And We Know — 5.25.22: These WEF Monsters Reveal their Plans, Election Season, Guns, Race, and Babies



 -Thursday, 26 May 2022, 4:42 AM

5.25.22: These WEF MONSTERS REVEAL their PLANS! Election season guns, race and babies! PRAY!

And We Know
Published May 25, 2022

Pastor Dean Kellio speaks truth after sermon

Things Heard at WEF: “We Need a Re-calibration of Human Rights Like Freedom of Speech”

“Nobody Wants to Take Them” – Moderna CEO Is Sad to Say That There’s Zero Demand for COVID Injections

Growing obsession with ‘tracking people’

Massive Climate Hypocrites: Davos Attendees Tell You to Ditch Petrol Cars While Flying in on Private Jets

Climate Change: John Kerry Points the Finger of Blame at Everyday Human Beings

Decimating Dissent: South Australian Bill Proposes Jail Time and Hefty Fines for COVID Noncompliance

“Avoiding Vaccination Ain’t Enough” – The End of Freedom Begins With Digital ID


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