August 22, 2022: Quite the Ride, But Not Always Fun [videos]

August 22, 2022: Quite the Ride, But Not Always Fun [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 August 22, 2022

There are a lot of “2’s” in today’s date.

Probably the biggest news we will get today will be the promised December disappearance of Anthony Fauci, who announced his resignation. The little worm may slither down into a hole to cower but do NOT take that as an escape from justice. Kash Patel on the Benny Show assures us we will follow the psychopath and reel him in when the time comes. This big fish isn’t getting away. Link to Telegram for short excerpt with Kash Patel only.

Many of our readers probably understand that the real Anthony Fauci was dealt with some time ago and got his just desserts following a military tribunal. This bit of theatre is for the masses who are still trying to catch up on the countless crimes of this mass murderer who rivals but exceeds Bill Gates.

All you really need to understand on a simplistic level is that the worst offenders—the truly evil enemies of mankind and the predators—were dealt their hand and got what they had coming to them; Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and others.

Once the Earth Alliance made sure we are no longer on the brink of annihilation, they proceeded with the “movie” which, in the end, will justify the extreme measures already taken by our guardians. The Plan is that Humanity, once they understand the crimes of those who betrayed us, will cry out for justice but it will have already been meted out.

Q Military Intelligence once assured us:


Jan 13, 2018 10:59:16 PM EST

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 000000 No. 16 




Perhaps that Q drop was relative to one particular event or attack. We don’t know, but Humanity is still here, fighting the good fight for our future.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was responsible for the deaths and maiming of thousands of Indian children through their “polio vaccine”. We understand the government of India tried and executed Bill Gates in India for that appalling crime. Unfortunately, it did not bring back the murdered kids or give them their mobility back.

There is no way to avenge mass murder of innocents, but we will see what the public deems an appropriate penalty for Fauci’s murder of millions and massive profit from the scamdemic.

Gene Decode did an update on August 5 with David Nino Rodriguez that is worth the time to listen to as it relates to current news of the underground war to clean out and destroy the enemy’s tunnels and deep underground military bases. He gets into what is strategically happening in Ukraine where Russia is intervening on the side of Humanity to remove the threat from the biolabs, among other things. Gene reiterates that Putin’s military had to move quickly when the White Hats learned the cabal was going to release bioweapons in one week’s time. Just what we needed; another pandemic.

Watch on Before It’s News.

Nino’s Corner: Gene Decode Intel Drop and Other Huge Updates (Video)

I really am not in a good place to be doing a blog post today as it was a challenging week, beginning with Eli ejecting from our moving truck, the anniversary of the deaths of both my mother and mother-in-law, and our dear friend and former neighbour transitioned yesterday due to cancer on the same day I learned of the previous two deaths, two years ago. It has been a sobering weekend but I will do the best I can.

The crew shared an interview on Patriot Underground with Kerry Cassidy and it’s a great deal of valuable information about many things. Kerry gets into the nitty-gritty about deep state infiltration of the alternative news/patriot community and examines the characters portrayed by the very much alive John F. Kennedy Jr. like Juan O Savin, and isolates a number of other characters, one of whom is Kim Goguen whom we have stated is a cabal operative.

Who has attacked Juan O Savin and said he blew it and now doesn’t get good intel? Wasn’t it Phil Godlewski, for one? They always give themselves away eventually because they cannot, as I have said numerous times, do what they need to do from the shadows. They have to step out into the spotlight and then those of us with good discernment can see them for who and what they are.

Some people want us to believe Kim is on our side. It seems she has beguiled a number of men. All you have to do is look at the production quality of the United Network News she is broadcasting on and listen to her attacking Trump and lying about him to know that she is not fighting for us. Kim latched onto Thomas Williams a few years ago, used him, got him to put out falsehoods like “no one is fighting for Humanity but us” and then dumped him and was later working closely with Steffen [Tank] Rowe and that seems to have changed now, too. Funny, that.

Here is that comprehensive interview with Kerry Cassidy; one of our most informed, well-connected, and intrepid seekers of truth. Watch on Before It’s News. Kerry’s website where she posts her articles and interviews is the Project Camelot PortalKerry’s Telegram channel.

New Patriot Underground: Kerry Cassidy Interview! Infiltration of the Patriot Movement! Juan O Savin Intel! Kim Goguen: Controlled by DARPA! David Icke/Alex Jones Attacking Trump!

Another excellent source of information, intel, and perspective is Simon Parkes’ latest update. I recall when Simon was very guarded about the planetary situation, was reluctant to speak too harshly about what the enemy had done, and kept telling us the war is not over and we have not yet  won, don’t talk about popcorn, etc. Now Simon is much more relaxed, injects more humour and smiles, and says he’s not worried about the success of many of the current operations, so it’s a very calming and uplifting hour with Simon who always talks common sense.

Simon Parkes: 21st August 2022 Update Current News

Incidentally, Simon posted an interesting item on his blog. Someone filmed a Tesla relay station along a highway in England which you can see vaguely in the video included here.

The planet is in an uproar in many ways. We are hearing about massive flooding in many places, and the civil unrest is at historic levels.

Haiti is in an uproar. Link to Telegram for video.

BREAKING – Major demonstrations are underway in Haiti against the cost of living, insecurity, the deterioration of living conditions and to demand the departure of the Prime Minister. Dams have been erected. At least one protester was reportedly shot dead.

On the lighter side, the White Hats are taunting the deep state.

JAG to Resume Hangings

Since Trump reinstated capital punishment by Executive Order soon after he took office, and since the majority of the cabal are pedophiles, it’s totally appropriate to have these discussions. Whether treason, sedition, or crimes against Humanity, we’ll get them.

Justice is done a little every day. To ensure a fair and equitable justice system, corrupt judges have to go.

Kids-for-cash judges ordered to pay more than $200M

In case there is anyone out there not informed about the Nuremburg Code… this is an excellent video from an awake member of the Canadian Border Services Agency. It’s had over 10,000 views so far. Pay attention, Canada. Americans, you might find it difficult to believe your northern neighbours are suffering these crimes at this late date. How can any thinking person believe this is appropriate and legal? Fining children??? How do these Nazis sleep at night? 17 min.

Border guard cop loses his shitt on Nuremberg Code and crimes against humanity. A brief description of the Nuremberg Code and WHY it matters to Canadians! Canadian government and border cops engaged in illegal acts of warfare against Canadian citizens according to WW2 Nuremberg Code. WW2 Nazi criminals re emerge on Canadian borders

Border guard cop loses his shitt on Nuremberg Code and crimes against humanity. A brief description of the Nuremberg Code and WHY it matters to Canadians! Canadian government and border cops engaged in illegal acts of warfare against Canadian citizens acc

I’m out of time. See you next post. Thank you to the crew for keeping the info flowing when I’m not on the bridge.  ~ BP

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