Freedom Hold the line… New Zealand

Freedom Hold the line… New Zealand

35,144 viewsFeb 22, 20223.3KDislikeShareSaveBowlleux Mobile 49.3K subscribersFreedom Canada Convoy Bowlleux Mobile Youtube.


🔴LIVE Australia – RAW Footage: Freedom convoy Canberra Protest Monday today live peaceful

3,516 viewsStreamed live 13 hours ago819DislikeShareSaveRiveR Table 3.47K subscribersI will very much appreciate ur support here is my etsy shop… And here my PayPal account for payments Thank you freedom convoy live ottawa,freedom convoy livestream,freedom convoy live ottawa parliament hill,freedom convoy drone footage,freedom convoy this is huge,freedom convoy 2022 livestream,freedom convoy 2022,ottawa,protest,truckers,trucker convoy,convoy protest canada,ottawa protest,truck convoy,canberra protest,freedom convoy,canberra protests today,protests in canberra,river table canbera protest,freedom protest,parlament house protest,canbera parlament house🔴LIVE Australia – RAW Footage: Freedom Convoy 2022 Day – Parliament House – Friday February 11 Canberra protestHey there if any one want to support and  looking to get cheese plate,  or serving board or even a table, for ur house to impress guest’s I have them, I also sell fruit bowls made out of wood burls they are food safe, hand made all pieces are made in one. There no exactly the same one will be. All bowls and cheese plates are one of kind. If u like to byu one here is my etsy shop, I will give u 20%discount and free delivery 😉  I will very much appreciate ur support here is my etsy shop… And here my PayPal account for payments


Canada (and the world) RISES against Trudeau! Canadian media predictably silent

126,210 viewsFeb 22, 202213KDislikeShareSaveJustinCredibleTV 119K subscribersAs is now the norm with Canadian mainstream media, complete silence on what’s going on in every city while at the same time trying to orchestrate a specific narrative. The #FreedomConvoy movement is now in overdrive across Canada, and countries everywhere are seeing what’s happening and doing the same. Like the old saying goes: The revolution won’t be televised. (But it will be online) Shirts and hoodies for members of the Fringe “Minority” only: Truckers for Freedom, liberty, protests, solidarity,


People’s Convoy: Biden thinks freedom is a threat!

14,250 viewsFeb 27, 20222.3KDislikeShareSaveJustinCredibleTV 119K subscribersAs hundreds of trucks drive across the United States to Washington to demand freedom of choice and an end to mandates, behind the scenes it’s painfully obvious that the Biden administration is in lockstep with the Trudeau administration. Not really surprising. AMERI-CAN Stronger Together shirts: #freedomconvoy2022#truckers#peoplesconvoy



USA Freedom Convoy Arizona I-40 at Hwy 95 Truckers to DC

40,504 viewsStreamed live on Feb 25, 20223.8KDislikeShareSaveBowlleux Mobile 49.3K subscribersThe People’s Convoy – Truckers travel to D.C. Convoy began at 11am this morning in Adelanto, California. Truckers plan to drive over 2500 miles over 11 days. Interstate 40 exit 9 off ramp, Arizona Hwy 95 to Lake Havasu City. #thepeoplesconvoy#freedomconvoy#truckerconvoy#truckers#lakehavasu Freedom Canada Convoy Bowlleux Mobile Youtube.….…


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Important message from a Canadian

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People’s Convoy: Biden thinks freedom is a threat!

14K views15 hours ago 3:08 Now playing

USA Freedom Convoy ON THE MOVE!

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Freedom Convoy trucker passes away, US convoy departs (tearjerker)

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Trudeau’s power grab DENIED: Emergencies Act revoked

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USA to give Asylums to Canadians?! WOW!

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Canada (and the world) RISES against Trudeau! Canadian media predictably silent

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Message to Canadians: “You can defeat the tyrants”

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Martial Law in Ottawa, bank accounts frozen, police move in

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ANOTHER officer speaks out, reaffirms her oath to uphold the Charter

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Freedom Convoy New Zealand!

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Police install concrete barriers at Ambassador Bridge border blockade

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Freedom Convoy takes over BC/Washington border while dance parties resume in #Ottawa

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SOS: Ambassador bridge border crossing being cleared

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Live stream: Trucks And Freedom! What Do YOU Want To See On Here?

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Freedom Convoy: Police intimidation at private homes happening

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Mandates are being lifted; THANK A TRUCKER!

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GiveSendGo fundraiser threatened; convoy border blockade NOT moving

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Freedom Convoy: Police seize fuel and firewood; officer speaks out

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Freedom Convoy protesters TROLL Ottawa Police

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Freedom Convoy Trucks & GoFundMe: Digital currencies and self-driving cars are terrible ideas

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Alaska, Alberta, Ontario Freedom Convoy border blockades!

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Freedom Convoy pre-emptive press conference from Ottawa

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Are you ready for climate lockdowns?

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Important message of peace and unity from the organizers

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Stop honking horns IMMEDIATELY

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Ottawa police begin fuel confiscations (COMMENTS OFF ON PURPOSE)

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Truckers NOT leaving; fuel supply may be cut off

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Police standoff UPDATE; Cowboys join convoy! Plus, Trudeau’s replacement?!

152K views3 weeks ago

Check This Out!! Trudeau Makes Protests for ‘WHITE CANADIANS’ Illegal While Exempting Refugees, Immigrants, Ethnic Minorities(views: 1427)
RumorMail — Thursday, 24-Feb-2022 12:03:59

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