The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controls the Mainstream Media – Aug 25 2022

When did the satanic jewish people loose control of the world news and radio stations etc\/

I saw evidence of like 30 jewish newscasters years ago

I wonder – WHEN turdeau stole 595 million tax dollars to bail out the failing and lying media.

Turdeau stole the money to LIE to Humanity to cover-up his crimes against humanity = CHILD trafficking and Adrenochrome etc. The lying media made trudeau look like some kind of super hero yet he is a fanatic criminal from hell. The also LIED about Donald Trump and made him look orange etc

Wow so I guess the ccp owns the lying news now, thanks to thieving – shithead trudeau !


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controls the Mainstream Media including newspapers from national to local levels. General David Berger uses (Real Raw News | Science, Politics, Conspiracy, Trump) to publish what the Military is doing, especially at GITMO, where the Military was restoring the Republic by eventually arresting around two million who took bribes to attack the USA from within.  A Chinese defector with a laptop containing 20 million pages that has recorded acts of traitors and their crimes was given to Mike Pompeo and General Berger.

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