January 13, 2023: It’s Friday and It’s Our Lucky Day [videos

January 13, 2023: It’s Friday and It’s Our Lucky Day [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 January 13, 2023

It’s Friday the 13th—a lucky day! Truly—it was always about that until the dark ones twisted it into their own ritualistic blood bath, like many good things, so let’s not go there. I always thought black cats and ladders were ridiculous.

You might want to look at the many Q drops for January 13 at this link for hints about what is currently unfolding. Not ALL the information in every post is relevant.

Introducing… [drum roll please] the new brand of “McCarthysm”. Do you see how the Earth Alliance is literally undoing and unravelling what the dark has done? It’s literally reversing it all and it’s exquisite.

I hope each of you are ready for the New McCarthyism Era.

This time, it will be to highlight all of them for elimination.
These bastards are doomed.
And Kevin is doing our bidding.

—> COG <—

“Certain laws have been prelifted to provide our great military the necessary authority to handle and conduct these operations at home, and abroad.”

“Did Speaker McCarthy (https://t.me/speakermccarthy) set his alarm?”


SGAnon was a guest on Michael Jaco’s show yesterday along with Vermont politician extraordinaire Kevin Hoyt and it was a fantastic discussion. 54 min.

SG Anon on CIA control of Hugh Hefner, the Playboy enterprise, child trafficking and tunnels under the mansion. Biden and Trump arrests.

The crew sent this link to a video of military hardware waiting for deployment in Holland/Netherlands. I believe its origin was Texas but you can do the translation. Following is the rough translation from our boots-on-the-ground across the pond.

Deeple translation of the Dutch article :

Aerial footage shows hundreds of armored vehicles in Flushing harbor

Published on January 12, 2023 at 22:14

Drone footage shows the port of Flushing filled with combat vehicles and other military equipment. The equipment was unloaded Wednesday by the U.S. Army and is destined for Poland and Lithuania.

Click this link to see the short video in Dutch.

HAARP array in Alaska

Since Kerry Cassidy posted this a second time, I happened to see it. Folks need to know. Induced heart attacks are nothing new except for those who got the jab. The global El-ites have been torturing Humanity for thousands of years.

We’ve heard about the psychopaths’ “dart to the heart” from the “gun” they used to target problem individuals, but there have been many who seemed to expire from a heart attack these days. Who would question it? Depending on the activities of certain people, we might wonder if they were specifically targeted by the HAARP system. The dark can weaponize anything, it seems. Link to Telegram.

Posted link above for this..reposting in case you missed it. Too late… this has been going on for soooo many years…. MOSCOW, Russia – Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower and fugitive, released documents Tuesday to Internet Chronicle reporters proving that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, is definitively engaged in a program of assassination and mind control.

EMERGENCY UPDATE: Snowden has revealed an oncoming global cataclysm (http://www.chronicle.su/news/edward-snowden-solar-flare-killshot-cataclysm-imminent/).

While the military prison industrial complex has routinely insisted that the Alaska-based HAARP is only meant to study natural phenomena in earth’s ionosphere, Snowden has managed to blow open a brutally massive charade.

“The HAARP research station,” he said, “strategically based away from prying eyes near Gakona, Alaska, is actually used to terminate or manipulate would-be dissidents of global capitalism on the scale of millions of people.”

Added Snowden, using finger quotes, “With these terrestrial antennas, NATO [the North Atlantic Treaty Organization] is able to, on a global scale, remotely silence ‘perpetrators’ of ‘deviant or subversive’ strains of thought.”

Unbeknownst to victims or their loved ones, HAARP projects ultra-high-powered radio waves. Those waves operate at the same electronic frequency as the truncus encephali, or brain stem, selectively inducing deaths seemingly by natural causes  – including by some appearing to coroners as innocuous as strokes or heart attacks.

“When and if the intelligence community doesn’t view outright assassination as an optimal effect,” said Snowden, “‘they’ can simply make a ‘target’ act in an insane fashion, in order to discredit them. When we were in transit between Hong Kong and Moscow, WikiLeaks staff and I had to fend off the constant threat of radio-generated homicidal delusions.”

Quickly ushering staff into his lavish room at Sheremetyevo Airport’s Hotel Novotel, the former NSA contractor began to explain himself. Due to confidentiality agreements with the 30-year-old, formerly of Booz Allen Hamilton, the Chronicle cannot elaborate beyond the point that he has outfitted his entire flat to be a thoroughly functioning Faraday cage.

Snowden’s haphazardly constructed Faraday cage, he claims, can block interference from external static and nonstatic electric fields.

“Without it,” he says, “I would have been dead the moment The Guardian‘s first story went to print.”

Snowden bolstered his testimony with HAARP documents gleaned from the private email accounts of officials as high-ranking as admirals and Air Force brigadier generals. Sources within the intelligence community have confirmed to The Internet Chronicle the authenticity of these documents, as well as their horrifying ramifications for human dignity.

Sources familiar with discussions between the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the University of Alaska, which helps run HAARP, suggested that cell towers, as well as TrapWire, are “in play here.”

Snowden’s testimony appears to be partially in line with that of a U.S. senator’s brother, in 2009. It was then that he, Nick Begich, told “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura” that “just to affect the brain with emotional state changes is so easily accomplished” with HAARP.

Watch this excerpt from that program:

The Internet Chronicle (https://chronicle.su/news/edward-snowden-solar-flare-killshot-cataclysm-imminent/)
Edward Snowden: Solar-Flare ‘Killshot’ Cataclysm Imminent | The Internet Chronicle
Edward Snowden, hacker-fugitive and former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, revealed

We are seeing historic numbers of people dying from what they tell us are heart issues. Yesterday Lisa Marie Presley was admitted to hospital. They say she didn’t make it. If, as some believe, her father Elvis Presley is alive and there may be family secrets the dark don’t want exposed, we wouldn’t be crazy to wonder if there is more to this story. They have myriad ways to kill us.

Lisa Marie Presley Dead At 54

But today there is this… Link to Telegram.

Lisa Marie Presley’s falsely accused ex-husband Michael Lockwood of being a pedophile ❗️
Daily Mail Online


Come now folks, really? People don’t go around accusing others of being pedophiles unless it’s true—at least not unless it’s the deep state trying to discredit good people trying to take them down, and we know what that swamp of an entertainment industry is like. This is so like the UK rags trying to protect the pedos just as they did with Jimmy Savile, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, et al.

Which begs the question, is Lisa Marie really dead, or gone underground to remain safe? We hope she and her family are safe.

And since they specified 54 above… here is Q drop 54.

Nov 02, 2017 2:39:41 PM EDT
Anonymous ID: zGyR4tyi No. 147646606
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
5y, 2m, 1w, 3d, 22h, 28m ago

Who else is reported to have died today? Robbie Knievel. 

It’s a little early for our canine update but perhaps these dog comms are called for. Justice is unfolding everywhere, and I have an idea how that poor thing may have felt when he landed on the other side of the fence.

Dogs aren’t like cats; they don’t always land on their feet and this was unbelievably cruel. The video says it all. At least there is a happy ending. Link to Telegram for more.

Remember the guy caught on surveillance video tossing his dog over this wire fence – before walking off abandoning him (https://t.me/police_frequency/84131)?

Riverside County Animal Services found him from the dog’s microchip and have arrested him. He’s 30-year-old Robert Ruiz, Jr and he’s now facing a felony animal cruelty charge.

By the way, the dog was adopted into a LOVING home last week. ❤️

More: http://abc7.la/3izbU6e


We want everything done lawfully and with civility, and this is how Humanity is seeking justice.


Nick Veniamin had a very interesting guest who speaks of what happens when he was forced to take adrenochrome. Sometimes it was time travel, and sometimes a wormhole-like experience and a dragon-like creature… it’s very odd material but you can decide. It’s groundbreaking, some of it. He was the victim of Masons who raped him at 4 years of age and he bravely tells us his stories throughout his life. I think the most interesting part was that in his future experience, the “leftists” who were bordering on ANTIFA/BLM and lived up in the mountains in northern California told him that Trump killed “everyone” and JFK Jr. helped him. Obviously they mean the evil ones/demons, not we the patriots.


Kevin G says, “They made me take adrenochrome.”

It looks like the UK is the new China. They have installed Chinese CCTV and facial recognition software everywhere and the awake people are not having it. They formed “Big Brother Watch” and are opposing the Chinese technology in court. You can learn more here.

Some may not think it’s a big deal but there have been false identifications through those biometrics and the arrest of innocent people because of it, it Louisiana, for example. Some report that they use the Chinese biometric tech to identify Uyghurs so they can torture, assassinate them, and sell their organs.

The incremental “totalitarian tip-toe” as David Icke calls it, may seem inconsequential today, but people must realize that it never stops with one initiative. It grows out of control over months and years so that folks don’t realize it until it’s too late. If you want a real, communist police state like China, then don’t do anything to oppose measures like this.

I can tell you that my cousin married a Chinese woman a year ago at Christmas. She came to America for the wedding, and had to return to China to sort out her visa to leave the country permanently. She had to get the government’s permission to leave China.

Now, a year later, she is still unable to get out. Do Western folks realize how the Chinese Communist Party dominates their lives? Some of the Chinese people don’t even realize they are not “free people” because they are so conditioned from birth. They think the whole world is the same way. They don’t even fight back—at least not until now. We can see the Chinese people demonstrating in the streets now and blood has been spilled.

You might ask why this young Chinese woman didn’t just stay in America after the wedding a year ago instead of going back to China. An American or a Frenchman might have done that, but when you’re programmed and don’t dare oppose the system… you do as you’re told. Her parents live there. What might the consequences for them be if she left without permission?

Who knows how long it will be before my cousin actually gets to live with his bride in California? And if the CCP are allowed to infiltrate other countries, they will propagate that same kind of control on the sheeple. We heard they have already set up 34 police stations in various nations. They must be stopped.

It appears the House is going to do some good work for the People of America to make it fair and equitable and relieve financial burden. Let’s hope they follow through and do more of it.

BREAKING! “Social Security Fairness Act” Introduced in the House, H.R. 82 Would Repeal WEP and GPO.

The Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) affects workers who spent some time in jobs not covered by Social Security and also worked other jobs where they paid Social Security taxes long enough to qualify for retirement benefits.

The provision has a disproportionate effect on law enforcement officers who retire earlier than most other public employees and are more likely to begin a second career after they leave law enforcement. Officers in this position are penalized and may have their Social Security benefit reduced by up to sixty percent (60%).

More: https://fop.net/2023/01/social-security-fairness-act-introduced-in-the-house-2/

What would it look like if they abolished income tax as they plan? The short video in this Telegram post explains. 

And check this out. Civic duty would begin at an earlier age and I suspect the new school curricula would include civics classes. If you’re going to swear an oath to God and country, you’d better know what you’re swearing to, what it means to be a citizen of America, and be prepared to uphold that oath. Link to Telegram.

BREAKING REPORT: House Dems Introduce Resolution which will LOWER VOTING AGE To 16

Want confirmation? How’s this? Q drop 1521 might do it.

Grassley – “This morning” appears exclusively on one drop – no 1216 confirmation string but it is drop #1521, which is a 1215 confirmation string. Close enough?

We have an arsenal and sounds like he has been ready to go for some time now!


Who brings the votes (House floor)?
Who decides?
Why is this important?
What is coming?
Full weight of the House.
SOME MUST REMAIN CLEAN (distance) from what is about to happen.



DARK [10]

I can only imagine the other arrows in the quivers of House members.

California isn’t out of the woods yet with weather, which means parts of Arizona could get dumped on, too. Hallelujah!


You may recall our post about something big and energetic in December; a shift that took place on December 19, 2022. Maybe you felt or feel the difference. I keep forgetting to mention that it was about that time that I suddenly began having vivid, bizarre dreams every night after not seeming to dream at all for a long time. Now I go to the movies every night and I can remember portions. It’s like a switch was flipped. Just thought I’d mention it in case others had a similar experience.

The following is one of my favourite quotes because of who we really are. If we could only innerstand—and trust!—our own innate power, because we are genius creators.

Whatever you do or dream you can do—begin it.
Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Signing off for today.  ~ BP

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