stop judging everyone that is here to help you,judge the cabal please. God always has last say in everything so you had better get used to it. have a blessed day. BUT PLEASE continue to point out messages like these because it indicates those that want to rule over you. NO ONE RULES over the DIVINE BEINGS from the COMPANY of HEAVEN except GOD and/or whomever GOD has chosen to do this or that, WE ARE UNDER FREE WILL, so don’t let them take that away from us as it is our divine right to choose our own things that WE want as humans etc

It is my duty to inform any souls like MR SINO that wanted to rule over humanity etc. I have to show it to the MILITARY whether they are good or evil because they are claiming power over others. THE militaries will be doing some background checks on ANY being claiming to have power over you etc.

PLAYING GOD is JUDGING EVERYONE and HEAVEN asked us NOT to judge the Light beings.


Helping Freedom Win: Kimberly Goguen, Saving the World or Confusing it?

Saturday, 22 January 2022, 20:26 PM 193

Discernment: The ability to judge the truth of something.

All I have, all any of us has, is our own discernment.

Kimberly Goguen is an interesting subject. In all videos I’ve ever seen her in, she baffles and deflects from a straight path of understanding. She uses disjointed statements with no proper introduction or orientation. She even stumbles over her own noncoherent words. But, she certainly sounds serious, as if she is speaking as a true authority, and she appears to believe what she is saying.

Problems With Kim’s Presentations

  • Seriousness: Don’t believe someone just because they are serious. As a matter of fact, being serious isn’t a quality I think we should give too much credulity to.
  • Authority: Don’t give your discernment over to authorities.
  • Nonsensibility: (Nonsensible means not accessible to investigation by the senses; unintelligible.) She typically makes one wild and rash, nonsensible statement after another in all her videos. Just watch her next time.

We are all sentient beings. Being in the presence of or giving credulity to a very serious person, a nonsensible person, or an “authority” who presents “facts” that you can’t possibly observe (but somehow she can), is potentially harmful. If you do this for very long it can suppresses your intellect and judgement (i.e., it makes you stupid). So, my suggestion is to turn her videos off.

Case in Point: Kim Goguen — Earth’s New Guardian?

I don’t encourage you to listen to Kim Goguen’s latest video, on Jan. 12th, but if you have already listened to it and believe what she says, I strongly suggest you look again.

My own discernment says her “story” is largely not true. If anything, Trump is more likely to be in the role (right now) of the Guardian and military commander of the white-hat forces around the globe than she. I know one thing, I’d feel a lot more confident with Trump at the helm than Kimberly Goguen.

Here are just a few of the baffling statements Kim Goguen made in the video.

  • Kimberly claims to be the Earth’s new Guardian and military leader. She calls her forces (that she “commands” over) “Life Force Enforcement”. [Note: In previous videos she’s claimed to be the one in charge of all financial management in the world.] There’s not even a shred of evidence that these statements are true.
  • Covenant of Nefertiti: She says thousands of years ago God gave control over the “angels & demons” to the evil empire known as The Order (AKA: The Deep State). Their mission – to maintain the balance of good and evil. Supposedly this “contract” is now terminated? We’re in this trouble because of a contract? Really?
  • The human “loosh” management is part of some previously approved energy management of the Earth. This sounds to me like it is right out of some wizard’s book of evilness. What in the world? Even if it is true, it deserves its own documentary film, at least.
  • The Ultimate Covenant, known as the Covenant of Source, led to the creation of the dark side of the multiverse and its battle with the light for the last 300 million years. It was a covenant that was supposedly renewed automatically every 1,008 years on Earth, unless it met with opposition. On Jan. 7, 2022 this covenant was terminated. Again, oh please, give me a break.
  • She says she has made (and therefore so have we, since she is our spokesperson) a firm new covenant with our creator and a declaration that this planet and all its inhabitants belongs to God and a firm agreement not to violate any of the deadly sins. The “deadly sins” are: lust, gluttony, envy, pride, laziness, greed and wrath. Whose job is it to make covenants about such things? Hers? And, what happened to the 10 Commandments?

I will pass on believing Kim Goguen on any of these points, as least until such time as a lot more data, i.e., proof, comes out.

Note: If you want to make sense of what Kim is saying, read her 306 page book (online pdf), called To the Heart of the Matter. It gives more clarity. It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better.

Power Over Dark Forces

We all have always had free will, and therefore power of control over all of the “dark” forces there are and ever were. See my home page: to see how we all can help our world in these troubled and confusing times.

Also, see “The Present“, a related article.


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